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    Someone ran into the back of us on the motorway when crawling. This was 5 weeks ago and we have been waiting for them to pick up the car ever since. The steering is pulling to the left and due to this RSA is saying that it is not drivable and this is causing issues. All the garages that the car has been assigned to have said that they have no room for non drivable cars. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I really need my car back as the courtesy car is deisel and costing twice as much to run

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    Same issue ,

    My wife drives me or I don”t go out.Some numpty kept going at a give way junction straight into the side of her.RSA passed it on to some repair organisation.Been told 4 times now can’t get a local repair.

    Going to be good when it is finally fixed and they want feedback on how well they didn’t do.

    Lucky she can still drive mine.

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    Oh no I’m gutted to hear that. Its clearly a countrywide issue. I’m more annoyed as based on what is wrong we think it’s simply a tracking issue but RSA won’t let us drive the car, and garages won’t take them if they aren’t driveable. Will have to arrange a smaller car soon as we can’t afford to run this mercedes which no doubt the insurance are making a fortune from hiring it to us.

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