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    Hi all,  I’ve decided to go back on the Motability scheme seeing as the Government are willing to give me £2,000 if I scrap my X reg car (Euro 3 spec)

    The Hyundai Ioniq premium is the car I fancy having, will also consider the Premium SE model but I would prefer the Premium model because it’s got cloth heated seats.

    The Hyundai Dealer I spoke with on the phone told me the 2020 Premium model now employs an electric hand brake, if this is correct I’ll be ordering the Premium this coming Monday.

    I’e already bargained for a full tank of petrol and floor mats but I’ll be bargaining harder if I elect for the Premium SE model (£449 advance payment).

    Can any of you tell me what the basic Hybrid Ioniq is like to live with ?

    BTW great informative Site

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    Welcome Gel

    The New Models definitely has Electric Brake it’s in the centre console (bottom right of photo) please note this is a left hand Vehicle pictured. It was an issue for many being in the footwell, it may also (if latest model) considering the First Edition as these often have a few extras and styling etc. I’m hoping to try a Electric one next week as an courtesy car when I finally get around to the service of our Tucson. Push for an extended test drive and then compare seats should you decide to upgrade suggest you would be willing to upgrade but your budget only goes to £250 and I think to get an order before end of the year most dealers would budge.

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    Menorca Mike

    I test drove one fantastic gearbox and very quiet very well equipped

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Charles G

    I have just ordered one but went for the first edition. The entry level and premium has the foot operated parking brake which I found off putting. The first edition and premium SE trims both have the electronic one.

    For me that was well worth the extra £50 for that as well as the larger alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control and lane follow assist that the premium doesn’t have. I have gone off leather in cars so this version seems right for me. Really liked it when I tested it, can’t wait for it to arrive now.

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    Buyer / leaser beware, when I ordered my KIA Carens last year I pointed out to the dealer how important it was for me to have the electronic hand-brake after sitting in the model in the showroom and noticing the massive lever thing between the two front seats. ?

    Dealer said “don’t worry the MY19 models have the EHB” so imagine my disappoint when the car that turned up on the day was a MY18 model because out of the blue and without a word to the motoring press KIA, Hyundai sister company, scrapped the Carens MY19 and have discontinued the model all together and I’m the one left holding the baby. ?

    All the old models have gone now so shouldn’t be a problem now but be aware of dealers who speak with fork tongue. ?

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    Thanks for the excellent info.

    I can’t abide CVT’s therefore I’m looking forward to a twin clutch box.  I’ve already organised a test drive for Monday.

    I’ve driven cars that were equipped with adaptive cruise control…..loved ’em but it’s wasted on me because I rarely use Motorways.

    Does the Ioniq have a rear wiper ?

    I’d also prefer 15 wheels for the extra comfort so the 17’s aren’t for me as isn’t lane assist etc.

    He he,  I’m not a Yorkshire man but I do bargain like one.

    I see Arnold Clark is offering the Premium SE for £99…..should give me extra leverage before I sign on the dotted line.


    I’ve had 7 cars through Motability so I didn’t think I’d get excited about getting a new car but how wrong was I……….it’s like my first car all over again…..Yippee.

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    I can’t have a full EV model because I’d be unable to charge it here in London.

    Js Wrote

    Push for an extended test drive and then compare seats should you decide to upgrade suggest you would be willing to upgrade but your budget only goes to £250 and I think to get an order before end of the year most dealers would budge.

    Timing is everything.

    If needs be,………………………I’ll hang until the end of December before ordering.

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    All the old models have gone now so shouldn’t be a problem now but be aware of dealers who speak with fork tongue.

    Sad to hear you were messed around but I shan’t worry too much about what could happen until it happens.

    JS has stated the new models  (2020 spec) do indeed have the lecky hand brake as did the Motability sales guy I spoke with.

    The Hyundai Dealer told me they have 2020 spec models on Site so it’ll be easy enough to determine.

    It’s not the advance payment that’s putting me off the Premium SE…..it’s he leather seats.

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    Charles G

    That is odd as the my20 ioniq brochure for the new models definitely states that the premium has a foot operated parking brake.

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    The pdf I downloaded said the same but I’m still optimistic.

    If push goes to shove I’ll elect for the Premium SE and learn to live with the leather seats and array of gizmos….lol

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    Just get it in writing/email that it will be the latest electronic brake model. Any dealer not willing to do this is trying it on. What ever you do if you leave it that long Do Not enter your Pin, it’s always an issue with out going/incoming Models. I can’t say this enough get Email conformation of everything. Even offers of full tank free Mats etc. Come handover you need evidence of what you were told because 8 out of 10 times I Bet the original salesperson is not available on handover day. The issue (well mine anyway) and I’ve voiced this often. The Car Search is Unfit for purpose it should state Model Number etc, so many people have a brand new car only to find its around 18 months old and not the discription on the manufacturers Web site. Don’t be fobbed off with older models unless it suits you and some deal has been done. Coming up to the end of 2019 dealership need to (some not all) not only want but need to hit sales target. It’s a buyers market take advantage (even motability sales hit targets). Fotget model numbers etc if need be as that confuses everyone. In this case and many others ask the direct question “does it have/come with this” as soon as they say yes ask for confirmation, upon collection check insist on inspection of vehicle before entry of PIN. If things are not what should be, refuse to take delivery, state you need to speak to motabily (but not there and then because the dealership will say they will call them then) refuse the vehicle and seek advice from Motability. Always question everything and want it in Email/writing. It’s nothing a Retail customer would require and you Sir/Madam are No Different to Anyone.

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    The 2020 Ioniq spec is indeed correct …….so I opted for the first edition model even though it has 17 inch wheels.

    I didn’t bother bargaining for a discount seeing as I only have to pay £149 ap …..the full tank of petrol and floor mats suits me fine.

    The Ioniq  is a very refined car and yet has plenty of get up and go when asked to perform…..

    All in all,  I loved the Ioniq and thought it was the prettiest car in the Showroom.


    Ya know how some of us resisted Smartphones for years……going hybrid was similar for me.




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    Well done it does look great I’m back in a hyundai garage Friday for a service if you need any questions answered, I tryed getting a hybrid or electc courtesy car but know joy I’m being given a Kona instead but was in pressed with the looks of the ioniq.

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    Must thank JS and Charles G for steering towards the pick of the bunch.

    The electric steering was a bit wooly on the North Circular…..probably set on the lightest setting ?

    No rear wipe/wash…..other than that…..I’d struggle to fault the Ioniq

    I should be picking up a grey model before the end of this Month.

    JS, you can rent an Ioniq for a day through Hyundai for £55…..I expect you’ll pay a lot less or nothing at all if you play your cards right.

    Happy days

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    Your welcome I have rang them and told a salesman I’m in Friday and although we can’t order for another 11month we are interested at looking at Hybrid/electric options I’ve told him we have been allocated a Kona for the day but I think it’s A one litre petrol, which I can’t see being an option as a choice, he said for me to see him first before the service department and if they have anything available on the day I could have it for a couple of hours or so, I’ve got to travel and been allocated a courtesy vehicle from 10-3 so I might keep going back every hour and swapping cars lol as their is no point coming home in between.

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    looks like my local dealership?

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    I collected my Ioniq First Edition,  it’s an absolutely fabalous car which actively encourages you to drive economically.

    Loads of bings and bongs as you negociate your way through heavy traffic,  looks like I’ll be on a learning curve for weeks to come.

    There’s no shortage of safety gadgets and gimmicky read outs (I’m in Heaven).

    Features I dislike :  lane keep assist and the ultra light steering.

    The big 17″ wheels nearly put me off the getting the First Edition model, I’m glad I listened to to you Charles G, ends up it’s a lovely comfortable car that takes potholes in it’s stride.

    The Lane Follow Assist works a treat…..a biycycle was weaving through traffic whilst I was sat in stationary traffic on the NCR….a bing alerted me to his approach into my blind spot…..least I think that’s how it worked…..must consult the manual once again.

    We have a 200 mile round trip journey planned for this week so I should know the car a whole lot better by then.

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    Excellent car. Let me know deal you get please

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    If it bings and bongs just cos you are putting your foot down means it would be no good for me.

    Sod economy.


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    I’m a man that yearned for the super charged Mini who then opted for a hybrid, so glad I did because this hybrid of mine has plenty of get up an go when sports mode is called upon.

    The deal I got  ?  tank full of petrol and floor mats.

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    its about what’s suits the individual and personal needs to suit there needs and support around them, you’ve made a great choice and it sounds like your enjoying the Car, and that Vehicle is not going to age or be outdated any time soon, keep us updated please on a great choice for your needs as it will help others.

    Glad your enjoying it


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    A 220 mile round trip equated to 54 mpg, not bad considering the car was fully loaded.

    I’m a young oldie (61) that still loves a challenge so I’m going to have great fun bettering the 54 mpg when I do the exact same trip in a few weeks time.

    I’m still struggling trying to remember what buttons and menus control what whilst on the move but mastering the basics was a doddle.

    I used the radar cruise control briefly to see how it behaved,  the harsh acceleration when it had to play catch up tells me it was wasting lots of fuel so I shan’t employ adaptive cruise when chasing high mpg’s.

    I loved how progressive lifting off the throttle was doing the braking for me whilst regenerating and the fact that I was running at 70 mph on battery power alone amazed me…..Didn’t think that was possible in the mild hybrid.

    back seat passengers said it was quite noisy back there….well it would be because I hadn’t used the luggage sliding cover…..come to think of it….either the back hatch or the luggage cover is rattling…..must investigate.

    I really like how practical this spacious hatchback is, how it sips fuel and how it accelerates when flicked into S mode…..all in all it’s a great all rounder.

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