New Tiguan (finally here!)

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    As someone obsessed with the new Tiguan (will be placing order on Jan 1st), and have been checking the vw site twice a day, the configurator is finally open! Enjoy everyone!!

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    When do you think it will be added to motobility?  I’m due to order a new car any day and this is my preferred car?

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    I have checked today but whilst it has pictures of the new Tig the configurator only allows to build old model cars S Match SEL etc.

    Have you got a link please?

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    yes the configurator is crashing at the moment, hopefully up and running soon! I think it will be on motability by November 1st


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    I’m a bit jealous! My lease still has 17 months remaining 😭

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    Looks like the Panoramic roof on the new Rline is now a optional extra

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Mike posted the prices on the q4 thread, check it out!</p>

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    £945 extra the pan roof

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    Looks like a lot of kit is lacking on the facelift.


    Even the 360 camera is a add on.

    The old one came singing and dancing 😝

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    If I could find the old R-Line tech in stock would it be possible to still order or has it gone of the scheme completely so tough luck

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    Elegance model looking good imo

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    Yes the elegance would be my choice, same as my SEL + quite a few features which I hope are thrown in like heated steering wheel, rear camera, power boot lift, keyless start, park assist, etc.

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    Its fully loaded moreton 👍 the pop up display for £550 looks a nice touch

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    Good spot Chris. Thanks for posting/teasing. 🤣😂

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Sorry I can not see it on the Motability website  just Tiguan allspace can someone send the link thanks

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    It’s not on mobility site yet but expected in November, price and a few details are shown on 4th Quarter pricing thread.

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    It’s nice to see the Tiguan back on the scheme, thanks for sharing the information. We currently have a 2017 BMW X1 on the scheme in a 2.0 18D Auto – it’s the best pairing I’ve ever had, such a nice drive. The lease is up but I’ve extended till next year, however tempted by the Tiggy!

    Do you think the 1.5 engine is too small to carry such weight? I used to have a Ford C-Max in 2012 in a 1.6 petrol and I used to burn so much fuel as it felt like it was always fighting to pull the weight.

    Any advice/experience with this appreciated, thanks!


    (I think I posted this in the wrong thread before, oops)

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    Menorca Mike

    DJ what mpg are you getting with the diesel X1 auto ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Lookimg at the AP list that’s been put on here and on the new VW Tiguan configuration.I see there is 2 litre petrol AWD on offer on the AP list but this engine is not available to configure with VW.I understand there are major delays within the VW Group for this engine.Perhaps they will release this engine later this year .I note the the Diesels AWD drives are heavy on the APs.To be expected I suppose.

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    I will be ordering the 1.5 dsg Elegance trim in night shade blue metallic as soon as it comes on the scheme. Think it’s a bargain at £1949 AP. Hopefully will be able to get £600 off the AP from Roger!

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    I have had a tiguan r line 2.0 tdi for 2 years 8 months I paid £2000 ap in 2018.

    Have to choose new car this quarter so will I choose another tiguan

    Mainly city driving getting about 40 mpg over 37000 miles

    Never had any problems with anything

    Not the most cultured of drives but very safe and easy to drive

    Cloth inner seats are hard to keep clean so go for other options if possible

    If you want a good looking solid car the tiguan is a good car

    If you want a more engaging drive then maybe wait for passat to reapear

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    Which Mobility Car

    Confused. The literature on the new Tiguan does not mention a 2.0 tsi, but the prices posted do. Apparently it’s been boosted by 10bhp – now 198bhp

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    So annoying the r line doesn’t come with a panoramic roof, I know the elegance has it, will have to see the elegance in person before I consider it, now waiting for the 5008 prices and still clinging onto the GLB maybe coming on one day, ive yet to see one on the road so maybe they’re not selling that many

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    The configurator is full of errors on the vw site, it will take them another week or so to update I suppose ☹️ Still confused about the 2.0ltr petrol version, it will very popular if it gets on the scheme although it won’t be on R-line trim.

    I had the Karoq with the 1.5tsi engine and it didn’t feel underpowered with 1-2 passengers…

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