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      Hi everybody

      Please bear with me as I am new to all this.

      Well I am after some advice about my first mobility car.

      Not gonna bore you all with all the details so.

      I got a call saying my car will be available to collect on 28/03/24 no problems arrange 11am.

      So go to my dealer get there early let them know why I’m there.

      A lot so talking and people moving around all l9oking towards me.

      This went on for a while so I had a feel something wasn’t right.

      Eventually somebody speaks to me and says we don’t know we’re you car is.

      We think it as arrived at the docks but we can not find were it is.

      Know I have had the call the app says ready to collect and they say we cannot contact anybody to trace it.

      I ask so obviously the paperwork will be available to say its being transported to you.

      Apparently it’s all digital and they cannot check it.

      I Eventually got told it should be here next week but if they cannot trace it how can they make that statement.

      So I’m would really appreciate any advice from you all or if you have experienced this your self’s please.

      thanks in advance

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        What car is it and do you have the factory order number (not Motability)



          It’s a vauxhall grandland hybrid. I didn’t get any of them details.

          But I do have vin and number plate and mot started 28/04


            Sorry 28/03


              Having the VIN number is great!

              Contact Vauxhall UK Customer Care Enquiries: 0800 026 0034 on Tuesday, explain how your dealer acted strange on day of supposed collection and ask them for an update on your car/where it is.

              It’s dodgy the way your dealer has acted in behaviour and suggesting its all digital, so they can’t check the system is lie, because they can!

              Is it really at the docks or being delivered but somehow got damaged or have they sold it, which would be difficult given you have the VIN,

              I’d definately be on the phone to Vauxhall customer service first thing Tuesday, asking where it actually is 🙂


                I guess this is now pre registered aswell which they cannot do so I’m told.

                The damage part might make sense as I could hear something along the lines of swapping parts.

                Thanks for you help it is my first mobility car so not really sure how it all works yet


                  I don’t know if it matters but I got a build date on my original order same car different colour and not hybrid.

                  The dealer said hopefully beginning of May  ordered mid November but I understand about the delays.

                  He rang me back same day saying if you are interested I have a hybrid available around about end of march.

                  I say I’m happy to take the hybrid that as been offered.

                  A week or 2 passed and that’s when he rang again to arrange me collecting it from the show room. So i left it and show up on 28/04

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