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    I had a chat with motability today who said that the Mercedes EQA should be added to the scheme within this quarter but couldn’t confirm the models are prices

    Anyone know anything yet?

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    I just watched the review with carwow and

    With Mercedes if you want any extra stuff you need to pay extra ,


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    You need to pay for extras with any car – not just Mercedes 😂

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    They seem to include wireless charging on some trim levels of the EQA. That’s just one example… but worth remembering that others such as Volvo with their XC40 will charge you for such an option regardless, along with Apple CarPlay/android auto to boot!

    I think the EQA trim levels will be on a par with others, happy to be corrected.

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    I do wonder if car buyers are just being drawn by unimportant features like wireless charging to distract from the competence of the car as a mode of transport.  I really don’t find it hard plugging in a phone lead. Does anyone else?

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    You do realise the wireless charging was just an example of extras in the context of the above, right? Let’s not get too sidetracked 😂

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    The features you think are useless could be a large deciding factor for others like wireless charging which is very useful  and also free on the bmw x1 haha

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    You would need to be a very sad person indeed machoco to choose a car because it had wireless charging.

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    Everything alright, wigwam? I noticed you made some outlandish comment about Scotland on the other thread, now this….

    If you need anything chap just let us know. Community support and all that.

    Back to the EQA: Mat From Carwow says it’s £1500 for adaptive cruise control no matter the trim level. If that’s confirmed it’s a bit of a pee take at this level.

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    Often Mercedes omit what many consider to be essentials and sometimes they only come in an expensive “pack”. I have driven various Mercedes cars and found them overall to be decent but nothing to write home about, I would consider the EQA depending upon price features etc, but probably £1500 for ACC would be a deal breaker. It is becoming the norm in the electric sector that ACC is offered as standard.

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    Whole heartedly agree, it’s an item most will be expecting as standard at this price point. I was weighing up this vs an ID4, EQA looks more compelling given the lack of load hump for the boot and arguably much nicer interior, however, by the time options are added and depending on the AP it might be nonsensical to consider.

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    The Mustang Mach-E would be another option if Ford could be persuaded to add it.

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    @Wigwam you would need to be an even sadder person to care what others like in a cars features.



    Are you moody because its cold and you lonely bless

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    One of the things I find so agreeable on this forum is the sharing of knowledge and debate encompassing people from very different backgrounds and perspectives focussing on motoring and disability.  It’s such a shame that posters pop up on here who have no interest in the above. Can anyone suggest another place online where they can play amongst their own kind?

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    Just to make you aware in case it stops anyone ordering a BMW X1 wireless charging is not free,it’s in with one of the expensive packs.

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    given that one of the packs is 6k I cant see too many queuing up to get the things they want.

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