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    So I have been down to ford for motability I can’t drive so my partner will be a named driver she passed her test on 14/10/2020. DVLA is showing her licence as a full UK on the online service however the dealer can’t process my application as it is still saying she has a provisional just wondering if anyone has had this issue and how long it takes to show up. I have already paid the advanced payment for the car and it is on the way to the dealer

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    If he cannot process your application how has he taken the advance payment, which is not due until the day you collect the car.. Guess that’s ford for you.. I dunno how the dvla update those records from the test centre, did she still get a form saying she’d passed if so i would guess that info needs to go to dvla and then they’ll update it or someone at the test centre will add it to the system. all i guess she can do is contact dvla and ask.

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