Kia E-Niro on Motability Soon? New Kia Sportage EV.

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    Why isn’t the Kia E-Niro on motability?  Any thoughts about whether it will be on later this year?

    (I have also heard rumours on YouTube that there will be a new full EV Sportage later this year?)

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    Kia E Niro Q1 2021

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    I’m guessing it’s outselling supply so why do they need to put it on, fact is they make commission on finance, mats, paint coatings none of which apply to motability sales plus adding more customers would upset the retail customers who might then clear off & go elsewhere if wait times increase.

    Just guesses but must be something like that, the Kona only plummeted in price because they want to shift the old ones. Shame as its that bit bigger than the Kona

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    Kia EV6 first orders are in May, deliveries start in October….. so, maybe the e-Niro will appear around August on the scheme, but that is pure speculation on my part.

    Despite the e-Niro having been around for quite a few years now, it still outclasses the current EVs on the scheme.


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    The problem with the e-Niro is it’s only currently manufactured in South Korea, Hyundai last year opened a plant in the Czech Republic for European cars and that vastly reduced wait times.

    Agree, until the EV6 and Ioniq are readily available, I doubt that the e-Niro will be available, even Tesla owners are going e-Niro/Soul/Kona 64kWh route, there’s just very little (if anything) out there that can match them for range and economy at that price point.

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    Gotta say I love the Ioniq 5 that’s absolutely stunning with that supposed 44″ HUD Squeeeeeeeeee

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    Thanks for the replies – I was wondering if this had been discussed before, I did a “search” but I didnt see the previous discussion.

    Can we all just call Motability and let them know how disappointed we are with the lack of EV’s coming onto the scheme.  There are plenty of “old” models that come onto the scheme when new models are appearing – then they fob them off onto motability customers quite willingly (and with AP’s).

    We need EV’s that have big enough boots to get wheelchairs and scooters in that deliver a decent mileage to prevent anxiety and give a bit of wiggle room over when to charge when you find yourself on a long drive.

    Motability is really failing here – big time.

    PS – isnt it discrimination that we do not have access to these EV’s on the scheme?  I think it is.


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    I don’t know there have been a fair few come on

    The new Corsa-e (same as 208) is free in top Nav spec not exactly big but £0 AP is good.

    To the other end they added the huge Vivaro elife for £1249 which is a huge 8 seater based on the Toyota Proace Verso, Peugeot Traveller & Citroen Spacetourer. If the range wasn’t limited & still can’t tow id have ordered one.

    There’s 78 cars listed as electric on the scheme

    MG ZS, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Smart forfour, Vauxhall Corsa, VW Up, Mini, Mazda MX30, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Ioniq, Fiat 500, MG MG5, Renault e208, Citroen DS3, Honda E, Renault 2008 & more

    The Vauxhall Vivaro elife is £1249 & a huge 8 seater the only other one that comes close is the Nissan NV200 at £4000. The new Mokka-e is £1849 but looks big I guess its a 2008 in a bodykit?

    All of those are under £1000 & most have multiple trim levels listed. I think the real trouble is a lot of launches have been put back due to covid & too many are still making pokey electric cars due to weight.

    I know many are put off my new brand & China etc but both MG’s are huge the boot in the MG5 estate is cavernous compared to any other EV going.

    I’m not sure it’s Motabilities fault there aren’t more bigger EVs on the scheme, are there any available right now? I can’t think of any missing that I’d like to see added, what’s others thoughts EVs that could come on with bigger boots etc?

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    Well, Motability has come a long way in the last year with EVs but there’s still a way to go yet.

    The Mokka-e is indeed an e2008 in a different bodykit, all the 50kW Stellantis cars are.

    I’ve had the e2008 since last July, at the time it was the best EV I could get & it was pricey, but now it’s dated compared to the Hyundai Kona, the Kia Soul and the VW ID3 that are on the scheme, I knew it would date very quickly because the range is lacking although it charges fast enough.

    The other EV worth looking at is the 62kW Nissan Leaf, but beware the air cooled battery if you want to push the miles & charge multiple times per day.


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