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    Hi I am new to forum but would like to say I have just taken receipt of Ford Ecosport 1.0 ST Line. cant knock the car BUT……. after driving a few days I noticed my foot kept catching on something down by my pedals. After taking receipt I was straight back to work so didn’t really have time to start fumbling around in the footwell. Anyway I have just had a week off and again I was irritated by the moving/rubbing sensation.

    Yesterday I got into the footwell with my phone and discovered the steering column was exposed including what looks like a gaiter thing. Bubble wrap was there and i could see the metal of the bottom of the car.  footwell

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    Glos Guy

    Welcome to the forum catswhiskers55. I’m amazed that the car passed the PDI as it looks as though a piece of trim is missing. Can I just ask if you have had any hand controls fitted? If so, it will be to do with the installation of those but, either way, it’s not right!  A trip to your local Ford dealer will be the only solution. Nice choice of car BTW.

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    Thx Gloucs Guy. I have not had any adaptations as the car is for my son. I thought the same on the PDI . Thats not where the probs stop though,

    The car I reckon is a 2019 spec because the spec for 2021 should have sports pedals, ambient lighting, Frt seat and passenger underseat storage, mine doesn’t not have these. The wiring loom for the ambient lighting I suspect is wrapped in the bubble wrap maybe?

    when I queried what I saw in the pic yesterday the salesman told me “I’ve just looked in the showroom and thats how its supposed to be”…WHAT!!! I also asked about the ambient lighting and storage under seats he said ” No theres no ambient lighting (Oh yes there should be), so what was he showing me on the very same car when I went to view it? and then said “Storage wont be there cus only higher spec models have it”

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    Your salesman is a flat out liar. I’d not deal with him any longer. Straight to dealer principal with the issues, make sure they address his lying, that’s infuriating!

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    Which Mobility Car

    You can check the model year using this information:

    MY Year and VIN Numbers

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    The gaiter looks like it could be part of the collapsible steering column in the event of an accident, ideally I’d like to see another model to compare it?

    What is there for your foot to catch on…. the pedals are nowhere near the steering column

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    MR Mark Winter


    The PDI is just a check list, then ticked. No box no check.

    Is the part broken or missing. If missing, was it removed for another car! If that hole goes through to the engine compartment then the car is undrivable as gases could then enter the passenger compartment.

    Had a Peugeot some years ago, I commented to  the sales guy the engine noise when driving seemed louder than it should be. The service department had a look, told all OK. So I started looking up behind the dash, the was a round hole about 5 inches in diameter, I could see the gearbox and part of the lower engine. The were a few red faces in the service department when I pointed this out.

    Cars can be built on the line and come off with parts missing or just not fitted. I worked for Rover on the SD1 production.

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    I know Covid has impacted parts availability but this is becoming ridiculous!

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    no doubt a cover is missing from there.  a part probably has been removed as said earlier to fit another car and they are fobbing that off on you. Still think you have redress and probable right to cancel deal if they dont fix, but you would need to read what you signed off on. I aint a legal person.

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    Redress or a right to cancel, struth? Going a bit far for a missing bit of trim, which isn’t even proven to be missing.

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    OK update: I went to dealership in question. Straight to Sales manager. Firstly the salesman was wrong for lying. I was correct that a rubber moulding is missing. This became apparent when we looked at another Ecosport (one that was not in the same shipment). I drive with the ball of my foot on the clutch so from there to the ends of my toes/shoe when I depress the clutch and turn at the same time it comes into contact with the bottom of the steering shaft that is exposed, The ambient lighting has NOT been connected. The storage trays are missing and the incorrect pedals were put on at the factory.

    The dealership has booked me in and they have taken pics for themselves so that the right moulding is ordered. Hopefully it will all be sorted out.  Just cus I am a woman doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am on about.


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    Glos Guy

    Good to hear that they have acknowledged it, but how on earth did that car pass it’s PDI?

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    Seems to me you could ask for the car you ordered rather than dealing with retrospective finishing of your vehicle… whether or not that’s something you want to do though.

    I guess the main thing is it’s been acknowledged. It’s just a pita you have to trust things have been checked properly when they put it right.

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    Simple enough changes, Tim. Wrong that they should be needed of course. But ordering a new car??  Best to keep what you can get at the moment. Surely?

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    I largely agree, WigWam. It would likely be more stress to order anew.

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    I think you should certainly inform Motability not necessarily for them to do anything now but if other problems come to light they will be able to easily see that things have been difficult from Delivery.
    Hopefully it is ‘just’ a rushed PDI but it shouldn’t happen. I’m also speaking from my own experience our previous car was a ‘rogue’ vehicle it had numbers of problems and as time passed the vehicle showed more problems we were told by Motability that we could change early. The pandemic put paid to that but we have now changed.

    I have to say I found Motability very fair in their handling of the situation.

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    At the moment ordering new cars are a nightmare, covid, and computer chips (or lack of them) seem to have caused all this. I was offered this car at the right time with St line spec. The car has not got St Line spec , being told untruths together with it being unfinished and missing other items has caused my complaint.

    Thanks to all who have given me feed back, it is appreciated

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