Free car.

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    Headline in my local newspaper today. The daily record  People on dla or pip can get a free car. Where do you go with that.

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    lol its not free sound like there trying to get a public reaction like last time

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    If it were my local, I’d like to think that I would write in to put it straight!

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    72 dudes

    Robert. This makes my blood boil.

    Which newspaper is it? Maybe it’s online too and we can leave comments?

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    Is this the link:

    (Turn your speakers down as a noisy ad will start).

    It is dated today on the Daily Record website.

    If so, it only says ‘swap their mobility payments for a Motability car’?

    I wonder where they got the Armed Foces Indpendence Payment (AFIP) weekly payment from? It is totally wrong! Very sloppy journalism.

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    I’ve read the article on the daily record website. It looks like a lot of it is just motability’s guidance copy and pasted (great journalism). I laughed at a bit that said there are over 1800 cars to choose from even though the majority of choices are slightly different trim levels of the same car. Now I’m not saying there isn’t enough choice but to say there are over 1800 cars to choose from isn’t really true. I worry that this makes people think that absolutely every car out there is included and things like that will contribute to people having a negative attitude towards people who use the scheme. I’m sure many of us have been on the wrong end of negative comments about motability, I know I have.
    Sadly that’s what a lot of journalism is these days, just publish any old rubbish to try and get a reaction from people and bring them to the site. If anything I’d advise that nobody to click on their site and keep as much traffic away from them as possible.

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    Well my local paper is improving as they haven’t mentioned for more than two weeks now that the beast from the east is coming back at the end of the week and the UK will be covered in six foot of snow.

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    Someone must have complained to them as they have changed the headline from Free car to swapping your benefits.

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    Looks to me like an advert by motability to increase business.

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    Just worked out what they have done with the AFIP amount quoted – they have included the care component of it!

    They have got the WPMS amount wrong as well – it was that amount about 4 years ago!

    Sloppy journalism and bad show all round.


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    Maybe they should write about the FREE disability that goes with the FREE car ?

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    reporters not doing there home work again

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    after reading it, it does look like a motability add , but does not say  wee usually need to find a deposit to get the car

    is this going to do the same to the scheme as the daily mail did a few years  ago

    its always the same it must be fantastic being that disabled or unwell that the government give you a free car

    it turns people to disabled/ motability customers

    i was talking to someone iv known for years  just before lock down  about picking a car they said when do you get the new car i said i need to wait till iv save the deposit , and they said i didnt know you had to pay anything i thought you could pick what ever car you wanted cause you got it for free ,, and that’s the thought of most people that do no have dealings with a disabled person , its never going to change

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    That’s cos most people are a gigantic 🔚 of a massive 🔔.

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    Aren’t the record and the mail owned by the same people?

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    Doesn’t say free anywhere?

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    Doesn’t say free anywhere?

    The piece was edited and the free vehicle bit was changed.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    As the Govt owns the trash tabloids, it could be another method of shutting down the scheme altogether. The same trick was used by Cameron to justify austerity cuts and demonising the weakest, and poorest in society. Just the same old trick meted out again.  Get the public behind the trash the tabloids spout, the spongers in society etc etc…it only happened a handful of years ago and its happening again.

    The sales man who dealt with my order pointed to a Peuguot 208 parked outside. It was a motability walloper who ordered the car in February, and came to collect it.

    He turned it down as he didnt like the shape, and wanted another make of car instead. When shit like that is picked up by the press, you can see where the motability scheme is going to end.

    No free car – you have your benefits – buy your own…..

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    motability walloper did he say that

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    Mbo should spend some of the millions they got saved up on fighting these sorts of demonization of the scheme’s users by the media and the political parties, none are any better than the other’s they all in it together.

    The truth is always a far different story to what they print or make a tv program about and how they portray a certain type of so called benefit chav’s as every claimaint of some benefit or other in a bad light. To prove some sort of narritive they believe to be true and insight a witch hunt against the said group..

    But when you look how many sheep, are in society, it’s no real surprise. Not many really think’s badly of them and how despicable they are for writing and pushing such policy and views. Yet others are called racist, sexist, bigots or homophobes are outted and cancelled, why is it ok to target the disbled or gingers or obese people etc etc..

    Were is the tollerance and equality. It don’t exist imo.

    They all talk the talk but when the time comes down to it, they do nothing about anything, about the real issues in society. Infact they stop the debate from happening. As they don’t want to fix the problems they just want to use them over and over everytime say there’s an election so score some sort of points and then move onto another and when they gone full circle they return back to the start..

    Infact its all done to cause the divisions in society, over and over to make us weak and deffo not united..

    Always some sort of us V’s them going on. so then they can pretend to come down on it hard but what they want is the goverment and media elite’s to be the new gods. Who we the, lowly scum all worship and depend on for everthing for evermore. They saved us all from covid and all other evils.

    To them we are just the general public, the herd, the working class and believe it or not i reckon the person who wrote this story believes most of us should not of been born or should be culled because of our disabilities Or they would not of written such a story. But there is no £££ in good so we all to blame. They push the death as then they got material..


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    Ade, you say:  “the Govt owns the trash tabloids”. I think you might find it’s the other way round!

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