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    Morning all

    Motability really do the car change over process well.

    New car handed over at 12:00 last Wednesday, good condition bonus cheque received on Friday and old car already at Audi Exeter on sale for £20k so it’s lost £14k in 3 years 3 months!

    Hopefully someone will buy it soon as it was a nice little car


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    Menorca Mike

    What car was it Adam ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Old car was an Audi Q3

    new car is a Toyota RAV4


    im amazed how quick motability was, as I believe that the offer it to dealers to bid on, get the bid in and move it to said dealer. Our old car went from Horsham to Exeter so not just up the road

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    Hi Adam, Motability didn’t lose 14k on the Audi, they paid a lot closer to 20k than 34k.

    when you add your a.p. plus payments approx 12k they probably made some money.

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    What spec of Rav4 did you opt for, and how are you finding it so far?

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    We didn’t see the Audi invoice showing what motability price was but we did on the RAV4. I’m sure that £20k for a car with 22,000 miles could be a bargain


    We ended up with an awd excel, driving is fun especially when it criticises you’re driving style, we needed a high vehicle and large enough boot to fit more than just the wheelchair. It’s a bit like driving an electric car, you need to change your driving style and it seems huge


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