EVs and Tyre Changes

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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve recently got a BMW I4 since March and covered 4000 miles so far. I’ve noticed the rear tyres have taken quite the beating already. I think I’m down to around 3.5 – 4mm of tread. I can feel the tread indicator. Is this normal for EV owners due to the added weight and regenerative braking?

      If that’s the case i’m looking to replace tyres at every 6000 miles is that okay with Motability’s fair use policy?

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        Your contract covers tyres, end of. You’ll be fine, as long as you don’t do over 60,000 miles during the 3 year lease.


          Motability will change them when at 2mm across 75% of the tread width.

          You can check the depth with a 20p piece by putting a flat edge into the tread and if the inner ridge of the 20p is level with the tread, you have 3mm tread left 🙂



            I’ve went through quite a few tyre and never had a problem. Particularly front tyres lol


              I doubt they’ll change them every 6k, normally it’s when at 2mm… but you can always fit a new set at your own expense if you want.

              And no its not normal because of this weight myth, my MG5 is now on 56k and the original rear tyres with about 3mm left… I’m not going to get them changed cause it’s due to go back in a couple of months

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                Don’t worry.

                My Kia Soul EV did 36k on its original drive wheels. Currently had 3 new tyres, the two fronts and a puncture replaced rear.

                The most tyres I’ve had in a 3 year lease was 12, two and a half sets of new and several punctures. Not one eyelid batted by Motability…Just off to KwikFit and changed whenever needed.

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                  The usual cause of tyre wear in EVs is the torque when accelerating from stand still or near standstill if that acceleration is quite rapid.  If it’s normal to pull out of a junction with a plan to be hitting the same speed as the rest of the traffic in a very short distance, then that usually causes wear on the accelerating wheels.  Weight and regen won’t wear down the tyre in themselves.

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