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    Hi everyone

    We’ve been with motability for 15 years now & are about to order our next car with the current lease up in October. All of our previous cars have all had delivery delays and never arrived anywhere near lease end date, I was just wondering if by some miracle our new car is early- can we have it before the lease end or does it just sit there until that date?! Our current  vehicle has been unsuitable for the last 9 months but the admin fee & loss of good condition bonus (& finding a new AP!) meant it wasn’t financially worth changing early. A car my daughter can actually use would be fantastic!

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    as far as i know you have to wait for year 3 to tick over. i know mine was ready about a week before and i had to wait. the previous time it didnt matter as i had extended a year.

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    My last new car sat at the  dealers nearly a month waiting for the 3 Years to tick by.


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    Unfortunately you have to wait till three years is up as said above. At least you can see it everyday lol

    Same thing happened to me. What I did was to get the manual from the car and read up on it so when the time comes no time was wasted finding what does this button do.

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