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      I need a rant get it off my chest.

      Crashed car last October, between RAC and DLM they “lost” my car for awhile then I had to recover my stuff from a scrapyard with no disabled access, cars 6 inches apart, mud everywhere total nightmare.

      Then took nearly 3 months for DLM to write it off and then demanded I order a replacement within 7 days.

      I tried to pay the excess at the time but they wouldn’t take it then called me over christmas on a Saturday demanding it immediately or else. Couldn’t pay it that day but paid it following Monday. This week get threatening invoice from motability for excess I paid in December.

      Next they aimed to collect the hire car on 2nd April leaving me screwed. Then Motability say we will return you payment but it’ll take 6 weeks.  Funny how they can arrange to collect it in3 days it hand it back 6 weeks. Now hire has been extended to 19th April if not ill have to buy a car to see us thru

      Left home to drop wife off as she’s having a rare night out. Car OK as we leave home, hear awful noise so limp to where it’s safe to stop and rear tyre has fallen to bits.

      Now waiting 30 mins for kwikfit to assess stock and see if they can get to me if not got to wait for AA to recover me to kwikfit 30 miles away so could be stuck all day.

      I know I’m being self indulgent but I’m thoroughly fed up with cars, insurance companies, motability etc.

      All I wanna do is go home and go to bed and hide from the world.

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        Perhaps a visit to your MP may rattle some feathers.


          Yeah I did wonder about roping him in. I’ll chase it up tomorrow with Motability woman and if they don’t help I will. That’s a good idea.

          I think I must be cursed


            I do hope you get some help bless.



              CEO office got back to me after I nudged them and I then immediately got a call from Europcar. They came out yesterday and swapped the car out at 1pm.

              Got a nice silver MG HS PHEV now, so much nicer than the 3008 GT I just had. It goes like absolute stink too

              So at least I can plug it in use my home charger and save some money on petrol

              Should have this until my Enyaq arrives still waiting on that getting built


                Great news Rich!

                I think the HS has around 250bhp, although no longer on the scheme. What do you think of it as car compared to other cars you have had?

                It seems the case, bypassing customer services if problems start to arise and contacting the top, even if you have to nudge them, is the better route to go.



                  I had a ZS before so fuel aside it’s very similar but more plush. It’s the Trophy spec so has all the gadgets too.

                  I like it, steering is a little slow. I’m used to being able to throw the steering about super quick you can’t do that so much but that’s a small adaptation to make.

                  The gears being 10 speed total ice plus electric it can be a little hesitant to decide what gear it needs again mo deal kiler

                  Considering its a big heavy suv vehicle the thing goes like a rocket. The EV mode is nice to going to save us money now using that and hopefully done nice sunny days for solar. I immediately had to go collect my 15 year old from school as he has Weds afternoon off due to health issues and drove there I enjoyed it along the coast road and my son liked the car too. I like the total lack of horrid scratchy plastics which have been replaced by padded leather with red stitching.

                  The seats are way more comfy that the 3 year old 3008 and driving position is good. It really feels like driving a big car there’s a lot of bonnet there but it’s got cameras all round, you can look down the flank to see how close to the kerb you are.

                  In my experience customer service are just there to shut you up and make you go away. When I was assaulted by ride staff at Alton Towers guest services did nothing took that to the ceo of merlin. Seems the same here I would just much rather things get done as advertised I don’t enjoy stirring the pot even if I am good at it lol.

                  Hopefully that should be it now until my 85x Enyaq arrives between now and early June I hope. First time I’ve actually chosen a car really my first car was the only one eV on the scheme that had a big boot and affordable 3 years ago so was that or nothing this time it’s choice or car and trim so very exciting

                  Just had a call from people doing our pvc doors and they’re getting done 30th April then getting big patio, ramp and hand rails for level access doorways. Very excited that’s all happening now. We’re have a blue front door, gonna pretend I’m entering the TARDIS pmsl

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