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      Ordered a seat ateca 1.5 tsi evo xperience lux auto,  had to pay £100 deposit to secure the car, never had to do it before, dealer said it was to secure the car as a lot of people panicking and ordering cars then cancelling and have to put my name to the car, is this the norm, and if I do cancel I will lose my deposit as it’s a 3 to 4 month wait for the car, he said it’s nothing to do with motability it’s the dealer and a lot of dealers are doing it.

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        Really there should be something in place to prevent this; because again our needs can change in an instant and mean we need to cancel an order and change vehicle, and I agree that its not fair for someone to loose their deposit, I would kick up a fuss to get deposit back even if I knew what I signed but that’s just me and some people simply don’t have the capacity, will power or strength.

        I have long said, what we sign at the dealers should be a Motability specific form and not a dealer specific purchase order. Of course if you add factory options, the contact is between you and the dealer for these options and thus provide consumer protection as you well know.

        Its good to hear you are able to help other SEND children 🙂

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