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    Which Mobility Car

    There is a lot of knowledge amongst us, I exclude myself.

    The COVID 19 is dominating the news:

    How worried should we be?

    Will this be Spanish flu proportions or just another contained outbreak as SARS and MERS were?

    Oh – and when will we start to see ‘Just in time’ manufacturing suffer?

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    She says the ear plugs I got her last year didn’t work.

    It just goes to show your not all bad you married a good Scottish woman, does she not deserve some recognition from the Queen for putting up with you? lol

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    You obviously don’t recognise Michael Gove.. for it is he..



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    The kinky devil is he married ?

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    The best Scottish Prime Minister the Tories never had, i would never have guessed, but thinking about it all these Tories have a closet me thinks lol.

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    I think so too Brydo

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    If it was so bad we’d all have one of these real hardcore masks to stop biological agents, like they did back in the blitz. Rather than the face coverings we all wearing or told to wear now or maybe wearing two masks is better.. which offers little protection imo compared to the real mckoy and heres one from ww2



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    Menorca Mike

    That’s a very good point Rox if it is so bad why are we not wearing gas masks ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    What about a rifle and bayonet as well? You never know perhaps  viruses “don’t like it up em” as Corporal Jones might say lol

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    Clipped wings

    I am no anti-Vaxer, having had armfuls including yellow fever  over 35 years of travel to India, Africa etc. But am I alone in being a little sceptical regarding the euphoric celebrations of quantity vs quality.  The inventors and producers of the mRNA vaccine stipulate 2 doses 3 weeks apart. There is NO DATA for extending this to 12 weeks.

    sorry for quoting myself, but data has just been released curtesy of Israeli experts and research. They have achieved a world leading 25% vaccination success and compiled large sample immunity data from recipients. Not good news for us or our inept authorities who “guesstimated” 89% efficacy after  single Pfizer jab to justify their decision. Actual data suggests 33%. No wonder my mums nursing home now has 12 confirmed cases 2 weeks after they all received Pfizer jab.

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    CW that’s interesting could you post a link to that article so I can have a read.

    The way I understand the vaccine works is that you get little immunity in the early days of receiving the vaccine and then after 10 days the immunity stated by the supplier is achieved, obviously not the full two jab protection. So it would follow that catching the virus is still possible in the early days and even after the stated 10 days. The difference is if you catch the virus after the 10 days your body will have produced antibodies to help you fight it resulting in fewer serious health issues.

    Could you tell us when, within the two weeks, the cases appeared?

    As I said the vaccine, even after two doses, is unlikely to stop you getting the virus it justs helps protect your body from the effects.

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    Clipped wings

    You are correct, confirmed by the Israeli data. Nothing for 10 days or so. Then 33% which is way short of the 95% achieved after the second dose. They have no data after 21 days as comply with Pfizer/ Biontec and the WHO instructions. How much confidence or freedom will 33% generate? It is on sky news website and mail& times thus far. Don’t know the answer for mums home but doctor suspects new variant.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Brydo,


    quick update from my brother. Having tested negative last week, she is now positive, as are the majority of the 48 residents. Pfizer jab on the 4th jan. as you say, no panacea.

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    Clipped wings that’s bad news, have you an update of how ill they are?

    I assume they are being treated where they are?

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    I hope your mum gets over it soon, let’s hope the vaccine has done something to help in the time she has had it.

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    Clipped wings

    Thanks. Early days for her, and no fatalities so far. The manager worked in a Worcester care home last April which suffered 9 fatalities and he is hopeful that the jab will reduce the symptoms significantly. Fingers crossed.

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    Which Mobility Car

    In September The UK joined COVAX, this is the procurement and equality of distribution programme.

    If I am not mistaken from my reading this means that we will only get enough Vaccines to immunise 20% of our population. We will only get more when all the other 76 countries involved have received their 20%

    So if we get enough for 20% of our population (at 67m) thats around 13.4 million people, 2 vaccines each is 26.8 million vaccines.

    I hate to be cynical but if we are using these to give people their first jab there is no guarantee that we will have access to more when people need their second, particularly as it is being suggested from Israel that the Pfizer jab is only 33% effective after 14 days of the first jab.

    I am becoming a little concerned.

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    “funded countries will receive enough doses to vaccinate up to 20 per cent of their population in the longer term.”

    We are a funding country.

    But, there’s also this:

    “Even though self-financing participants can request for enough doses to vaccinate between 10-50% of their population, no country will receive enough doses to vaccinate more than 20% of its population until all countries in the financing group have been offered this amount. The only exception is those countries who have opted to receive fewer than 20%.”


    Then there’s the sticking point that none of the vaccines have anything other than emergency approval so far, so anything done under emergency approval probably doesn’t count, with cries of “we’re vaccinating everyone in the Country so we can work out how effective the vaccine is”.

    As the UK is aiming to produce around 0.95 billion doses of the AZ vaccine per year I can only see us being a major contributor to COVAX, plus Pune (where India makes billions of doses of various vaccines)  is hoping to make around 2 billion doses of the AZ vaccine per year under licence, mainly for delivery to the 3rd World “funded” countries.


    Another problem is the supply chain, and again the UK is working on a fix for RNA based vaccines… solid stable RNA vaccines at 4C anyone? –


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    Clipped wings

    Won’t let me post a link – says spam- might be right!

    daily mail “ threats to hospitals of having their licence withdrawn” should they administer a second dose before 12 weeks. Been to Stasi school? Also many doctors have written to Those who must be Obeyed re their concerns over the second jab delay. Talk to the hand, methinks.

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    WMC and Julie – is it just me or have we not heard anything about the issues you describe in the press? All we seem to get is widely varying (inaccurate?) stats about number of deaths/infections. Oh, and Boris, of course, spouting usual bunch of porkies.

    CW – thing to bear in mind with the publication you mention is that there is always another agenda with it. In this case, I believe, it is the long-term aim to see the NHS privatised. It is just laying down ammunition to be cannoned at us later.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Tharg

    I’m as sceptical re the press as anyone. I know a bit about aircraft and some of the columns spout absolute garbage. However, the data from Israel yesterday was real and several reports on it disappeared quickly after publication. Pfizer  and the WHO do not support the uk policy. Yesterday was a great day to “ bury bad news” we deserve to be informed and expect transparency. Obviously, as the Americans say, it’s more a case of CYA as a years worth of repeated ineptitude unravels. Hope I’m wrong.

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    Sadly, the lack of and conflicting news and stats will only fuel conspiracy theories.

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    WMC and Julie – is it just me or have we not heard anything about the issues you describe in the press? All we seem to get is widely varying (inaccurate?) stats about number of deaths/infections. Oh, and Boris, of course, spouting usual bunch of porkies. CW – thing to bear in mind with the publication you mention is that there is always another agenda with it. In this case, I believe, it is the long-term aim to see the NHS privatised. It is just laying down ammunition to be cannoned at us later.

    The mainstream press tries to interpret what it finds in the science journals but it needs science journalists to write articles & they work for “general science for the masses titles” such as New Scientist, Scientific American, Medical Xpress, etc. All of which I’d recommend having a read of. I read the scientific papers themselves, the oft convoluted & difficult to digest papers written by the scientists themselves, I’ve written some of my own down the years & they are admittedly difficult to understand. But, I also read the “general science” stuff to keep abreast of what’s happening in the other sciences & medicine.

    I don’t think we can expect the mainstream press journos to have in-depth specialist knowledge of every possible subject & hence I’d not expect them to necessarily pick up the same points, but they do try.


    Here’s a dark paper that’s not in my field, it’s epidemiology (statistics), but it tries to explain the mathematics behind why vaccinating the most vulnerable people first is the way to simply save the most lives –

    Remember that politicians have to make their decisions on what limited information they have, at the right time, and it’s all too easy to point the finger after the events & with hindsight.

    As for trusting the NHS, no, I can’t do that, too many administrators trying to create their own little empires competing with each other, plus it seems to be run for the benefit of the NHS themselves. Caveat emptor applies just the same with medicine as it does with goods & other services, find out what you can & make a decision on vaccines, but understand risk when you make that decision.



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    Didn’t know where else to put this but it seems DWP had paused PIP stuff, I was mid way through my few year grant and got a letter today today saying that had resumed and my grant has been extended until 2024 with no changes. Although I don’t even leave the house anymore for absolutely anything and my mental health is struggling, I’m going to hand my car back mid way through my contract this year. It’s only done 6k in 18 months and is a huge waste of money. This COVID has dealt a huge blow to disabled people’s mobility too.

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    Yeah this Plandemic Kung Flu has shown the government were more than happy to give up our Motability if we are scared enough. Since March last year ive done 2.5k miles…

    Lets be honest here this was a set up from the off and China were more than happy to be blamed. We are now living in Communist China/Twitter and Facebook conditions. They rule the world now.

    We merely do what we are told when we are told.

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