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    Which Mobility Car

    There is a lot of knowledge amongst us, I exclude myself.

    The COVID 19 is dominating the news:

    How worried should we be?

    Will this be Spanish flu proportions or just another contained outbreak as SARS and MERS were?

    Oh – and when will we start to see ‘Just in time’ manufacturing suffer?

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    I have always said MP’s should be paid normal wages without all the perks and expenses and only those that don’t want the job should be allowed to do it.

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    hindsight is a wonderful thing. back in feb no one was predicting how bad this would be.

    even if the most pessimistic forcasts had been listened to, politicians at that stage of whatever party are not going to shut a country down. however much medical opinion says we should, they would be terrified of the results. they are politicians so decisive action is not their bag.

    6 weeks down the line its easy to say this and that should have been done in real time it aint so easy.

    no health service in the world is going to spend millions holding a huge stock of ppe “just in case” especially one that already spends so much on “managers” etc they are not going to have a few million sets of ppe just sat in storage.

    its easy being an opposition politician you just sit on the sidelines sniping away after the event. its the unfortunate consequence of our system. notice all the councils issuing statements criticising the govt response of food parcels, they are all labour. the criticism from labour is always about what should have been done weeks ago, yes with todays information things would probably have been done differently but that information wasnt available weeks ago.


    hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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    Menorca Mike

    Well said Mitch

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Hmmm. I’m afraid I really can’t agree that this is all hindsight. Simply put sometimes decisions are made (or not made) because there isn’t the information. But equally there are times where decisions are made which are just wrong.

    So, we have known for quite a while that we were ‘due’ a pandemic. In 2015 Bill Gates made it clear what the next pandemic would involve. A quick search will give you the link to his talk.

    If you don’t have a stockpile of equipment for an emergency you are deciding that you prefer to gamble on the equipment not being needed. This was officially asked for by those who knew what was needed. It has been needed and people looking after sufferers have died when they didn’t have the right protection equipment. That really is indefensible.

    The Govt decided not to implement the WHO guidelines. They decided not to test, track contacts and ensure the correct equipment is available to those who needed it. Other countries have followed the WHO guidelines and have managed much much better.

    The Govt ordered 3.5 million test kits which don’t work. They decided not to join in with the EU purchasing and still can’t explain why.

    I could go on. I just think that people in Government should take responsibility for their decisions. Suggesting that we couldn’t have done anything different doesn’t match up with the facts.

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    Mike 700

    What I find astonishing is, that there are so many experts
    on every subject, out there ( on a many different Forums ) who are clearly using this Global tragedy to take every opportunity to kick Boris Johnson & the Tories, rather than support our Government in times of crisis- especially as the Government was acting on the advice of experts in the field!

    All I would say is that there is a salutary lesson to be learned about these naysayers , which is that ‘no matter what befalls our country, they will still bitch and moan’ ( about the Tories, from the safety of their holier than thou high horse )but they are not in a position to make a real difference themselves, so they can say what they like, whether factual or not, but they offer no real solution, only ‘we are right and the Tories are crap’ (in their opinion) .

    Bringing the country together – what utter hypocricy.

    Could Corbyn et al have done any better – unlikely , because miracles are few & far between.

    Boris has offered to meet the other party leaders in a ‘National Unity’ approach – but he’ll still be criticised by these armchair warriors?

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    Twas ever thus Mike.  It’s pointless to engage.

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    It just saddens me that in such times political point scoring is still high.

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    It’s a great shame Joss, but some people have nothing else.

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    Can we leave politics out of this please.

    The time for debate will come much later when we are finally free of this frightful and fearful pandemic. Until then we need to support our national government by following the guidelines issued regardless of our own political viewpoints. We also need to support each other as much as we can with consideration and kindness on social media.

    Stay safe everyone.

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    I wonder just how many of the people that go against all advice and go out in the sunny weather tomorrow will be disabled/vulnerable etc and how many will even take children with them?

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    We leave relatively close to Salisbury and after the novichock attack did not visit for some time. It took over a year for things to return to normal and it’s probably going to be the same for the country and indeed the world.  I was chatting to a friend who is a retired head teacher and he told me many private schools will not reopen and we turned our attention to the sporting calendar. If Covid 19 is, as forecast, going to be around it seems inconceivable that sporting events, pop concerts etc will be able to continue, certainly not in their present form. Perhaps people will reflect on current events and reconsider renewing their season ticket and sports TV passes given recent comments. I  suspect overseas travel will be a lot more expensive with likely temperature and other checks becoming the norm. Do we now need  HS2 and a 3rd runway.  I have only seen 1 aircraft in the sky all week. Finally it’s pleasing the vast majority are observing the lockdown and several London parks which were still open today will be shut to the public tomorrow and on that note the New Forest national park have made it Crystal clear that they do not want any visitors whatsoever.

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    I had a conversation in another group for runners ( I used to do a lot ) and this lady was telling me she’s training for a marathon and needs to drive 16 miles every day  to a country park and couldn’t see anything wrong with it and lots of people agreed, when I explained I was one of the people who had to stay in for 12 weeks they said I was just pissed off because I had to stay in.
    Er yeah I am but I’ll be inside even longer due to you numpties.

    Today the family across the road piled in and went off for the day.

    Richmond and bushy park near me have closed to cars and cycle clubs but all the local side roads are packed every day with people still spending the day out there.
    All the papers full of pictures of crowds still out and about in large numbers.
    people seem immune to taking this seriously?

    Anyway what have people been doing to take your mind off being stuck indoors. I know a lot have been doing gardening or DIY.

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    The OH has had me decorating last couple of days, got a whole big list that I never get near the end of!

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    Menorca Mike

    Phil Just saw on breakfast tv that there were 3000 people in brockwell park yesterday in the borough of Lambeth ? I used the phrase thick londeners 2 weeks ago as it’s a well known phrase on seeing this don’t you think it’s justified ?.

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Totally justified.

    With 1/3 third of the UK economy within the London area we must be morons propping up the rest of the country, bigoted or not

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    Menorca Mike

    So true

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Best not to believe everything you see on the TV. Brock well Park is a big place…

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    Menorca Mike

    They were all close together on breakfast tv wigwam And on tube trains last week again

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Has to be expected Mike, that it’s impossible to maintain 2m distance from other passengers on tubes, trains and buses.

    As for the parks, difficult to judge distances from long camera angles but there will always be idiots. Closing parks is not the answer.

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    Menorca Mike

    My massive country park Bradgate park is closed I really miss it

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    “People with no back garden need green spaces”

    Plenty of green grass in the cemetery.

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    Kindness and tolerance goes a long way in these difficult times..

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    Menorca Mike

    How can you be kind to people who are out and about as normal when we are inside doing what the government tells us to do

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I try not to judge or assume that what other people are doing is normal.

    As I said earlier there will always be idiots.

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    What he said

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