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    hello everyone

    I hope you are all well, I submitted a new application a few weeks ago for a fresh new order after months of issues… application was accepted and the order process was a whole no different experience (in a good way) from start to end.

    However, I asked the dealer if he could apply my grant to which he replied he has never dealt with grants before and didn’t know what to do at all… so of course my grant was not applied at the point of my order being placed and successful application.

    I proceeded to contact the grants team & motability explaining the situation, I contacted my dealer to provide him with the grants team number and a second copy of my award. My dealer rung me this morning and said my grant award was accepted and that I would need to go back to the dealership to place my order. I’m completely confused by this as I already have my order on the system (without my grant) so does this mean it’s going to have to be cancelled and completely redone? I really do hope not as Iv been having trouble sorting my first motability vehicle for almost a year now and itl push me into going private as I need a vehicle. I’m so disheartened at how everything is going, I do fully appreciate the delays and reasons behind them.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Sorry to hear this Lou, hopefully someone with here got some advice, I’m sure advice will arrive soon..


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    Uuuurmmm ignore the with*

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    Thanks ajn, I hope so as I’m getting a bit anxious about it 😕🌻 The dealer himself has been fantastic (grants bit aside).

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    Lou; I would imagine it’ll be a straightforward paperwork matter between the dealership & Motability. A few phone calls between the two with amounts changed here & there and bingo!

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    I’d be asking the dealer if your build slot will remain during the change of order, or if the new order will be for a new slot.

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    I have not dealt with grants before, but I suspect Solent is right – the dealer cancelling the order with Motability and reprocessing it is not the same as the dealer cancelling the order of the car for the car to be built. Two different things in my experience, so you shouldn’t experience any more delay and it’s probably exactly the same car. Do check with the dealer if you’re unsure though.

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    Thankyou everyone for all your help & advice, il give him a ring in the morning and see what he says. Hopefully it’s something that can be dealt with over the phone rather than in person 👍

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    Best of luck Lou, sorry can’t help, I have no experience in the subject..

    However for me I prefer face to face, hate phone calls, simply avoid at all costs, I haven’t got the patience anymore🤣…

    Saying that car dealers are on the same list for me 😳..


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    Thanks ajn, over the phone would be easier for myself although I know I would have concerns of things not being done correctly (the order being wrong) and I would end up worrying – I’m terrible for that.

    Everything from ordering and letting the dealer know exactly what I need far exceeded my expectations but my first experience weren’t overly positive. I just have a worry after him being upfront and honest about never putting a grant on application and not knowing how to do it. Itl be great if the order does not have to be re done and delayed further 🌻😊🌻

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I just want to say a big Thankyou to everyone who gave me advice regarding my above post. My dealer has been very helpful and told me the details will be changed with no adverse affect to the build slot time (although I forgot to ask when that was). I feel so much more at ease about the process now 😊 thanks again 👍 now it’s just the long ole wait.

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