Cherished number plate renewal

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    Looking for advise please. I have had a personal number plate for about 8 years.

    When ordering my new Tiguan i was informed that it would be £80 and a further fee for new number plates. I thought the £80 covered that??

    Thank you in advance☺☺

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    The £80 is for the DVLA admin costs but you’d need to buy your own plates unless you want to use the old ones but after 8 years I’d definitely be treating myself (& the car) to a new shiny set.

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    I have changed them at every renewal. I didn’t know that they have started charging for them.


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    dont pay the extra! A new vehicle on the road price includes the plates, if the dealership has done it properly then they don’t need to change plates just have yours made ( instead of the normal individual plates)

    i would be wary if they are trying to charge as it would indicate the vehicle is already registered. The £80 is DVLA transfer fee which is to be expected and normal, I’m guessing your taking an in stock and pre registered car and they are trying to pass on the cost.

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    Thanks JS

    I ordered the car (Tiguan) late October with delivery end of Jan.number 3 on VW app.

    I’m going to give Mobility a call on Monday to clarify this as my friend changed 3 weeks ago and wasn’t charged apart from £80. (non vw )



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    It seems it should be straight forward The info in this thread may help.

    Private plates


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    Thank you JS that clarifies it to me. I think they are trying to get extra money.


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    I collected my Tiguan in July and it came with my private plate already on

    all i paid was the £80 DVLA charge

    so whoever is trying to charge you an extra 80 quid is well n truly at it

    you can buy the latest 4d gel plates for about £50 fitted, so they are well n Reilly trying to rip you off charging £80 for standard ones

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    My VW dealer only charged the £80 DVLA fee, plates were on when i picked it up.

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    I believe the extra charge for the plates is for the car your returning and has the cherished plate on it now. it needs a set of orignal plates making up. The fee of £80 is for dvla for when at end of this new lease remove or transfer the plate. I’ll be putting mein on my next car due to order mid jan for april as it’s on retention and 10 years will be up or i’ll lose it.

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    When I went to collect my new car I drove down to Hull with my private plate on my Q3, when I got there the Tiguan was waiting on me with my private plate already on – it was funny seeing them parked next to each other with the same plate on

    apart from the standard DVLA £80 charge ( which I paid over the phone before I set off for Hull ) there was no extra charges

    so be don’t be fooled or ripped off by any sales flannel



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    Hi every one and thank you for all the replies. Its fixed now.

    Sales person telling porkies😈😈.


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    Good to hear David 🙌🏻

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    If you pay £50 for a set of number plates, you need your bumps feeling.

    Having just done it, my advice will be to do it yourself. A simple call to Motability is all it takes to put your private plates on retention (that’s when they’ll take the £80 fee for DVLA).

    That way, you can put the original number plate back on because you’ll still have the plates.

    When you get your new car, let the dealer register it but tell them that you’ll be putting on a private plate and doing the transfer. Then ask them to do you a favour and make up some new plates with your private number for you. Most will, it costs them pennies, and simply leave them in the boot for you to put on.

    Once you have you car, give it a few days, call Motability and ask them to do the switch for you. It takes minutes. When you have written confirmation, put your new private plates on the car and the plates you take off in your garage for when you do the next switch in three years.



    plus the £80 fee which Motability will take for you.

    If you let the dealer know that you’ll be putting on a new plate but will do it yourself ask them to do you a favour and make up a new set for you.

    Most can do it in house and will simply leave them in the boot ready for when the paperwork is done. If they’re any good, they won’t charge you.

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    @ Winston, thank you.

    @ DougieB Thank you. That’s the way i am doing it. I called Motability and paid the £80.

    I honestly thought after all the years it would be straight forward, but add in sales people (not all:)

    the proverbial spanner and this is what happens. Any ways i am treating myself to a nice shiney new set of carbon 3d plates. Car should be built early Jan so possible i will get it end of Jan beginning Feb.


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