Car theft

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    Hi Guys,

    My car was stolen from my drive last sunday night using a relay box as i have both the keys

    My problem is that i pick up my new car in a weeks time, in this time i haven’t had a courtesy car & also will lose my Good Care bonus which i was going to use as the advance payment on my new car, if i cancel they will charge me £250.00.

    After 21 days when the insurance writes it off what happens, i presume i cant claim for the good care bonus

    Any help or advice would really help


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    sorry to here that what make car did you have?


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    I’d speak to motability explain your situation and your concerns  I’m sure they will be able to help you resolve it

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    You need to spk to motability as Martinod says, I not had that issue in almost 10 years of being on the scheme, but i guess with all these keyless entry cars, it’s on the rise and it’s very easy for gangs to steal cars and is one reason, I am happy to get the version without keyless entry.

    In the older days before most cars had alarms and immobiliser car theft and joy riding was rife as most cars was very easy to hot wire.

    I used to work as a recovery driver and 50% of the callouts was to stolen cars that was abandoned. (a buggy home)

    This is very different indeed. The car industry knows the problems yet do nothing at all. but it could be worse they could break into your house for the keys, if they that set on getting that car.. or car jack you..

    saw a video only today of a group of 5 guys but they ran when they saw the car had two kids in it when the approached it, lucky for the driver.. Sometimes technology only causes more problems

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for coming back to me


    sorry to here that what make car did you have?

    it was a Ford Kuga

    I have spoken to Motability, and they confirmed i will miss out on the  Good Care bonus

    However this is where it gets a bit confusing, they told me i would get a courtesy car but RCI have told me i cant, I called motability again & spoke to one of the most unhelpful people who didnt want to know & kept saying i need to speak to RCI

    I’m trying to raise the cash for the new car but i have to admit i’m not very impressed with the whole set up if you have your car stolen. I have spoken to 5 people about this & only one was actually helpful

    So from what i can gather if your car is stolen its basically tough you cant get a courtesy car unless its found & its in a garage

    Anyway im expecting a call from a manger but im not holding my breath


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    I had keyless on my last car, I actually paid £350 for it out of my pocket because it really is a big disabled drivers help with keeping the key in my pocket without faffing around to start the car.

    I won’t pay for it again but unfortunate a lot of cars are coming with this as standard now but the manufactures and government departments really need to get together and beef up the security of these things, if not ban them for our own good.

    I’ve been lucky in my 47 years of driving of only having one car stolen (touch wood) back in the late seventies and it really makes me mad that these thieving tow-rags haven’t even got the decency to leave a note where your car was when you left it because I spent an hour looking around the car park thinking to myself “I’m going around the bend here as I could have sworn that’s where I left it” when indeed its been nicked.😁

    Hope they sort this quick for gallorgs.

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