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    I have some paint which won’t come out of a fabric material seat. It isn’t very bad, and most of it has come off however, can still see the remains of it on the seat. Does anyone know if that will effect the good condition bonus? Would it mean loosing all the amount of money/ partially

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    think it depends on who examines the car if it was going to affect it you could make an insurance claim  it would cost you your £100 excess, but your still £500 up

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    martino you cant claim on the insurance for interior damage that was not a result of a crash/wear and tear due to mobility aids etc. Brad motability allow minor things and  although will get marked on the condition sheet you dont normally get changed for items that can be what they call “smart” repaired, but may be best to have it done yourself.

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    is it not spilled paint thats on the seats,

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    have a look at whats not covered,

    Damage to the interior of the vehicle
    Damage to the interior including rips, stains and burns to the trim, are not covered and may need to be repaired at your own cost. You do not need to make any repairs to damage which is within fair wear and tear .

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    i do remember something about that but it wasn’t always like that.

    so you should really take out insurance for the inside of the car

    if i went to B&Q got tin of paint and it spilled in the boot the insurance wouldn’t cover it

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    I was in a crash last year, rear ended and the crash caused a tin of paint in my boot to spill, and that was covered. But maybe that’s because of the accident.

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    dont know if your house insurance would cover that

    or how much or if you could get insurance to cover just inside car and stuff

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    i cant be leave motabilitry insurance don’t cover a wheelchair

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