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    Hi tia for reading,

    Can I ask who is responsible for the accessories of the car.

    so my car came with one of them pumps that you plug into the cigarette lighter, yesterday the damn tyre pressure monitor flicked on, so I started on refilling the tyres then the pump just kept reading 6bar and not doing anything, this is the first time I had used it.

    so do I have to replace the pump or do vw have to replace it, thanks for all your help, and stay well people!

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    I would not class this as an accessory as its probably part of the puncture repair kit, and should therefore be fixed by VW. Take it back to the dealer.

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    This is what Motability say about inflation kits…

    “In some cars, an emergency inflation kit is supplied for use with punctures. Once the canister has been used, you should contact your managing dealer to get a replacement. If you are not comfortable using the kit, you may contact the RAC or Kwik Fit who will do this for you. “

    So looks like the dealer is first port of call.

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    anything that came with the car as standard is not an accessory. Take it back to the dealer for a replacement.

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