Bmw 3 series 320i sport

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    Ordered my 320i sport at the very end of June. Was given a estimated delivery date of October 30th. Now it has been pushed back to November the 16th. It has been on status departed plant from August 20th (5 weeks now). The car has been built in Mexico.

    Anyone else ordered the same car can give me any updates on there experience of expected delivery times.


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    Dave G

    Hi Rob, I ordered the Touring mid July, I wasn’t given anything to track on but the dealer mentioned he would keep me posted. In writing it says estimated delivery end of November as I can understand giving earlier dates can create disappointments. What dealer did you order yours from? Also, mine said it’s from Germany provided we do not go into further lockdown.

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    Hi Dave. I ordered mine from Cardiff BMW. If you do want to track your order you can ask your dealer for your vin number which is available if the car has been allocated a build slot.  Then you can just ask BMW genius online and they can keep you updated. The touring is a lovely car . Hope you enjoy it.

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    Dave G

    Nice, I ordered from Sytner. That’s strange because my dealer sent everything except a VIN/order number but he informed me via email that my application was accepted and will keep me posted in due time. I mean it is common sense but ever since I have been going through the forum where a few including yourself can track their build slot, I should’ve done the same! I’ve just emailed my dealer if he can provide me with one. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this. This way alot of customers are being fooled and messed around with alot!

    Indeed it is a lovely car and spec, I mean the extra litres of boot space I cannot go wrong with and great discounts! Cheers for the heads up Rob. Do keep us posted on this thread of how it goes!

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    I may be wrong but I understood bmw320i sport was built in Germany ,Munich ,I lived there for many years ,but im English ,BMW are very proffesional & dealerships friendly helpful ,I would imagine covid has put production back a bit.

    No offence to anyone I feel need to say this as some participants get out their pram ,if you know what I mean,no need.

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    I think it is produced in Mexico , online says Mexico, dealership said Germany ,well which ever it will eventually turn up ,stay safe.

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    I do hope you all soon get your BMWs ,maybe covid has made wait times greater .

    Stay safe all of you

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    They don’t usually give the order number you have to ask for it, you are only given the motability order number. I emailed and asked for mine then went onto the BMW chat and they told me the build date was November so hoping it is built then. The dealers are generally helpful

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    Dave G

    Yes I agree with Zoe. I’ve had to ask for mine 2 days ago and they emailed me it.

    Also, I’ve just used the BMW Live Chat, gave them the order number and they replied: “Based on your order date, the latest that your order will arrive will be the week commencing the 9th of November 2020.” So it definitely comes in line with est delivery as quoted end of Nov! Hopefully no delays.

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    I’ve ordered the 3 series in late June.  Car has been built end of August.

    Was due mid Oct but now they saying end of November.


    Any updates with anyone else?

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    As of early this year production of the 318 and 320i and se are produced in Mexico due to the demand of the 3 series.

    I didn’t get my vin number at order but my dealer gave it to me when I rang him after doing research and can check with the online chat instead of pestering the dealer =)

    And yeah same here Mike I ordered mine 26th june and they said end of october for delivery now its being said 16th November with the online chat ill keep ypu updated if mine changes

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Rob,</p>

    Just contacted BMW and they saying that the dealer should receive the car on the 19th of Oct, forwarding by a month.

    You may also have the same luck.

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    Yes Mike I had contact with them today also and its expected the week commencing the 12th October which is great news. I’ve ordered the phytonic blue with oyster leather seats. Ill post some pics once I have collected. Enjoy your car once you have collected👍

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    Dave G

    Congratulations guys. Hope to see some pictures very soon.

    Rob, Phytonic Blue is a fantastic colour. At first I didn’t like the colour in the configurator as I couldn’t see no pictures of it etc. What I was most after was the Mediterranean Blue which was sadly taken off. After seeing pics of the Phytonic, I do regret not going for it. Nonetheless, Mineral Grey is what I went for which is not bad. Great choice with the Oyster seating!

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    Love the mineral grey got that on my current bmw, hides the dirt well 👍

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    Hi i ordered mine on 20 jun ,but he placed order in 10 of july and i get the car delivered on 30 of september but it was wrong car with idrive6 bot the idrive 7 so we didn’t collect the car yet

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    Dave G

    Vlad, everything get sorted?? Are you going to re-order again or?

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    1. I awaiting a call from them today.
    2. And yes i will reordered the car for sure
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    Dave G

    Goodness me Vlad you’re happy to wait another 3-4 months? You won’t receive it until Jan 2021! All the best, hopefully this time it is built in Munich, Germany. Do keep us posted.

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    This is the email i received today and he didn’t mention anything that he ordering a new car…

    I’m sorry I have not been able to take your calls this afternoon, I am however still waiting to hear back from BMW.


    As I mentioned to you on Saturday I have already ordered a replacement car from the factory, I am expecting BMW to make a gesture of goodwill and I will chase them tomorrow.




    Can you anyone explain what he mean as a good will?couse he didnt mention anything .im lost to be honest

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    Menorca Mike

    Will they give you free extras ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Vlad i think dealer is pulling a fast one, no way would hq make a gesture of good will like a whole new car due to idrive, they could send the car back to pdi and get the system replaced or maybe do it at the dealer, or if its same spec just update the software. sounds very fishy to me, my last bmw was updated from 5 to 6 free of charge at one of services so 100% sounds fishy to me.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I spoken to them they said they can’t change software…i don’t know i want car with harman kardon so hopefully i will get it for free of charge just because i was waiting 3 months all ready</p>

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    Lord Muc

    Rico, Idrive 7 , is completely different.  It’s needs more powerful hardware.

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    Dave G

    That’s really fishy Vlad. I’d be concerned. So does that mean he/she is taking ownership of the wrong order? Because that’s what it sounds like. If any re-order, yours should be regarded as a priority.

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    Hi i have spoken with the manager and he said he ordered a car with harman kardon sound system for free.

    And now he is trying to get me the car asap so he is pushing bmw in germany ,because its their responsibility for wrong car as it was stated it will come with idrive 7 and it came with idrive 6

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