Are there any dealers doing a discount on the cla 180 premium plus?

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    Are there any dealers doing a discount on the cla 180 premium plus? as I’m due to change now thank you

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    Ur welcome 🥰

    pssshhh I’m not as bad as I was but the fatigue and getting my pain under control is the problem atm. But I haven’t been out only Tuesday to an appointment then straight home. The weather definitely doesn’t help. How is the rain where u are been watching some you tube vids and think in the West Midlands we really shouldn’t complain. Was supposed to go to London tomorrow that’s cancelled big sigh. I might just get dressed and pass my local tint shop as it’s bad weather probably the best time to get the windows done as I’m not driving it anyway, so no mishaps of children messing with windows.

    Exciting times can’t wait to see how much better ur car will look.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m in the process of speaking with stratstone whether the £500 company contribution to the AP extends to the cla 200 model, fingers crossed it does!!</p>

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    Carl, when I enquired they said no..only if listed on website..but I still think with how all the different cars are shown on the website and because the price says ‘from’, it is.  Trouble is I couldn’t find anyone in charge of it.

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    What do you get in premium plus pack

    A mediocre car ?

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    A few dealers have come on board giving £500off the entire mercedes range….

    I just asked my local dealer, Sinclair mercedes in swansea and they are happy to match the £500 off any model of cla….


    I’m very tempted by the cla 200 !!

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    Good to hear Carl!

    What area are you in?

    just shows all dealers ain’t bad and some are willing to play ball 🙌🏻

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    I asked my local Stratstone Mercedes dealership about £500 off the CLA shooting brake and they said no, even though their website states £500 off ALL CLA MODELS.

    Have sent an email to their HQ to complain.

    Watch this space.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    The Merc branches in Glasgow ( Stratstone ) are absolutely horrendous lol

    good luck with that one though mate 👍🏻

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    I ordered CLA 220d shooting brake last week from Stratstone Mercedes Skipton, no discount, only discount available on stock car 180 coupe 2019.

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    Seeing as its there in black and white its time to contact other Mercedes dealers to see if they will match stratstones imaginary £500 discount with a real one.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I’ve started calling but no luck yet.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Spoke to Marc at Skipton Mercedes this morning, He said no deals on new cla shooting brake. Reading the advert above offers if any will be on Cla coupe models.

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    Spoke to Marc again, the £500 off any cla model, is only applicable to cars registered before 31st March, read the small print, This offer is on stock cars only. Because if you order a factory built car now there is no way it can be built and registered by March 31st. 🙁

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    Bob do you know how high the passenger seat can go? We have an SUV just now but looking to get an idea of the difference between the two.

    Having a test drive on Monday so will find out for sure then but it would be good to know in advance.

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    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Yes any discount is from stock cars, looks like nearly all stock cars are the cla 180, 200 amg line and must be ordered by 31st march.

    This unfortunately doesn’t include the premuim models, which is a shame as its them models which include the stunning ambient lighting!

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    Hi Brydo, On our test drive my wife who has Parkinson’s said the passenger seat adjusted and was more comfortable than the Skoda iv we tested, The Cla shooting brake is just a gorgeous car to look at and drive, Go for a test drive, it’s definitely one of the best cars on the scheme, But lower than a suv, But better to drive especially the 220d, And will look nice the business on your drive.

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    Going for a test drive on Monday but they don’t have a diesel so it’s the petrol version unfortunately.

    The acid test will be how easy the wife can get in and out. We changed to an SUV to help her in the first place, but she really likes the shooting brake and I have been showing it to her online and she loves it.

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    How did it go Bri was the boot big enough as all reviews I’ve seen it looks pretty small.

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    He phoned and cancelled us Phil, postponed until tomorrow.

    I have had a look at it in the flesh and as far as I can remember the boot is big. Bigger than the old version but it has a big lip so a bit of a struggle to get the wheelchair out of but I’m sure I will manage it, the scooter might be a bit more of a problem.

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    I am trying to reconcile the cost increase between the Tiguan r line auto at about £1000 after discount GCB and £3000 for the merc after GCB. £2000 is a lot of money but Mrs Brydo wants the merc.

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    Order a cla200 amg line yesterday at mercedes swansea, it’s the last one they had in stock and I will be behind the wheel this time next week.

    Plus i mentioned other dealers doing £500 off the AP and they agreed to match it… its always worth trying to negotiate the AP.

    Getting excited now!!



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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    @Carl Great choice. Can’t wait to see some pics. 👏

    @brydo did you get a drive, eventually!? What do you think?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Bionicrusty….. I will def post some pics for you!!   I’m getting so very excited as it’s my first ever mobility car.  I found the sales executive at mercedes swansea excellent to deal with and a big thank you to this forum for giving me the tools/information to getting the Reduced AP 🙂

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    Carl we look forward to your continued updates on your new car, and continued support and knowledge you can bring to other users through your motability experience. Enjoy your new car.

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