Are there any dealers doing a discount on the cla 180 premium plus?

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    Are there any dealers doing a discount on the cla 180 premium plus? as I’m due to change now thank you

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    Noel. Think that £500 offer is only on the entry level, and not the premium plus.

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    The banner says all models, just because it isn’t featured as a deal it should still apply, mine did with MINI Stratstone, give them a ring

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    So it does! Cracking deal across the range.

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    Thanks mate

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    Is it still the case with the A Class that Merc won’t let you add packs like Premium Plus etc on Motability

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    I don’t know about the A Class but have just ordered a B Class with Premium Plus.

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    Yeah the CLA 180 with Premium Plus is listed on the scheme

    but Merc ( for some reason ) won’t let you chose for example an A Class 220 AMG and then add the premium plus pack to it

    ive no idea why they do this

    with almost every other car maker, especially a “luxury” brand you can usually add lots of options and packs , but on Motability Merc don’t let you add anything and just stick to what is listed on the Motability website, which is kinda crazy not to accept extra money from people when you think about it

    the premium plus really adds everything you want/need and really makes the car 👍🏻

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    Sorry I meant B class

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    I swithered with paying the extra but when I looked at all that’s included with the Premium Plus is definitely seemed worth adding!

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    I’m a sucker for lights ( hardly the most important thing in a car I know ) and the ambient lighting in the Premium Plus pack is the berries! Coupled with the larger screens , pano roof, Augmented reality sat Nav etc etc , it’s def worth it and I’m sure you’ll love it once it arrives

    did I read correctly somewhere it was from the Glasgow city centre branch you ordered yours from?

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    I didn’t in the end. My son wasn’t well enough to travel to Glasgow so we ordered from Mercedes Benz Edinburgh instead. They couldn’t match Stratstone’s offer but did give us a discount and the customer service was excellent.

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    What do you get in premium plus pack ?

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    It has the same features as the Premium Line – ambient lighting, keyless entry, illuminated door sills and 10.25 inch instrument panel- but in addition has:

    Multibeam LED headlights with Adaptive High Beam Assist Plus; Panoramic glass Sunroof; electrically adjustable front memory seats with four way lumbar support

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    CLA is a beautiful car disappointing it has the underpowered engine. B Class is a granny bus!

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    Good job I’m a granny then!

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    just Ignore any comment by that loser of a man who can’t wait to ridicule and put down every car choice by every member , he has nothing better to do

    I’m sure you’ve made the right car choice and I’m sure it’ll bring you lots of joy, and that’s all that matters 🙌🏻

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    Thanks Winston …..not the type of comment I was expecting from such a lovely supportive forum!

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    Not it is not , please don’t worry about it or let it affect your input or activity on the forum

    like everything online these day there is always a few bad apples , the ironic thing is he doesn’t even have a Motability car yet he likes to hang out on her belittling people   🤔🥱 what a life he must have



    i can’t remember everything extra that the premium plus contains, so when you have the time can you remind me and @mike what’s in it



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    @Stephanie before I got a Tiguan I had a b class for just under 3 yrs I wouldn’t call it a granny car at all me n a few people I know have had them as the car is very practical ranging from the ages of 30-40. I still have the b class parked up atm and my mid 30s partner is now enjoying it.
    It’s a beautiful car and the new model is even better so enjoy 😊

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    Well said Anneka! Is the partner not allowed a shot of the new one? Lol

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    Elliot you sad little man. It has been proven time and time again that it is you posting these comments. You are clearly doing this for attention. Please stop commenting on this forum if you have nothing positive to say. I agree with other posters that you should be banned.

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    I just grabbed this from the Merc website this is the equipment in the Premium Plus Pack @mike


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    @winston thanks but it’s true 😉

    He has been enjoying the new one when I’ve sent him on some errands for me after all he traded in his beloved car that he loved so dearly so that I wouldn’t have to accept the silly offers of the px for my b class he loves the Tiguan hopefully I can persuade him to go and get the back tinted for me too as he already got me a decent quote £120 for the back 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 He knows more about the tech in the car than me lol 😝

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    Oh it sure is 🙌🏻

    I’d hope he would have a better handle with the tech side , I mean… well he’s a guy so… lol

    Sounds like a good guy! Tell him to get those windaes tinted or you’ll do his 🤣🤣


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