Applying for a grant towards AP

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    Can you do this online or is it a phone call only?

    Will have to steal myself up for a phone call if that’s the only way, urgh I hate using the phone. I know its no big thing for most but it’s just one of those things that really triggers me using the phone think I’ve got a bit of a psych thing going on from my old job when I was a field engineer & I’d called all hours day/night & sent all over the SE.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Aiming for the Kona Premium SE, I know its often what motability says you can have vs what you want when It comes to a grant but to me it’s the cheapest EV that ticks all the boxes esp heated seat/steering wheel plus Acc & Def the HUD with enough room for a day’s out kit still. Can motability dictate fuel type when discussing a grant as I’m only considering an EV.</p>
    Can’t see another EV that has those features for a relatively low AP like the current Kona price. If not I’ll just have to borrow the money instead.


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    Do they only agree to the grant amount, if you choose the vehicles they recommend or you’re free to put towards any vehicle.

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    Richard, I’ve been awarded a grant towards my next car from Motability Charitable grants team.

    I need a SUV type vehicle with an electric tailgate as standard plus a few other essential things and adaptations. I Just need to choose one now!

    I initially found the application process quite daunting so I contacted my Brain injury Nurse at Headway and she helped me complete the paperwork.

    It only took about a week after posting the form to getting a reply in writing. Enclosed was a list of recommended vehicles to choose from. If you want to order a car which isn’t on the list, I believe you would need to speak to them to get approval.


    I have to say Motability have been most helpful.


    Good luck, Rachel








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    Thanks all, I have to drive an 85 year old to her 2nd Jab tomorrow so I’ll call motability while I wait.

    Do you do the whole application on the phone or is that just the initial bit & the rest online/paper?

    I really need heated wheel (suffer cold painful hands as well as other neuro probs there), electric seats (similar there find manual seats impossible to get right & frequently need to tweak the seat during a journey) & the hud & cruise control it’s basically what I have on my old 2005 car right now & I’d given up on an affordable EV on the scheme with those bits but thd Kona has just fallen to £1499 or do for the Premium SE with those bits & more. I couldn’t face asking for a grant for anymore feel bad asking for that tbh.

    Has to be an EV for running costs can’t do an ICE or hybrid as still more expensive to run. So don’t know if that affects the grant if motability can insist you take a traditional engine instead?

    I’ve looked at about every EV on the scheme & none of them have the specs even the Elite Nav Corsa-e doesn’t have the heated wheel, electric seats (I think from memory) which is a shame as that’s Nil right now.

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    Mick what did they offer you in the end an up to amount or a choice of cars?

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