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    First time that i will be submitting an application,does anyone have any input from their own expierience on how to maximise the chance of success with it.

    Trying to find cars that fit my needs,cars that have the specific kit,how do you do that,things like heated steering wheel,electrically operated heated seats with memory (entry/exit auto adjust upon unlocking car) and powerlift tailgate,reverse camera with sensors,automatic gearbox.

    Do you have to trawl thru all manufacturers brochure’s to identify the above or is there another way.

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    hi MickC, i assume from what you say that you intend to apply for a grant towards the ap?  personnally i cant help with  that but i am sure there will be others along who can.

    as to the next part regarding the kit you need/would like then yes its a labourious task.

    the motability search tool will narrow down by fuel,size,vehicle type,gearbox etc but then its a case of making a short list and trawling through the manufacturers site to find the nitty gritty of whats included whats in a pack and whats available as an extra. i think you need to do this before applying for the grant as i think you need to know the ap your looking at and you need to be able to say why particular models are on your list and i think mota can come back with other usually cheaper options.

    watch out for the packs many manufacturers have started putting desirable things like heated seats etc in packs along with other stuff you may not need or want at silly prices. it does make producing a like for like short list very tricky.

    but good luck and if you get stuck just ask theres loads of knowledge on here and they are happy to help.

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    I recently applied for a grant, and was shocked at how quick they were, and here is the steps that I followed.

    i submitted application, and after a week got a courtesy call to say all paperwork was received, by this they require means tested benefit, ie income support housing benefit, and tax credits.

    a week after this I received a call from a case worker really friendly I explained my sons needs and requirements, he then said I needed to measure his special needs buggy and send off the measurements. I then sent these off same day then a few days later caseworker on the phone saying that I could choose these vehicles and these would be suitable for his needs, hence I got grant which covered the full ap of the car, as I locked this in, in august 20. It could be that the car you want they could give you a grant for but it might not be the trim level you desire, so you might have to put some money in.

    I made my order in august, but due to unforeseen circumstances they let me apply after making the order which they don’t normally do, and I am so great full for that, they are so pleasant and easy to deal with, you should be fine, good luck 🤞👍.

    now Volkswagen where is that car 😡

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    I’m reading with interest as I might be going down the grant road myself but can I ask did you already have a car in mind or did the grants people just say, here’s a list of cars we think are suitable, take it or leave it?

    I’ve already primed Motability about a grant but will not contact them for another 3 or 4 months yet but what I’ve asked for is help paying the differences in cost between any give make or models manual gear box and the automatic gear box I’m forced to drive through disability but there are what some might think are luxuries but I think are necessary and with that in mind I’m hoping to add a heated windscreen as an options because frozen or misted up windscreens really knackers me when I have to clear it and puts my off going out early morning or late evening in Winter and that’s the best time to do shopping and avoiding crowds, virus or no virus.


    Finding cars that suit your needs are indeed a big problem and for myself and others here that’s something that’s remains a problem most of the time without showroom restrictions.

    I’ve learned there are things I think would benefit me, for instance, my current car has heated leather seats that I thought would help me and to be honest, it hasn’t other than a very few days in Winter so its off my list for the next car unless its bundled anyway. Another thing that came in the trim level for the car was a heated steering wheel that I’ve never given a thought about it being an aid but its been a bigger delight to me than the heated seats as all they do is give me a hot sticky backside. One other thing was a reversing camera and although this item is very useful I find the VW’s reversing aids to be fine anyway so don’t care one way or the other.

    I’m afraid its hours and hours of YouTube and car brochures for finding out about cars but even then you have to workout what is and is not a helpful aid and if there worth paying extra for.

    Wish you luck in your search.

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    Hi @chrisk

    i hope you are well, I ordered my car first then circumstances changed, but yes they gave me a list of what cars to choose from that suited needs, I.e a combo life right up to Peugeot 5008. So as I locked in my ap already it covered it which I was extremely grateful for, they are so helpful and they really listen to the needs of the person, I am sure you will be fine if you apply.

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    hi @chrisk if your on wpms there is a £660 grant available funded by veterans agency for that very reason, you can get one every 3yrswhen you change. but not if you have to change early. its administered by mota and dead easy to do.

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    Cheers to all for your advice.

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    I applied for a grant begining of Feb,did it online submitted all the relevant documents they required,the same day.

    Not heard a squeak from them yet.

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    maybe give them a call and chase it up, ask them if they received the paperwork you sent over as I would have expected them to make contact with you even if it was a courtesy call to say they had received all your paperwork and someone will be in contact with you soon.

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    @Newbie1892 think i will do that on Monday.

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    Open Sat 9am  so better sooner than later

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    I have waited since jan from motability grant getting back to me. They finally got back to me last week but they were offering me cars that were not suitable but obviously because they were a lower ap i have explained this to them so waiting on them getting back

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    my last car was grant applied for, but due to dads ill health i needed a diesel sharpish due to the 140 mile round trip every other day, the dealer rung me up saying there was a high spec one an port but ap was 1000 more, I paid it on credit card hoping I would get even a little back, needless to say 2 weeks later I got a email saying grant rejected you got a car… lol still paying of the cc debt now… kick a guy why his down

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    Got a “case manager ” now,but not spoke as she was on phone.

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    Hi @MickC that’s really great news hopefully won’t be long 👍

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    Phoned again today,but my case manager was elsewhere on a course,so another case manager called Danielle took my call and she had a read thru my file,she says the hold up has been down to Kathryn (case manager away) just wanted to ask about how the features of a car that i had specified as required like in my (OP) would benefit me or the opposite what it would be like to not have them,so i told her all the reasons.

    Really nice telephone manner btw,said i should get a call in 5 to 7 days time.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just had a call i been waiting on from grant team. Told me we are only entitled to a toyato corolla or a skoda superb. The said £745 i dont know how im going to pay the rest of the money now its put me into serious stressful. I am grateful but i cant afford the extra £1000</p>

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    Do they only pay the grant if you decide to choose rhe car from the list they suggest?or do they offer you ‘x’ amount and that helps towards the car you prefer and ourselves obviously pay the difference.

    Or if you choose anothet car different to thecones they offer they dont pay any grant?

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    Paul they offer their suggested vehicles – ie the cheapest cars that supposedly meet your needs.

    You can only add so much to a grant (I believe it is 50% of the grant value) towards a different car on the scheme. Their view seems to be that if you can add more than that, you are not in need of a grant in the first place.

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    They said for me 2 automatic cars (automatic cause i need automatic) hatchback with £745 towards cost. The car i seen was £1749 which is hard to afford.. I think they’ve made a mistake. The car they suggested to me AP is way higher than the one i seen. The car they suggested AP is £2195 but they will pay £745 towards cost

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    thanks Headley

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    10 days later after my last contact when i was told my case manager will be intouch in 5/7 days i still have not heard back from them,so phoned again and my case manager Kathryn was busy with someone else so spoke to Hannah,she appologised for the delay and said she would rattle Kathryns cage and ask her to contact me in the next 24hrs.

    I wont hold my breath,i think i must have stumped her for vehicle ideas,she will probaly come back and say i think a Toyota Aygo will be ok for you,you know she will have stuck a pin in a list of cars and come up with that.

    I just want to know what they are going to offer me if its unsuitable i will stick with my current car and spend £200/£300 on a service which it needs.

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    MickC doesn’t sound like the usual service from Motability and the grants team.  I have found them very helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure the car is suitable.

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    @Mike yep makes me wonder why i got singled out for the special treatment from them.

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    So having waited the 24 hours for a call back from Kathryn and nothing happening i gave the Grants team a call,spoke to someone called Laura Gregory and she looked thru the file…….then appologised for the delay then started going thru some of the questions again…………..its like i have been transported to LaLa land.

    Then she says after this faux interogation i will send a message to Kathryns manager and get them to contact you in the next 48 hours.which will be early next week.

    I started this application on the 2nd Feb.

    I cant stop

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    Mick i had the same experience. Put application in January and only last week they contacted me and said they will give £740 towards a Toyota or a skoda even though i already tried these dealerships. I tried ringing to speak to my case manager on 3 seperate occassions and he only contacted me last week. It was so stressful

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