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    I am looking at getting a Skoda Karoq SE L next year as my next Motability vehicle…..Skoda still have it in the brochure. It is not on the Motability website…..has it been permanently removed or is it being upgraded to come back in 2022?

    WMC posted the following on 21st July 2021:

    When (or if) the mid-life updated version will return to the scheme, particularly in the current ‘chip shortage’ climate, is anybody’s guess.



    Only the consultation survey part is being challenged.

    The Green Paper is as published on the links above.

    To say nothing of the opening sentance ”The government appears to have been forced to delay the publication of its controversial disability strategy…..”

    It is already published!

    in reply to: WPMS Grants #159524

    Going back to the initial question posed in the thread, yes for many years the grant was paid to help cover the difference in advance payment between the manual and automatic versions of the same vehicle.

    However, nowadays in cases where there is no direct correlation between the manual and automatic versions of the ‘same vehicle’, Veterans UK are taking a more pragmatic view and using a ‘closest vehicle’ as the metric.

    I know a piece of work is being put forward, via the Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee (VAPC) for North East England this coming September regarding the future of the ‘automatic transmission allowance’ if, as or when the majority of vehicles on the scheme become solely automatic due to being battery powered.

    There are several options being put forward by the VAPC to try to retain the allowance in some form (alongside the other WPMS grants for such as hoists, swivel seats, hand controls etc etc).

    in reply to: RSA Take Over #159450

    Reading reports on the internet that Direct-Line is taking over from RSA for Motability insurance duties. 😁

    Indeed, as announced to the London Stock Exchange today:

    RNS Number : 0265G

    Motability Operations Group PLC

    22 July 2021



    Motability Operations Group plc (“Motability Operations”) which, together with its subsidiary Motability Operations Limited, delivers the Motability Scheme, is pleased to announce that after a comprehensive competitive tender process, it will be moving its insurance provision from RSA, who has been a long-term supplier to the Motability Scheme, to the Direct Line Group (DLG).

    This change will ensure that the Motability Scheme continues to offer a worry-free service and excellent value for money to its customers. The new insurance proposition will provide a market-leading customer experience through an integrated, aligned and well-managed supply chain. Customers will benefit from a modern technology platform supporting interaction across all channels. The new arrangements will take effect circa 18 months from today’s date for an initial ten years.

    Similar to the existing arrangements with RSA, DLG will provide insurance, and will reinsure 80% with Motability Operations’ reinsurance captive. The captive’s net exposure is contained through the placement of a conservatively structured reinsurance programme into the reinsurance market.

    DLG intends to provide the existing customer-facing activities through the continued use of the dedicated Motability unit in Liverpool, ensuring seamless continuity of service for customers.

    Andrew Miller, CEO at Motability Operations, said … “As well as future-proofing our service, the new insurance proposition will offer the potential to grow the Scheme and provide increased flexibility to customers. We are confident these arrangements with DLG position us well to support the continued delivery of worry-free motoring and value for money to our customers. I would like to thank the team at RSA for their ongoing support and commitment to the Motability Scheme as we transition to the new arrangements.”

    Penny James, CEO at DLG said:

    “I am delighted that we are partnering with Motability Operations whose work so aligns with our purpose of helping people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind now and in the future. Our digital capabilities and strength in vehicle repair combined with Motability Operations’ fleet of modern vehicles, means together we are ideally placed to deliver a first-class service at a time of rapidly changing motor technology. We look forward to welcoming the colleagues from Liverpool who will be joining us to deliver that exemplary customer experience.”

    This information is provided by RNS, the news service of the London Stock Exchange. RNS is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a Primary Information Provider in the United Kingdom. Terms and conditions relating to the use and distribution of this information may apply. For further information, please contact or visit

    RNS may use your IP address to confirm compliance with the terms and conditions, to analyse how you engage with the information contained in this communication, and to share such analysis on an anonymised basis with others as part of our commercial services. For further information about how RNS and the London Stock Exchange use the personal data you provide us, please see our Privacy Policy.



    (END) Dow Jones Newswires

    July 22, 2021 02:00 ET (06:00 GMT)


    An initial 10 year contract commencing circa 18 months time.

    in reply to: VW GOLF< T ROC & TIGUAN COMING OFF SCHEME #159417

    More reputational damage to the VW brand. Less choice for motability customers.

    It will probably hit Motability’s ‘brand reputation’ more than VW.

    Not all Motability customers read/use this forum. Hence one/a few/many could have pre-booked to test drive one of the removed vehicles only a matter of days ago, when they were showing as available on Motability’s website.

    They turn up for their test drive (and to potentially to order the vehicle) this morning, only to be told ‘Motability pulled that model last night sir/madam’. Or the customer test drove it a few days ago, made up their mind and returned to the dealership to order it – same result.

    I doubt a salesperson would be so open as to directly blame the manufacturer for the overarching issues – it is much easier to deflect the ‘blame’ onto Motability. That way the salesperson may at least have a chance to sell a ‘still available’ vehicle from the same stable.

    Plus, it does not look good that just 22 days ago, Motability heralded in the new quarter with publicity stating there were (to quote) ‘over 1400 vehicles’ available on the scheme – only for there now to be more than 58 vehicles less available (circa 5% of scheme vehicles). I suppose it makes it more obvious when it is a relatively popular volume manufacturer such as VW (had it been SsangYong vehicles removed, no one would bat an eyelid – well, perhaps one member hereabouts would lol)!

    Overall, I don’t know what the answer is.

    Should Motability only market vehicles which manufacturers guarantee will be available to order for the whole quarter? This would obviously (and currently) cut down the overall number of vehicles on the scheme.

    Or should there be some indicator to customers (on the Motability website) that certain vehicles (or end of line vehicles) could be removed if waiting list times increase significantly or stock runs out. At least the customer would have some warning that the vehicle they desire may disappear at short notice.

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #159364

    WMC’s figure yesterday was 1380 on scheme. Today’s Motability site figure is 1342. Suspect Mr Forum will have a lot of work to find which 38 cars have entered the black hole!

    All VW Tiguans, VW T-Rocs and most VW Golfs for starters!

    in reply to: VW GOLF< T ROC & TIGUAN COMING OFF SCHEME #159361

    Predictably, all the T-Roc’s and Tiguans are ‘missing in action’ on the Motability price list this morning.

    Just two 1.0 petrol Golf Estates still there (along with 2 Phev hatchbacks):


    in reply to: Today reminds me why … #158824

    Is there a limit to how many vehicles you can buy Vat free each year, month etc?



    in reply to: Any Drone Fans out there? #158794

    We have a couple of larger drones (duly operator registered etc) for use on our farms.

    Used mainly to locate fallen stock, or sheep that have wandered far from their hoof (their usual grazing areas). My brother-in-law used one last week to help navigate in a locum vet who got totally lost!

    The local police have asked us to use them a couple of times to help locate walkers lost on the higher Pennine Way. Also, a couple of years ago, the fire brigade asked us to help them map out a large moorland blaze using the drone, but I think they have their own drones now.

    So, they are quite useful tools for farmers and the emergency services etc.

    in reply to: motability search tool not fit for purpose #158783

    although i have 18 months left on my lease like many i enjoy having a mooch now and then to see whats available and boy is it hard work. my starting position is wpms 1387 available as for anyone else, then auto is a must reduces to 713,then deselect diesel and plugin hybrid 557 available, then i need a high in/out etc and dont need 7,8,9 seats just cant get down into a saloon so select mpv,suv large and small 204 available. but wait going through the list i notice the bmw i3 isnt there one of the models i quite fancy, its under medium vehicles as is the vauxhall mokka, that gives me an extra 13 so a choice of 217. which probably equates to 20ish models assuming 10 varients per model not a great choice in the grand scheme of things. but far more work than it needs to be.



    At least they now give we War Pensioners the same number of vehicles to search from – for many months, if you input WPMS as the first search criteria, we had 3 less vehicles than everyone else!

    It took them quite a few months to fix that one issue (despite being repeatedly told about it) – perhaps now they may start on the points you raise.

    However, I would not be holding my breath for a fix anytime soon.

    I think it boils down to the old ‘Garbage in – Garbage Out’ scenario.

    In saying that though, I wonder who actually classifies the ‘Car Types’ (such as Small SUV’s, Large SUV’s, small cars, medium cars, large cars etc)? Is it down to data supplied by manufacturers’ as to which ‘Car Types’ category a vehicle falls into – relative only to their own vehicles?

    Or do Motability input the data, using staff members who have absolutely no idea that a Mini Cooper is somewhat more compact than VW Touran!

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #158776

    Only 17 days ago, Motability were proudly boasting the following in their ‘news’ section dated 1st July 2021:

    Latest prices for the Motability Scheme

    Who said a week is a long time in Politics? Well, two weeks and three days is an eternity on the Motability Scheme it seems.

    I wonder if the number of vehicles available can (will?) go even lower?


    looking at motability website the dearest ap i can see is 3999. maybe theyre limit to go on site is 4k. so folk dont acuse them of supplying fancy cars

    Excluding the 8/9 seater ‘vans’, currently the most expensive PHEV/Electric vehicle on the scheme is the Merc A Class A250E Saloon at £5999 AP (DLA/PIP/AFIP):


    With the most expensive ICE vehicle being the VW Touran EVO R DSG 1.5 TSI petrol at £4149 AP (DLA/PIP/AFIP):

    in reply to: Go Electric and save towards your next AP. #158386

    Large land owners make considerably more money leasing their land for solar farms than renting it to tenant farmers…

    Yes Wig,

    And that is the problem.

    Overall, whilst it may put money into landowners’ pockets, it doesn’t help with the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere, the natural ecology – i.e. the wildlife, birds and bees that live amongst and pollinate crops, nor help make the country more self-reliant by being able to grow more ‘home grown’ produce, instead of being increasingly reliant on imported produce.

    To say nothing of the tenant farmers and farm workers whose livelihoods have been taken away.

    I have nothing against large solar arrays if they are placed in the correct places – i.e. brownfield or post-industrial sites. To put them on prime arable land is simply criminal when we are having to increase our reliance imported produce.

    It needs the government to act now.  However, they are too busy ‘re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic’ when it comes to sustainable agriculture, nature, and the self-reliance of the country.

    in reply to: Do we as a group have any say in how Motability is Run? #158371

    Clearly that was not the intention BigDave and I think you know it.

    To be honest, having read the OP’s post, I don’t know what his intention was/is!

    By stating ‘By group I mean those that get the full Motability payments via PIP’ it appeared to be defining ‘group’ to a specific set of individuals, regardless of the fact that the Motability Scheme is open to more than those that quote ‘ get the full Motability payments via PIP’.

    It may have better served the purpose to have just used the term  ‘Motability customers’!

    in reply to: Go Electric and save towards your next AP. #158368

    The big problem with mass solar power generation is the fact that the large solar photo-voltaic arrays are being constructed on prime arable land, in effect replacing crops which should be growing on the land.

    As fields of growing crops of any type/variety are natural CO2/CO absorbers (acre for acre growing crops absorb more CO2 than trees) and are oxygen emitters, they are being replaced by the solar arrays which do not absorb anything (other than light) and do not re-oxygenate anything either.

    The NFU estimate that the use of arable land by solar arrays has increased our reliance on imported grain and other crops by 4% (and increasing) already. Thus, more grain and other crops now must be imported – either on ‘oil burning’ ships or air-freighted in (hardly ‘green’ is it)?

    Then, when the bulk grain ships dock at Tees Port, the grain is loaded onto diesel hauled trains (no overhead wires so no electric trains) to be taken to one of the 5 bulk grain distribution sites dotted across the country. Then onwards by lorry.

    So, although power companies laud it by saying they are using ‘renewable solar’ power, and saying how ‘green’ it is, they are not telling the full story. But then, they have a vested interest belying the fact they are  only really interested in selling electricity regardless of anything else!

    If the government thought about it (and were serious about ‘going green’), they would ban the use of solar arrays on arable land (and if necessary, confine them to ‘brownfield’ or industrial sites) and encourage the growing of more UK originated produce.


    Do we as a group have any say in how Motability is Run?

    By group I mean those that get the full Motability payments via PIP.

    So, do I take it that the ‘group’ of injured/disabled veterans on WPMS or AFIP, or those on DLA should not have any say in the matter?

    in reply to: Extended driving abroad #158260

    Further to the above, I forgot to add there may be a question over what benefit/allowance you use to fund your Motability vehicle and time limits for its continued payment if going overseas for an extended period.

    Being a veteran on WPMS (or if on the newer Armed Forces Independence Payment), it wasn’t a problem for me as that is paid indefinitely, with no restriction on how long one can be out of the UK.

    Other benefits may have different criteria – 13 weeks (91 days) springs to mind unless going for medical treatment when it is 26 weeks). But do check up on that point.

    in reply to: Extended driving abroad #158237

    Hi, I’ve recently retired and want to take my car for more than 90 days through France and into Spain. Has anyone sort permission to do this and what was the outcome? It says on the motorbility website you can make a request for more than 90 days.


    When I had my Motability car, I had it all lined up for a 6 month plus tour of Europe starting early last spring (2020).

    Both Motability and RSA were fine about it when I spoke with them and were going to issue the necessary paperwork nearer the ‘set off’ date.

    Then the pandemic struck!

    Now I am off the scheme, when I plan the same trip in the future, it maybe a little more difficult than it seemed with Motability/RSA.

    in reply to: Insurance #158231

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My Dad has a Peugeot Tepee wheelchair accessible vehicle and he is having awful trouble getting insurance. Those that will insure him are charging nearly £1000 a year because it’s a modified vehicle.</p> I can understand charging more for cars that are modified to enhance their performance or value but I think it’s unfair to charge a disabled person who only does a couple of thousand miles a year an excessive premium. Can anyone offer any recommendations, suggestions or advice on his insurance?

    I know a few other disabled peoople who have WAV adaptions and have insured via Adrian Flux:

    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156847

    Whilst we wait for the Motability website to update:


    Don’t shoot the messenger if it is wrong, but Group One Auto BMW are stating they are showing the AP’s valid to September 2021:

    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156771

    Hopefully the Ford Kuga page is now enlarged (maybe not) – try zooming page!


    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156768

    Ford Galaxy:

    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156767

    Ford Focus (cont)

    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156766

    Ford Focus:

    in reply to: Q3 News and Prices #156765

    Ford Eco Sport:

    Ford Puma:


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