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    WRONG – An advance warning that there COULD be an increase in advance payments, in my letter it says nothing that there WILL. Just saying.

    I am pretty sure that a company with the resources and experience of Motability would not issue such a dire warning unless they were confident that overall Q4 pricing will be heading upwards.

    The next quarter’s pricing is done during the current quarter, so Motability will already know what direction Q4 prices are going in, hence the warning.

    Imagine the flack if they issued this warning to their somewhat vulnerable customer base, only for Q4 pricing and vehicle availability to go in the opposite direction? The Daily Mail would have another field day attacking the scheme – ripping off disabled people after giving very bad advice to order before 30th September etc etc.

    Whilst we will all probably find some vehicles which either remain static in pricing, or even decrease, I do think their warning is pointing to an upwards trajectory overall.

    in reply to: BBC ‘Fraud Squad NHS’ programme – VAT fraud case #124668

    In the BBC programme ‘Fraud Squad NHS’ 24th Sept 2020, a man was arrested for VAT fraud – He was privately buying (many) luxury cars (bentleys/range rovers etc) – using complicit disabled drivers to avid paying VAT – and then selling them on at a profit. My understanding of the law is VAT exemption only covers ‘permanently and substantially modified’ MPV/Mini-bus type vehicles. So I can’t see how VAT could be avoided on a non-adapted luxury sports vehicle. So to my question – can an unmodified vehicle be legally bought privately VAT free? …..and if so – How? Cheers


    I think the case in the TV programme pre-dated the clamp down that HMR&C had on the issue a couple of years back (2017) when tighter legislation was introduced.

    The BBC cannot ‘name & shame’ on programmes such as this until the person involved has been found guilty in court and these cases can take a long time to get to trial. They actually said on the programme that the investigation took 5 years.

    in reply to: Latest Deals & Offers #124649

    We’ve just signed deal at our local Williams MINI in Bolton last Saturday… today I’ve just found that great BigDave response with cashback at Partridge of Hampshire. It’s nearly 4 hours drive from us, so now thinking how to scrap deal at Bolton and sort out new one (with 500 cashback) with down south dealer (hopefully over the phone). Vehicle should be available for 29th Nov as current lease expiring Nov 30th….

    You are going to have to work out whether the £500 off the AP is worth it in light of how far away you are from Hampshire.

    You will need to make two trips to the supplying dealer’s premises – one to order the vehicle, the second to collect it. You cannot order over the phone, it has to be done in person at the dealer’s premises.

    In light of traveling time and fuel costs etc, would looking at the £250 off from Stratstone be a better proposition, particularly if they have a branch much closer to you?

    Another alternative would have been to copy out the offers available at other dealers and ask Williams Mini to match them, however this is a bit late if you have already ordered the vehicle at full price.

    in reply to: New to Motability #124648

    Hello everybody my name is Bailey & i was wondering if you could help me, i’m 23 years old and am new to pip and motability, i’m looking at getting a car on the scheme for myself and also for my mum to use for long hospital visits, i’ve been looking at prices etc and it seems due to my age most vehicles i wanted are over my Insurance group. My questions are, is there any leeway on insurances groups for under 25’s? also if not what are my options regarding a VW golf? from what i’ve seen they’re all small engines which isn’t ideal for weekly 300+ return trips to the hospital any help would be great Bailey

    Just reading your OP, can you clarify who the PIP and thus the vehicle is for?

    You seem to be saying the vehicle is for use by yourself and also for your mother to use for long hospital visits?

    Motability vehicles are only to be used for the benefit of the lease holder (the one who receives the necessary allowance used to fund it).

    So, for example if this is you, you can use the vehicle and it is is fine if your mother to use it to take you to hospital, or for example picking up a prescription for you. What your mother cannot use it for is her own purposes or for her own benefit.

    If the 300-mile hospital trip is for your mother’s own condition or for your mother to visit a friend of hers in hospital, than that use is not for your benefit and thus not permissible. The vehicle can hardly be available for your benefit if it is 300 miles away.

    Also, the 300-plus miles weekly trip will account for a minimum of 46,800 miles out of your ‘free’ allocation of 60,000 miles over the 3-year lease. This leaves you only 13,200 miles (4,400 per year) before you will have to pay 5p for every mile in excess of the 60,000 miles limit.

    Will your other usage be more than this limit? if so you will need to factor in the excess mileage charge.

    in reply to: NEED HELP URGENTLY #124367


    There is a 5 page thread on this forum from last year all about the Allspace and the non-closing boot issue here:

    VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

    Although the thread is quite a saga, Olpk’s post on 15th September at 1045hrs in that thread maybe relevant has he mentions which models have/don’t have the closing boot in the ‘specs’.

    in reply to: Latest Deals & Offers #124260

    Is any1 heard about MINI COUNTRYMAN 2.0 petrol currently: manual £749 automatic £999 where’s any lower AP offers/discounts than aboved? Cheers.

    Your best bet is probably Partridges of Hampshire offering £500 ‘Advance Payment Contibution’ off the entire Mini Motability range:


    Group One Auto Mini were offering the same but the vehicle has to be registered before 30th September 2020, so unless an ‘in stock’ vehicle that one will be difficult to achieve.

    Plenty of other dealers were offering £250 off (or cashback) such as Stratstone, Marshall and Peter Vardy etc.

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #124048

    When was the last time they had over 2,000 vehicles on the scheme for at least one month? False advertising.

    I did ask Motability a while ago about this very point.

    Their response was ‘Including WAV’s we offer over 2000 vehicles’.

    So, I suppose it isn’t false advertising as they include WAV’s which are, after all, vehicles (current total including WAV’s is 2464).

    in reply to: Auction Of Motability Cars #123921

    An awful lot of ex-Motability vehicles go via British Car Auctions various sites across the UK. They have ex-Motability sales a few times per week:

    To bid, you have to hold a ‘MY BCA Silver Card’ which is only obtainable after you have bought 3 vehicles from them and ‘upgraded’ from their blue card:

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #123918

    Tharg I tried to secure a 2.0 tsi passat r line estate but there are none available anywhere from stock and you can’t order from factory anymore so that is a red herring being listed still!

    I wonder how many other vehicles fall into this category? I am aware of a few others which are simply not available to order from a dealer and none are ‘in stock’.

    It does make you wonder if Motability keep these vehicles listed in order to improve their ‘vehicles offered’ figures, whilst simultaneously knowing that in fact they are not available.

    in reply to: Mobility cars for powered wheelchairs #123804

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Would this still apply if we wished to purchase the WAV outright?</p>


    If you wish to purchase outright rather than lease through the scheme, you just speak directly to a converter.

    As almost all the converters vehicles are  available on Motabiity, use Motability’s search facility to narrow the vehicles/converters down and approach the converter direct (their websites link from the individual models on Motability’s  search results). Most converters also may have second hand WAV’s for sale as well.

    I don’t think you will get a grant from Motability though if you are not using the scheme though.

    in reply to: Mobility cars for powered wheelchairs #123797


    If you are loooking to get one via the Motability scheme, will need to be looking at what is generally referred to as a ‘Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle’ or ‘WAV’ for short.

    You can search the link below, putting in your own parameters, such as seats, manual/automatic, lift or ramp, side or rear entry etc etc.

    The results will come up by price and list whichever converter builds them from the actual base vehicle.

    You are probably best looking at a number of vehicles to see which is most suitable as that can be a very individual thing – what is best for one person maynot be for another due to a range of factors. Also take into account some maybe larger ‘van’ based vehicles.

    As WAV’s often have quite high advance payments, you can look into getting a grant from Motability to put towards the advance payment:

    You will need to sort out the grant prior to ordering the vehicle, but Motability will explain the process.

    in reply to: Is 5 year the max? #123627

    What reason do you have to give to extend, on the website it says exceptional circumstances it can be extended?

    The problem is, unless under the mileage lmits, Motability take each case on its merits.

    Some things which may go for you is if the car has been adapted, or you paid a large AP which you may not be able to do again to fund a car which fits your needs very well.

    However, it is really upto Motability and you need to speak with them.

    in reply to: Is 5 year the max? #123621

    How long can you extend for? Do you have to give a good reason?

    It is all in the link I posted above, under the ”Keeping your Motability Scheme car for longer” header.


    My mistake thought it was a live event

    It went live from 10.00am.

    However, they were being very selective about the questions they answered and a lot of people’s questions were unanswered (particularly if they were perhaps not very ‘complimentary’ to the scheme).

    They did answer a lot of questions which weren’t asked though – ususally ones about how people can join the scheme (which no-one asked about as the questioners appeared to already be customers of the scheme)!

    It really looked like they had a couple of interns answering questions who selected the easy questions to answer but left alone anything complex or ‘awkward’ for Motability to give an honest answer to (rising AP’s etc)!

    In other words, I should have not wasted an hour looking at it and done something more useful instead!

    in reply to: A nice surprise! #123554

    Had my vehicle in for final mot a fortnight ago before new vehicle arrives in January but was surprised to receive a GCB cheque for £600 today(09/09/20)which I normally receive after collecting new vehicle but I do keep my vehicle pristine

    If your lease was extended due to Covid-19, then you should receive the GCB at the end of your original 3yr contract (ie not have to wait until the end of the Covid extended lease).

    My lease has been automatically extended for six months, what will happen with my Good Condition Bonus?

    Where customers have had leases automatically extended, we are paying the Good Condition Bonus (GCB) on the original lease end date for your car.

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    in reply to: Registering & Posting Assistance #123535

    How can you register without Twitter/facebook accounts?

    You can register using the following link:


    All you need is to enter e-mail addy and password

    Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

    You don’t have to use face-twitter!

    in reply to: Yikes, everything seems so expensive! #123531

    Call me cynical Chris, but when you ring next year, you will probably get a response such as

    ‘Sorry, but we have no information about your problem’

    and/or ‘There is no marker on your account”

    and ‘Whoever you corresponded with has now left the organisation’.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong, but it is a case of been there, done that…………. and had to start from scratch all over again!


    Just a reminder that this ‘virtual one big day’ is tomorrow Thursday 10th September.

    However, on Motability’s facebook page, they appear to be currently accepting questions for tomorrow under various ‘themes’ such as:


    Wav’s and Adaptions

    Powered Wheelchair and scooters,

    Manufacturer Relations (probably a good one to ask about AP’s etc)

    Scroll down the Motability facebook page to the relevant section or I suppose just ask in the topmost post on there.

    in reply to: Latest Deals & Offers #123379

    Cheers guys,

    Re the £500 off the Ford Kuga during September 2020, more dealers have posted this offer up over the weekend. A few examples:

    So, rather like the Hyundai Ioniq offer which spread to most dealers, it appears this one will do likewise.

    If your local Ford dealer isn’t offering it, print off some of the offer pages and ask your dealer to match it. If they don’t, vote with your feet and go elsewhere.

    in reply to: Any Q4 Rumblings? #123485

    What is a factory slot ? ( Before you can order, ) which car will suit my disability’s . If

    A factory slot is more or less securing a ‘build date’ at the factory, before you can officially order the vehicle on the Motability scheme. Although it could mean you get your vehicle a bit earlier than waiting until you can officially order via Motability, it is a strategy with certain risks.

    Mainly that Motability remove the vehicle from the scheme and it is no longer available to order on Motability when the time comes for it to be officially ordered.

    Also, despite the ‘factory slot’ being booked, if you can only officially order the vehicle in the subsequent quarter, unless the dealer is willing to bear the cost (and put this in writing) , any rise in AP could land on your shoulders.

    Also, if the vehicle ‘spec’ changes, as happened to some people who ordered Ford Focuses (Foci?) during lockdown but could only officially order from Motability from 1st July. Some completely lost out as Ford changed the vehicle specs from 1st July, Motability subsequently changed vehicle reference numbers and the AP’s changed in an upward direction.

    So, regardless of what a dealer may tell you, I would say if you want to secure an early build slot, only go into it with your eyes open knowing there is risk to the strategy which is why Motability do not like dealers doing it.

    in reply to: Is 5 year the max? #123478

    Is 5 year the max for having vehicle,even if still below the mileage allowance?

    Unless it is a WAV then yes.

    Details are here:

    Obviously if you have extended your lease to 5 years, the lease may go on a bit longer whilst you await your next vehicle.

    in reply to: Any Q4 Rumblings? #123469

    May be a tad early, but anyone heard any rumours about Q4 pricing? BMW in particular.

    You could always read the following Motability page from a few days ago entitled ”Why car prices are rising – and how the Motability Scheme is keeping them affordable” :

    Why car prices are rising – and how the Motability Scheme is keeping them affordable

    Which paints a rather gloomy picture, particularly their ‘top tip’:

    Top tip
    If you are in the final 3 months of your agreement, and your renewal is approaching, one of the best things you can do is act quickly – and get your application in ahead of October. This will give you the best chance of securing the vehicle you want, and protect you from the risk of future price rises in coming months.

    in reply to: Grant #123399

    Did I see anyone saying you can get a grant to help pay for the advance payment? Got a bmw coming at the end of the month and a 1.2k Ap to be paid on collection

    The normal procedure is to apply for a grant before ordering a vehicle as the grants department may suggest a suitable vehicle or may only fund certain vehicles based on need. They are also ‘means tested’.

    Here is the info anyway:

    in reply to: Living / Driving inner London #123269

    The other day, what is usually a 10-15min drive took 50min, there’s talks of opening the back roads to local disabled drivers but only if you live near them, in my opinion they should be open to motability as we mostly use our cars for the health of ourselves / families. what are the roads like where you are?

    Surely you can’t be advocating ‘open roads’ just for Motability vehicles? What about disabled people who choose to buy their own vehicles and/or use another solution to their mobility needs (paying for taxis etc)?

    As for roads around me, other than getting full of tourists, either touring the Dales or looking for the Tan Hill Inn, most are perfectly clear open, particularly out of the tourist season.

    Mind you, we don’t need bus lanes, as there are no buses – other than the one minibus per week that goes to Reeth and which doesn’t come back (it travels back via a different route)!

    in reply to: Motability car stolen. #123244

    Hi. Unfortunately she left the said key in the car when it was stolen. I don’t know if the car was accessed via the chip in the spare key while it was in the car or forced entry. (Apparently it was joy riders who ran off when the police gave chase) last update she got was the insurance are awaiting a police report. Its a situation I’ve never been in before so have no point of reference for timescale.🤔☹

    Let’s hope the key was not left in the vehicle with the vehicle left insecure as that is excluded under Motability/RSA’s insurance policy:

    What Motability Operations Ltd does

    not cover

    Motability Operations Ltd does not cover the



    10. Loss or damage arising from theft, attempted

    theft or taking without consent if the Key(s)

    for the Vehicle is/are left in, on or about the

    Vehicle while it is unattended or unoccupied


    • the Vehicle is left unlocked or

    • the windows or glass sunroof of the Vehicle are left open

    Extracted from page 7 (pdf 9 of 36) from the Motability/RSA Policy document.

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