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    I got a call from my car dealership about my recent order. He said Motability won’t process my order because my date of birth is wrong. After confirming my dob the salesman agrees that’s what it is on my driving licence. He calls Motability then gets back to me, Motability wanted evidence so he sent them a copy of his copy of my licence. Motability still don’t believe it’s correct because DWP say my dob is different and I must call DWP to get it sorted.

    I call DWP and get the security questions, Name, Address, NI number……dob. Sorry you’ve failed security that’s the wrong  date.

    Some idiot in the DWP has typed in my birthday wrongly, so now I’ve got to send them my birth certificate, not a copy. They won’t accept my driving licence number or my passport both of which are photo ID and they both show my dob. So it’s off to queue at the Post Office tomorrow.

    You really couldn’t make it up.

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    Blimey! Sounds like a nightmare process. Hopefully it’s sorted soon so you are able place an order.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I hope so too Dennise.</p>

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    make sure you send it recorded delivery !    Good Luck

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    surely your DOB was on the lost application the could look at that

    Also driving licence and passport you cant get more official

    some jobs worth not admiring there maybe a mistake on their part, so you are now inconvenienced.

    i took my son(who is also called martin) to hospital to get tests done and blood taken and sent away, he was there all morning only to discover that all the test had been done and sent away with my DOB on them all and not his and they needed to redo them because of the error and he would need to come back to get them done because they didn’t check he was 26 i was 50 and no one questioned it

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    I can believe it 100% the stupid thing is you’d think in this computer age your date of birth would be connected to your NI number so they couldn’t get it wrong.


    Tiguan fan boy

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    That’s poppycock. Especially as the DWP now use an online identity checker, Experian, post office etc to confirm the identities of all new applicants for UC and the like!!!!

    Absolute d1cks they are.

    I can’t remember and can’t get downstairs right now but doesn’t the award letter have your DOB on? Have you anything official from any of your claims with your DOB on?

    Also, don’t fall for the “PIP systems are different to any other claim Systems” malarkey, I never did see the point of calling DWP & erm DWP (JCP (PIP)) to change my address. Funny how all letters from JCP and PIP come through!

    Call again. Hopefully you’ll fall on a more sympathetic ear.

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    The first thing I checked was my reward letter, I thought my dob was on there, it’s not. I’m sure it was on the review application but my copies of that were destroyed in my recent house fire.

    Like you I know DWP can use an online identity checker. I had to renew my photo licence in May, I took a photo on my phone ready to upload it but wasn’t asked for one in the online application. My new licence arrived a few days later with my old photo on it.

    I went through everything on the phone yesterday, including online id checking but to no avail.

    I’ll send them what they want by pre-noon special delivery and give them another call this morning, like you say I might get a friendlier ear on the other end.

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    Like I say, you couldn’t make it up, I went through everything everyone has mentioned here on the phone, the person I spoke to did seem a bit “jobs worth” and bluntly refused to accept anything I mentioned. It’s obviously a typo but no-one wants to admit their mistake. I assume it will all be blamed on the virus which seems to be everyone’s fall back at the moment.

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    I called again and got a much friendlier voice on the other end.

    She still wanted physical proof as they don’t have access to the identity check system that the passport office and DLA have!!!!!


    She came up with the idea that if my dob was on any of my medical supporting letters then she could use that.

    Thankfully my dob was on a lot of letters so she was able to get her line manager to change it there and then.

    So it’s all sorted, yaaay.

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    72 Dudes

    @Saintsman. Ridiculous, as you say.

    I really hope that the apparent ‘change’ of DOB doesn’t trigger the famous “change of circumstances” which the DWP are known for. That might also trigger a PIP re-assessment!

    It’s one reason why Mrs 72 dudes hasn’t paid in her £50 cheque from Motability and probably won’t as it’s in her previous surname which she changed by deedpole 2 years ago. The bank won’t accept it even though she took her passport (old name), driving license (old name) official deedpole paperwork (new name) and a recent bill (new name), all showing current address. Bank acount was changed from old name to new name, yet PIP/ESA still get successfully paid in!

    She’s too scared to change her name with DWP in case it triggers a whole world of complications.

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    72 Dudes


    Our posts collided. Excellent news – a person with a little common sense makes all the difference. Maybe the same will happen at our bank.

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    I had a similar thing in 2018 when I rejoined Motability but it was with my driving license.

    Nobody at Motability could tell me what the problem was but there was a problem but they would not tell me despite asking.

    The dealer rang me a day or so later asking if I could ring DVLA to give Motability permission to get information about my driving license of which I did and everything was OK from there on.

    What I did not understand is why did Motability not ring me instead of the dealer.

    Must agree, you couldn’t make it up. 🤷‍♂️

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    You got to remember that in todays environment – It is radically different from 10 years ago.

    The amount of identity theft and online scams, they are essentially trying to protect you, themselves, and their company or department.
    Its not about being a jobsworth nowadays. You cannot throw that chestnut nowadays.

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    Yes identity theft is crazy right now. I’m lockdown my tax credits have been stopped because some scumbag made a claim for UC in my name and I have no details or anything to even get any income from the UC so I agree that checks are necessary, although they are a pain they are essential so someone else doesn’t make off with your car/benefits as right now the fraud is sky-high.

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    72 Dudes

    You make an excellent point her regarding Change of Circumstances.
    I need a bigger home but refuse to move because if I do, my address change will mean a new application for UC and PIP. I honestly couldn’t go through it all again.
    Seems as if the OP has fell on a more sympathetic ear now and all is sorted.

    But yes, everyone watch out that stuff you tell these people, that it doesn’t change your circumstances otherwise you’ll likely to have to reapply.

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    OscarOne if you change address do you need to make a new claim would they not just change your address same as if you changed bank details

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@chris</p>
    Funnily enough I’ve got a problem with my licence, I can’t get a code for hire cars or courtesy cars, I’ve tried DVLA but they can’t see the problem.


    The lady this morning was fine about address changes for me, we’re currently in temporary accommodation while we find more permanent temporary accommodation while our house gets rebuilt. She didn’t want this address as we’re moving out as soon as we can find somewhere longer term. Once we find somewhere we just have to let them know and it’s a quick change on the computer. Again when we get back to our own house it’s another quick change.


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