Would it be possible to draw up a sub directory for each Make/Model

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    Would it be possible for the Mods to draw up a Directory heading for each car make and if possible a sub directory for each model (forgetting a split for trim and engine differences).

    I know it would be a lot of work for the Mods but what a system it would be, if when interested in a model we could enter straight into the history of contributions on that car. I don’t know if when a car is mentioned in a Forum contribution the system could automatically include it in the car make/model section.

    Sorry if I am hoping for too much from our excellent and hard working mods, but we can only dream.

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    Just counted, there are 30 makes, but approximately 172 models, which is a lot I admit, but once the make directory (and model sub directory if possible) are set up, people could go straight to a make or if possible also a model directory and get feedback on that make (and if possible that model) instead of going through the whole history of the Forum to find feedback about the car that interests them.

    I realize that sometimes that more than one make and model is mentioned in a Forum contribution and indeed sometimes the contributions are more of a general contribution rather than about a particular car.

    I would have been willing to help with such a project, had I not been such a total IT numpty, which is maybe the reason I had the cheek to ask/hope for such a system.

    Thanks for considering it, even if it was before then dismissing it.

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    I find that using the Search function at the bottom of the page helps.

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    The downside to your idea John, and its has been mentioned before, if you have loads of specialist branches the form will die.

    When I set my mind on a car I always join a user forum for the car I have or going to get so I’m a member still to this day for the VW Golf, Seat Leon and currently I’m a member of the KIA users forum.

    Just to make my point about the forum dying and with my posting on a KIA user site is, I have a Carens that’s not an ever-so popular model and since I joined last October that section of the forum has had a handful of threads and looks dead. Other part of the same forum are lively because of more popular models but this is for all users so just imagine what it would be like if it were just disabled folk.

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    All ideas are welcomed and thanks for the idea, but as been pointed out I feel threads would soon dissapear of the first few pages and only result in the same inquiry being summited, another issue with that is specs and trim and facelifts change so often and of cause AP pricing, it would lead to false information given, to use the example above if I was interested in a KIA Sportage I would simply enter Kia Sportage in the search box and sift through the results at my leasure, I could clearly see the dates to know if info was still relevant, that way if I then had a question to the very helpful forum members I could ask as normal knowing it would go top of the first page and stand a chance of getting my query answered instead of having to wait for someone to purposely got to a sub category.

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    Thanks JS. and others, I take your point and did not realise that the search engine was so efficient. But in all fairness I did point out that I was a numpty when it came to IT.

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    Callmejohn, welcome to the IT numpty club. I’m it’s founding member lol.

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    The search function is powerful. From my experience of running forums, I found the TAG system to be useful as an aid to the search function.

    Problem is folk can be to lazy to search or to complete TAGs when posting.

    Simple is best.

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