why must i use a smart phone, or am i just a dinosaur.

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    my bank have just announced that they are “adding a layer of security” to their banking system whereby if you want to make a transfer they will send you a one time code by text or via their banking app on your phone.

    1. i use my phone for phone calls and maybe the odd text if someone texts me.

    2. it has no apps installed nor will it.

    the otp will be sent by text which is fine if you have a mobile signal. but when i go on holiday i go on a cruise from southampton usually and you lose mobile signal after a few hours until you reach the next port. so now i am going to have to make sure i dont need to do any bank transfers etc when i am away.

    is it just me or is this less conveniant, plus i am not convinced smart phones are that secure.

    i use an old blackberry i doubt  it will operate these new apps anyway.

    or am i just a dinosaur???

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    Yes you are a dinosaur, but that’s OK. Smart phones and associated apps are a must for banking, my three closest banks have all closed in the past 4 years and when the next nearest goes I will have a 30 mile round trip if I need to visit a branch. Luckily my app allows me to do virtually everything I need from my smart phone. Once a year I get a cheque that is over £300, cheques under this value I just take a photo of and send to the bank via my app, so I have to go to a branch once a year.

    I do agree they are not 100% safe, but what is.

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    On line banking is OK. Just never allow your computer to auto save your login details.

    On line banking via a smart phone I do not do. However what the bank is doing is adding an other layer of protection for your account. This is a good thing. You do not have to have the banking app on your phone. As you have said a text will suffice and do the job.

    Perhaps you could make sure that you do not need to make any transfers while you are away.

    I am sure you could have access to a computer on board if needed. Just remember not to save any login details on that PC.

    Smart phones are good provided you learn how to use them and make them as secure as you can. Install a good antivirus. Only install apps that you need and always check what permissions the apps want access to.

    Talk to your bank about this as well as they often have good advice on the safe use of banking on your phone.

    Don’t be a dinosaur. Educate yourself and be safe.



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