when did a boot floor become added extra….

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    just picked up my car on Saturday and found out that the boot didnt have a floor.

    informed its an added extra at £700 WTF….

    really handy for getting wheelchair in and out.

    got an identical car so didnt think to check the boot.

    cars not fit for purpose now…

    any suggestions

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    Omg contact Motability, a boot floor an added extra , so no floor what car was that

    I remember When passenger wing mirror and powered steering was extra cost. , It’s all money the more extra you get the more they make

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    700 quid for a boot floor? It sounds like someone is pulling your leg unless its made out of crystals.

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    Some time ago I ordered a Seat Altea XL, and checked it did come with a full size spare wheel/tyre. I was shown a full size spare in the boot of the very model we were ordering, this was a manual ours would be the auto. The brochure was then shown to me, it listed a full size spare wheel. No problem then!

    About 6 weeks later we picked up our new car and yes it had no spare wheel, just a can of gunk.

    I pointed this out to the very salesman that had done the motability paperwork. He then with a smug smile on his face pointed to the back of the brochure, in small print at the bottom it said something like.

    SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, colours and prices without notice.
    The information in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that specifications are accurate at the time of publication (March ‘13), you should always check with your authorised SEAT dealership for the latest information.

    Seems the car you order my not be the car that arrives.

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    Oops Forgot

    The next car I ordered, I handed the motability guy  the then current brochure, and said if the car arrives with anything missing from what is listed in the brochure the car would be rejected. I had added “Seats”.

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    i have the countryman cooper s exc auto comfort/nav+.

    the brochure and salesman was clear that the standard boot had a lip (drop of 7/8 inches).

    the comfort/nav+ pack is an increase of approx £400 in ap and gives the adj boot floor centre armrest etc etc a lot more than just the adj floor.

    as an individual option i wouldnt have bothered.

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    this is the offending difference.

    i have to say at the minidealer i used every demo model had no adj floor and the salesman was clear that to get a flat floor it was extra, i would complain to the dealer if that wasnt so.

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    If you can’t get your wheelchair in and out then it’s absolutely useless as a Motability car and should be rejected, what’s the point in having a car that once you get to your location you can’t leave the vehicle?!?

    Contact Motability and tell them it’s not fit for purpose.

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    Another £400 extra for a boot floor.  Countryman might be going off my List, then, which is a shame because the Cooper S Classic was my favourite for next car.

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    This picking up a new car is becoming a minefield, what with checking the insurance detail’s, driving licenses, paying the correct AP and making sure all the bits are in the car that should be in there with that in itself is near on impossible not to mention the difficulty of just moving around the showroom that is also in itself a chore for the disabled.

    Getting a bit like buying a house and wonder how long it will be before we need a solicitor with us when we sign for our cars.😁😢

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    £700 for the comfort pack that includes the boot adjustable floor. understood the difference just thought i’d get solid floor. mini cant help as they’re installed in factory so they cant just take one out another car.

    manager told me to speak to motability to see if i can return the car and get a replacement/swap. then add on the rest of the advance payment as its last years model the AP has gone way over the top and then add £700 for comfort pack. taking the piss. i got a really good deal on this car and she is a peach but someone at mini is needing a good foot up the behind to think its ok to give a person who has to have a WC in and out off the boot with that drop…joke.

    i’m not going to return the car as i’m going to make one myself with a bit of MDF. just think its a joke what comes as standard on a car. really spoilt new car day..😢

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    This is why it is very important, To check before signing the papers to say the car is good for you for 3 years on ordering it, and again checking the specs etc before entering your pin.. As taking anything for granted, like it is an identical car 3 years later, is not going to be the case with most cars imo and leads to this sort of problem.

    What happens if I want to change my current car?
    When you lease a vehicle on the Motability Scheme you agree to lease your car for the full length of the agreement. If, however, you have a valid reason to end your agreement early, you will need to call us to discuss this further.

    We will need some details from you, including confirmation of whether you plan to apply for another vehicle on the Scheme. Once we have received all the necessary information, we will review your request and confirm our decision with you.

    Please note that if you cancel your agreement we may charge an administration fee of up to £250. Any Advance Payment you have paid will be refunded on a pro-rata basis and you may be eligible for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus. Please be aware that repeated cancellations can affect your eligibility for the Motability Scheme.

    If you would like to discuss cancelling your lease agreement, please call our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566

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    Car manufacturers are just becoming a joke these days. Gone are the days when you could add individual extras with very expensive packs being the order of the day. The problem with these packs is that they usually include something that you don’t need or want.

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    Just a thought @geohfc could you not take the boot floor out of your existing car as it’s the same model as the new one.

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    Boot Floor for New Mini Countryman F60


    italian website 134.20 euros.

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    they were not too happy with me taking my mats nevermind the boot floor.

    manager said cant be removed as its factory fitted and part of a pack.

    you think it would be simple solution…DIY job..me thinks

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    Factory fit?, it’s 4 bolts, hardly the pinnacle of engineering.

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    I have a Countryman and didn’t want the boot floor as we store the wheelchair vertical so fits into the well better without the boot floor.

    Can also fit in a CareCo Dynamo Travel Scooter in the boot too, without dismantling it, without the boot floor, so better for us.


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    Floor is very good for storage and keeping my junk hidden. More about not having flat space..

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