whats the wierdest or obscure must have for your car

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    its interesting seeing the various must have comments through these threads, the latest being power folding wing mirrors. sorry but hardly up there for me.

    personally all i need is an automatic that i can get in and out of comfortabley.

    i cant stand all this auto driving crap, i have never used cruise control or the lane departure gubbins etc i dont like sunroofs yet a lot of cars have them as standard.

    i would almost like to be able to remove stuff from a model.

    i like leather seats but heated seats??? they were in my last car and are in this one as well in 4 years never switched on.

    if you could lose stuff and the price of the car went down how much would you actually keep.

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    Auto folding mirrors because on a big car, they’ll get bashed parked round here.

    Cruise control because on long runs it means you can avoid having to concentrate on speed limits.

    Heated seats because it makes a real difference to Mrs W’s back.

    I recall a time when a heater was an optional extra on vans.



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    Lord Muc

    Auto fold wing mirrors, as above, but also when passing in narrow country lanes, parking in narrow congested areas, as people seem to like to whack them, and going into width restricted roads, love heated seats, not just because they warm up the leather on a cold day, but ease a sore back, handy when soaking wet too.

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    Apart from auto-folding door mirrors, mine include a rear-view camera which I find to be substantially more useful than sensors. Leather steering wheel as it feels nice in my hands and fingertips. Numerous way adjustable seats, especially if the lumbar can be adjusted numerous ways, to ensure maximum comfort. Auto-dimming rear-view mirror as I can’t stand ignorant people driving around at night with their high beams on.


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    I find the most useful thing is the ‘max speed hold’ setting, as when there are long 50mph stretches of motorway with ‘specs’ cameras etc, I can find myself inadvertantly speeding up to over 50mph without it, just by keeping pace with other traffic!

    The most useless thing is having a touchscreen to adjust all sorts of settings, when good old fashioned buttons and dials sufficed very nicely. They are also easier to use without having to take your eyes off the road to look at the dammed touchscreen!

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    The auto driving crap, as thats what you do in a car drive somewhere and as i have issues that mean that alot of the time if i can use adaptive cruise control at high speeds rather than having to keep my foot pressed down on the gas pedal for long distances and also low speed follow with the start stop function means there no need for me to brake at all, if there’s a car infront. Which really make a difference to my pain levels.

    So for me thats the thing i now cannot do without. This time i did not get heated seats and truth be told i don’t miss them. i may miss the electric heater though as it warms up the car super quick on a cold day.

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    Auto-folding mirrors are nice, but my first two cars didn’t have them and I somehow managed to cope!

    I don’t really have a ‘must have’ list beyond a reliable engine, a comfortable ride, a big enough boot for the wheelchair, and enough hp to get it up the hills in a reasonable time and safe for over-taking.

    Extra hp and decent handling to make driving ‘fun’ is a plus, of course.  A nice colour is good, but my current Golf is dark grey, so . . .  I don’t need automatic windscreen-wipers, automatic headlights, cruise control (always had it – never used it), a bang-up stereo, leather seats, heated seats, electrically adjustable seats, etc.

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    In fact my first two cars didn’t even have sat-nav.  I used these things called ‘road signs’.

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    Heated seats are a must for me- Seat Leon I have now doesn’t have them and it helps with my blood flow so make driving comfy.

    electric mirrors- although not really needed they help me to know I’ve locked the vehicle

    decent audio- I have reduced hearing so can’t hear different frequencies properly

    other than that it’s the usual auto, space, big boot etc

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    when I used to sell cars people used to ask you does the car have this does it have that, I always use to say to people that went on and on it even has golf tees.

    Golf Tees what on earth would it have golf tees for


    to set your b***s on of course.😷😷




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    Menorca Mike

    I wish mudflaps were standard on cars

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I always put mud flaps on our cars when we lived in the sticks. Not so much need now we are urbanites.

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    Dave G

    The passenger, who is in charge of the gps 😂. I’d have to say for me it’s LED lights now. Also, folding mirror needs to be a standard in every new vehicle now, if not, it’s a no for me.

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    Aftermarket item

    Heko wind deflectors

    That reminds me need to order some


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    Menorca Mike

    Yes Dave folding mirrors that fold when lock the car should be standard on every car

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Our must have thing is  little Monkeys that clips on the mirror or hangs on the window, my late father’s one has been in every vehicle he had owed, and seen many vehicles in its 40 plus years of service,

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    HEPA cabin air filter

    Throw away the standard filters, replace with HEPA ones. When serviced then once again throw away the new standard filters & replace with HEPA ones, ad infinitum else Atchoo!

    Mainly for pollen, but, if it lowers COVID then I’m all for that too, and the filters also remove very fine road salt which can make your eyes sting in winter, & the nasty fossil residues from diesel vehicles.


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    For me it’s a headrest that adjusts forwards as well as up and down I was going to order a galaxy a few years ago and the dealer agreed to replace the standard headrests with mustang Items as they were the only cars in the Ford range with this adjustment.

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    I love my gadgets and my car is stuffed full of them, but they are hardly must haves.

    Of course, given a choice, then yes, adaptive cruise control, auto gearbox, cameras front and rear, decent 12 speaker audio, heated leather electric seats, heated steering wheel, heated windscreen, full matrix led headlamps, blind spot detection, massive boot and a decent diesel engine all help…eek, I’ve just described my current car…best tell Motability I want an extension.

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    Decent audio especially on BMW’s whose standard system is definitely poor for a premium vehicle.

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    this may just be a bit out there but i really must have a floor in my boot and not a space 7 inch deep where my spare should be…added extra at £700 on the mini countryman.

    just a peach of a car 2.0L petrol sport classic totally let down by lack of flat surface in boot really spoils the car for me trying to get WC and larger items out the car…Mini your a joke.

    driving the Mrs mad with all the ranting…..

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    tbf geohfc the brochures etc do make it clear that the flat/adj boot floor is an extra, i have the cooper s auto and had the comfort/nav+ pack which gets you the floor and centre armrest etc. many models have a flat floor as an extra.

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    A delivery date 😂🤣😂

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