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      Picked up my ID5 model year 24 ( MY is important as you’ll see later) on 11th May-and although I have a style pro which is now replaced by the match pro they’re sufficiently similar cars that I hope a review of the style pro will still be helpful to others.

      Firstly this is a superb car. Fully electric 0-60 in what feels like nano seconds. Main features I’ve found helpful as a disabled driver are the adaptive cruise control ( this even speeds up and slows down appropriately in traffic jams) driver assist which helps with lane control  and the voice control ‘hey IDA ‘ system which lets me change navigation by voice or alter temperature or play different music without me losing focus while driving. If you’re an apple or android CarPlay user this is now wireless and mine works faultlessly.

      Range is great with 80% giving around 270 miles and on eco with air on and music playing we average in the high 4s per kWh.

      My husband only just noticed it has matrix headlights and although these are fun I don’t expect I’ll know if these are useful or just a gimmick until we get into winter with the darker nights.

      The software glitches so prevalent in earlier models are gone all MY 24 cars have a new centre console which is larger and has OTA software. The haptic buttons have been replaced on some controls (climate which are also now backlit) but remain for volume etc.

      the manual seat adjustment remains baffling to me why any manufacturer would have this in such an expensive car and is a pain but is easy to use the manual it’s just an annoyance. VW weren’t alone with not having electric seat adjustment it does seem to be prevalent.


      the sound system is..ok. It’s not mind blowing-I do like a song in the car but actually the main thing is obviously getting from A to B in comfort and safety and this car delivers that in spades .


      playing welcome and exit tunes and lighting up the interior with a choice of around 30 colours is funky and makes you smile.

      I LOVE the panoramic roof and I suspect this will help with interior cabin warmth via solar gain in the winter.


      the boot is enormous-we’ve removed the parcel shelf and I don’t expect it’ll go back in until I return the car at lease end. No matter the 90% security glass obscures anything in the boot.


      The rear window is tiny and difficult to see out of but very quickly you realise the camera system is so good and the wing mirrors so large you don’t need it and you adjust.

      what else? Park assist needs to see white lines in a car park I’ve not used memory park or park assist for parallel parking yet but I will and I suspect I’ll love them


      overall I love this car. Things I thought were nice to haves like the acc have quickly become future must haves. The heated seats are a thing of beauty when switched on and it’s nice being in a car so few other people drive.

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        My ID.4 should be here sometime in the near future, so I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the updated ID.5.

        Sounds like a lot of the modifications they’ve made over the previous model are good, and looking forward to hopefully seeing some UK reviews of the new model 4  & 5 soon.


          That’s the reason I’ve put it up. No one seems to be reviewing the ( much better) model and all over everywhere are the reviews of the old software model with the gremlins in the software.  Be interesting to see what you think when it arrives but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


            Yeah, I think it might be down to the fact the updated Life/Style models weren’t around for long and they’re only just slowly coming to the UK now it would seem.

            Dealer phoned to say he expected it sometime next month, so we’ll see how the shipping plays out 🙂



              Must have moaned it in… Adaptations guy rang me this morning and told him I’d been informed the car was built and on the way but not sure when arriving. He said he’d be looking at July for them to come fit the steering ball & hand controls if the car was here this month.

              Then the chap at VW said that they were coming to fit them next Friday and the car should be ready for me to take that afternoon. I was hoping it would be another month or so, as I’m self-employed and currently have a plethora of outsanding invoices owned by different people I do work for.

              My brother had told me he’d pay them in cash if needs be, but I wasn’t sure that would fly nowadays and was a little bit worried. I would prefer to sort myself so asked if I could pay by C/C and he said it was no problem at all, which was a surprise.

              I mentioned that my mum was panicking about me charging the car straight away, and he said not to worry at all he’d already charged it to 100%.

              Better try and get myself refreshed on the payment cards/apps now, so I an do a few trial runs to chargers nearby as I’ve got a few London trips planned over summer lol…

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