Voltempo announces launch of ‘world’s fastest electric vehicle charger’

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    Voltempo, a developer of new technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has announced the launch of its new HyperCharging™ technology. According to the company, the new technology can deliver 1,000kW of power – 2.8 times that of any comparable charging system, making it the world’s fastest charging system.

    The company explains that is has designed its HyperCharging technology to be able to charge the next generation of electric vehicles, in as little as six minutes. It also has the capability to charge up to 24 vehicles at the same time.

    Voltempo itself is based in Birmingham, and aims to “change the way in which the world travels” by enabling usage of zero-emission vehicles. It describes its HyperCharging™ technology as a “next-generation electric vehicle charging hub,” which focuses on charging electric vehicles as quickly as possible.

    “Earlier this year, we announced a world first when we carried out a public demonstration in which we designed and installed a prototype battery in an electric vehicle and completely charged it in under six minutes,” said Michael Boxwell, Chief Executive Officer of Voltempo.

    “Our new HyperCharging system already gives up to 30% faster charging in current electric vehicles through dynamic power management. However, the demonstration showed that it will be able to charge the next generation of electric vehicles in a similar time that it takes to refuel a conventional, petrol-driven vehicle.”

    Developed and built in Britain, a demonstration version of HyperCharging can be seen at Voltempo’s Technology Design Centre in Birmingham. The first installations of the technology will begin in 2022, with a charging hub that will be installed at the Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham.

    “We’re really excited to be working with Voltempo and are looking forward to having the first HyperCharging hub installed in March,” said David Horsfall, Director of the Tyseley Energy Park.

    “We’re really impressed with its future-ready, scalable charging concept. It gives companies the ability to start small and grow with demand, and charge at much higher currents, ready for the next generation of EVs.”

    According to Voltempo, its HyperCharging technology has been designed around the needs of service stations and fleets, and is suitable for cars, vans, trucks and buses. The power can come from multiple sources – combining, for instance, the national grid with local green energy sources such as solar and battery energy storage.

    The HyperCharging system can apparently be installed anywhere, and the company promises that the technology’s modular system enables it to be installed 70% faster than other charging systems – in a matter of hours or days, rather than months. The company also says its installation costs are typically 30% lower, due to its patented centralised charging design.

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    Another bit of charging news.

    Automated EV charging pioneer Easelink announces funding round.

    Electric vehicle charging company Easelink, a pioneer in the field of automated charging, has announced an €8.3m Series A funding round led by SET Ventures with participation of EnBW New Ventures, Smartworks, and existing investor Hermann Hauser.

    Easelink provides a fully automated charging experience, avoiding the need to plug in an electric vehicle (EV) by hand. Its Matrix Charging system comprises an underbody vehicle unit and a charge pad installed on the parking space. The technology is compatible with most major EV platforms, and will be rolled out in a retrofit version as well as a factory-installed option for new cars. As the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution available, it opens up automated charging not only for premium vehicles but also for the wider market.

    “Alongside our strong automotive partners, we are happy to welcome our new investors who offer profound experience in EV charging infrastructure and the energy sector. This highlights Easelink’s ambition to set the global standard for automated charging,” said Hermann Stockinger, founder and CEO of Easelink.

    The funds will be used to expand the Austrian company’s product team, build on collaborations within the automotive and infrastructure industries, and continue the company’s path towards a global automated charging standard. Matrix Charging is already being used by key partners in several pilot projects, such as the eTaxi Austria project targeting automated charging of taxi fleets in Vienna and Graz.

    Although the round was led by SET Ventures, from an e-mobility perspective the investments from German energy giant EnBW and Austrian energy supplier Wien Energie stand out.

    “Low touch operation is key in providing customer-oriented infrastructure. Matrix Charging is the fully automated charging system that will accelerate the shift to e-mobility. Easelink’s technology is best positioned to play a key role in the future. We are excited to take part in this innovation,” said Dr. Marc Umber, Investment Director at EnBW New Ventures.
    The Easelink system itself consists of a charging pad on the ground. A connector, mounted on the underbody of the vehicle, lowers onto the charging pad, creating a physical conductive connection between the vehicle and the pad, which can either be placed on a parking space or embedded within it.

    “Wien Energie’s successful collaboration with Easelink in the eTaxi Austria project convinced us to support Easelink with an investment,” added Andreas Straßer, Managing Director at Smartworks, the venture arm of Wiener Stadtwerke and Wien Energie.

    “We believe that the electrification of urban traffic ­– especially of urban fleets – requires decentralized and barrier-free charging points in the public space.”

    Last year, in the UK, a project testing the effectiveness of wireless EV charging kicked-off in Marlow, with Char.gy induction pads installed into the road surface for a new e-car club. Involving Char.gy, hiyacar, Milton Keynes Council, Buckinghamshire Council, the Open University, IPT Technology, and the London Borough of Redbridge, the trials began in Marlow, with a further nine trials to take pace around Buckinghamshire.

    Elsewhere, Sprint Power also developed a series of wireless charging modules in preparation for a new UK government-backed trial in Nottingham that began in September last year. The project looks to demonstrate the suitability of wireless charging technology for a fleet of the UK’s key electrified taxis.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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