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    Hi all.

    Picked up my new r-line today.

    Can i ask how to activate/turn on voice control.

    tried to turn it on but get the message that it needs an activation key.

    A bit confused.



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    I’m sure Winston will be able to help you. He’s the forums Tiguan know it all.

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    If it’s the same as my Golf, it is a dealer-enabled extra – even though the button is on the steering wheel.

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    Yup not standard even on the Rline. Optional extra only im afraid

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    Can’t help yourself can you Princess? You just love thinking about me ( bit for Valentine’s Day tho )

    But anyways into the original question 🤓

    as it’s pointed out it’s only the dealer that can unlock it, but plug connect your phone via Car Play or Android Auto and the button turns into Siri or Google Assistant 🙌🏻 And it works great mate 👍🏻 You can call, message , WhatsApp , navigate etc

    give it a try

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    Hi, had this problem with vw the voice activation is done at the dealers by adding a key  code. The cost was in the region of some £50 plus. But when you read the advert for the Touran it states it has voice activation, misleading to say the least.

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    I heard the cost was closer to £200 – having said that, if you’re going to be using an Android phone with Android Auto or an iPhone with the mirrorlink or whatever (not an apple user so don’t know the terminology) the voice button will activated the voice recognition on the phone – it just takes a longer press to make it kick in.

    It isn’t something which can be activated using one of the OBD things as it requires connection to the VW servers to get it going – yeah I already checked as frankly, it’s bloody ridiculous that, on the top of the range car it’s disabled by default and that expensive

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    Hi every one .

    Thank you for getting back promptly. I’ve had voice control in my last(4) cars. I take this is just another cheap cash grab from the manufacturer. I cant be altogether sure about reading this(memory) but is this not a safety issue.

    I’ll ring the garage tomorrow and find out how much (ouch feeling incoming).

    Thanks again folks for the advise on the phone part (android) I will certainly give it a go.



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    It’s a VW thing- my Audi Q3 had VA enabled as standard.

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    I’ve had it in my last couple of cars , you really ain’t missing much lol

    if you connect your phone via Android Auto or Apple Car Play it does everything you need , and you can save your cash 🙌🏻

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    Standard on the Kodiaq but totally pointless. All I ever did was argue with the bloody thing!!

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    Standard in my car, handy with navigation instructions, sometimes results in much hilarity and occasional swearing…bit like the sketch of the Scotsmen in the lift.

    Hardly earth shattering not to have it, but yeah, def. a cash grab by VW (they have a nasty habit here) especially on the top trim line.

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    it’s installed like other options that can be enabled if you pay vw.. or the next owner may want it thats there thinking, i rem watching a vid of a vw exec on the future.

    It suxx imo and is only going to get worse.

    thats another reason i’m getting a honda alot is standard no matter the trim.

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    I’m pleased to say it’s standard on the X1, at least from SE trim and above and works perfectly. It’s a must have for me.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    voice control in i3s is awesome large vocabulary indeed

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    Hi everyone

    phoned the dealership today about this voice activation and was told it would cost

    £280 to have it enabled. After picking myself off the floor , i am now educating myself with android auto.

    Na Volkswagen nimmst du die Pisse

    (well Volkswagen you are taking the piss)

    Thanks all


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    Iv got this problem have no phone button on the steering wheel just a voice so silly

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    In Dublin the want €435 to install it. Total VW greedy money grabbing. I’ll stick with Siri !

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    We have it as standard in our Ateca

    Have fun with it when asking it to navigate to Llanfairfechan

    Also find it hilarious when I get it to read out my Welsh text messages 🤣 😂 😆 😅

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    It’s on my Tarraco and it sort of works well, except the attention words are “Hola Hola”. It’s funny it understands my wife (American accent) better than me (English).

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    There are 3rd parties that can unlock this feature for a lot less than the dealers.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It cost £250 to have done by your dealer yet Skoda (which is VW) it comes as standard</p>

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    Have got it on our Alhambra. Have never made it understand a word I say. Waste of time.

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    Menorca Mike

    Tried it in brand new Golf had test drive before Christmas gave me in headache

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    When I got my Tiguan nearly three ago VW wanted £400 for activation. I read up and found out the VW is very poor on the commands so did not bother.

    But like others I really can not understand why they say you have it but you then have to pay for it to use it. It’s such a cheap fix and VW is complaining over hitting a button to activate it and charging you a small fortune in the process poor call on you VW especially when their other groups do not charge for it 🤬

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    Glos Guy

    Having had voice control on several BMW’s, which was brilliant and worked flawlessly, I paid for it as a cost option on our current 2018 VW Tiguan SEL. Complete waste of money. The VW version is absolute rubbish. Sadly, several of the VW systems aren’t a patch on the BMW equivalents. Sat Nav and Adaptive Headlights are two other examples where the BMW systems are superb but the VW versions are a very poor relation. It taught me a lesson that ‘kit count’ on a car is only part of the story!

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