Using Motability search engine, can't find engine over 1.0….

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    I’m looking to buy either a Volkswagen Polo or Seat Ibiza, probably the latter unless everyone says, “Don’t buy it!” lol. I don’t need or want a large car.

    So, using the Motability search engine, no matter what car I put into it, they all come back as 1.0. Weird. Or, maybe not to the experienced folks here.

    Every Polo I’ve owned has been 1.4, so I’m reluctant to drive a 1.0. I don’t see, on their website, any way to upgrade the car to a 1.4, so I’m wondering if this is a part of the process that will happen at the showroom.

    Will I be able to increase (probably by paying £££) to get the 1.4 engine I would prefer?

    I’m new to this website tonight, and have never had a Motability car before, despite decades of illness. This forum is fantastic, I’ve been going through lots of pages and everyone’s very friendly and helpful. The information may be here and I just can’t find it, so if someone can reply with a link, or with their opinion, their experience that would be lovely.

    Any replies are gratefully received, I hope you are all as well as can be, stay safe out there.

    Cara 🙂

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    The engine size bit don’t work or the options like small / medium lge car

    but all the others seem to work. like auto how many doors etc you can get a VOLKSWAGEN POLO DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDI 95 SEL 5DR but only 1.ol in petrol VOLKSWAGEN POLO HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 115 R LINE 5DR but it has 115 bhp and the other 95 bhp. Seat pretty much are the same engines specs all 95 or 115

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    Hi Cara,

    Id say to take a look at the power output of the engine rather than the actual engine size. The 1.0 tsi 115ps engine will be more powerful and more economical than any of the older 1.4’s that you’ve driven in the past. (Unless you had a 1.4 gti or blue gt model but I’m going to guess that you didn’t)

    If power outputs/horsepower/PS etc don’t make much sense then I’d recommend a test drive in one of the cars you’re looking at and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how good one of those 1.0’s actually is.

    I think the Ibiza wins on style although the Polo also looks good.

    As far as I am aware, neither of those models are available as a 1.4 any more. It’s either a 1.0 petrol or 1.6 diesel. Both of those have similar power outputs but I’m guessing you’d be better off with the petrol.

    definitely keep an eye out for ones that say 115ps in the cars description on the motability website as that’s the most powerful one although if you’re looking for something that is similar to an older 1.4 then I’d imagine a 95ps would be closer in terms of performance. I hope this was helpful 👍

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    It is pretty crap Rox, I usually use motaclar …y  and motability, and dodge back and forth between the two. Motability is good for accuracy and motaclar is good for car details and an easier and simpler search tool.

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    Motanewbie, I can only speak for the Arona and it is a 1l engine apart from an FRSport which comes in 1l or 1.5l.

    I bought my partner a 1l FR Sport and we took delivery on Leap day in February.  Because of lockdown and my heart attack, she has only done 850 miles but I can say it’s a great wee car.

    The engine is very responsive, nippy and the car handles well. It’s comfortable and well equipped and we got it in the metallic Desire Red with grey roof in Automatic.

    This is actually the second Arona I have bought. My daughter had returned from the USA and I bought her one just when they were launched December 2017. Unfortunately 2 years later she moved back to the States and I went over to England and drove car back to Ulster where we traded it in for the new one. It was comfortable, safe and nippy enough to travel the 250 miles to the ferry.

    I would highly recommend it and don’t worry about 1l engine, more than sufficient.

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    Quite a few of the manufacturers are using the Peuguot/Citroen 3 cylinder 1 litre Turbo petrol engine. They come in 3 states of tune 99BHP 130 BHP and 155 BHP.

    They power most of the PSA group engines, Cirtoen Peuguot,and the big SUV’s 2008, 3008, 5008 C5 Aircross, Mercedes A-class petrol use these engines. There are other manufacturers using these engines.

    So if you get a car that is 1 litre  3 cylinder and comes in 99, 130 and 155 bhp – you know its a Pug engine.

    That is why the engine size is not as important as power output.


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    Engine downsizing has been going on for many years. Engines got smaller but pretty much always have turbochargers. So you get a little engine that produces lots of power and torque and are good on petrol. The last one isn’t as good as they would have you believe.

    Mercedes small petrol engines have been designed in partnership with Renault/Nissan.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    Yup thats what I said – the Mercedes engines are PSA group 1.0 3 cylinder…Mercedes just put a badge on them….lol.

    But its one method of cutting costs, buying off the shelf units and adapting them to suit their needs.

    The car manufacturers were caught in the hop with the VW diesel fiasco and Govts banning diesels in city centres.

    Diesel engine production is being slashed and they needed a small frugal petrol engine and the PSA Group had been developing the 1.0 3 cylinder for a number of years.

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    1.0 and 1.2L powerplants….

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    Mercedes use the Renault 1.3 tce turbo petrol engines. As does Dacia & Nissan. It comes in various powered versions depending on the manufacturer, but broadly speaking 115, 140, 160hp.

    They do not use the PSA (Peugeot Citroen) 1.2 Puretech engine. Its used by Opel/Vauxhall, Citroen and Peugeot.

    The PSA Puretech  Inline-three gasoline engines:

    EB0 — 1.0 L (988.9 cc) Euro 5 50 kW
    EB2 — 1.2 L (1,199.9 cc) Euro 6 61 kW
    EB2DT — 1.2 L (1,199.9 cc) turbo Euro 6 81 kW
    EB2DTS — 1.2 L (1,199.9 cc) turbo Euro 6 96 kW
    EB2ADTS — 1.2 L (1,199.9 cc) turbo Euro 6 100 kW
    EB2ADTX — 1.2 L (1,199.9 cc) turbo Euro 6 115 kW

    But yes, most modern turbocharged 1.0  engines will leave the old Vag 1.4 85/95hp engine struggling in its wake. Wife had a 1.4 Roomster, it was ok, but no firebrand.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Cheers Abercol – I thought Renault were a part of the PSA Group – they are not!!

    There was me putting all the French manufacturers into the same pot…lol.

    It makes sense grouping together to create an engine they can all use. Some will adapt it tune it higher or indeed de-tune it. Most of the manufacturers er using the 8 speed BMW auto box are they not?

    The nest few years is going to be very interesting with vehicle manufacturing.


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    Bet the modern 1.0 litre will be faster, more economical and have less emissions than your old 1.4 🤔

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