update on merc cla delivery

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    ive had terrible time with merc as other post details so at weekend i plastered it on mercedes uk facebook site what happened and they got back to me this morning at 10 am and they taking it seriously so an hour after the phone call i get a phone call of the salesman to be told i now have a confirmed date of end of February  as the car is in germany just come of the production line so if you having crap with mercedes plaster it on their facebook as the team on there take it seriously and will get it sorted but as for mercedes and mobilty i wouldnt recommend them at all not in manchester if its ls autos as thats the group that i dealt with

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    We should not have to resort to such tactics to get an answer from the dealer.  However a result non the less. IMHO you should go to motability customer service and inform them that the dear is not providing information on build for you.

    Hopefully motability would have a few choice words with dealership.  Oh wait, I just woke up…

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Joss, Ha ha, well done, sums up perfectly. If dealers are only earning a hundred quid or so out of motobility, why should they bust a gut for that. Complainng via Social media, facebook, twitter, is the way it’s done now. Brand awareness and millennial’s running the show, is the name of the game.</p>

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    Agreed, it’s the squeaky hinge that gets the oil. Seems they sit up and do something about it if you make a noise across social media only these days. Why? Because these companies care more about their public persona and ratings sadly and not so much about their actual customers. It’s all about the ratings.

    I had problem a while back with GWR and trains constantly being allowed to leave the depot with no working toilets on my local line. Complaining directly was a complete and utter waste of time and just got unanswered. However, a GWR insider told me to forget about the official way as complaints just went into a black hole void and told me to plaster my gripes all over their Twitter feed asking should a disabled man with incontinence problems really have to wet himself because of GWR’s inability to ensure at least 1 working toilet on their trains? Got sorted out within a few hours of me doing that because the last thing GWR or any other company want is the whole www seeing what cr@p treatment they are offering their disabled customers.

    Its sad when companies do not offer mutual respect and honesty in the times we live and sadly it seem to be the norm these days.

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    for me it was just the lies i was told and then tried to tell me he said something completely different till i pointed out i record my phone calls then i suddenly got a confirmed date for the car an hour later

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