Today is the last day I ever, ever…

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    Put fuel in an ice motor and that makes me happy as I pick my Kona eV up on Monday morning. Honestly I’m not trying to save the planet, although that’s a big bonus, reality is that my current car is now only returning 26.7 mpg and I’m fed up putting fuel in it.

    Was a bit of a pain this order as I moved house in the short space of ordering and the problems with the charging point being installed. But what a dealer I was dealing with, Daryl from Daleys hyundai belfast, nothing was to much trouble for him and everytime I had another problem and phoned him to keep him upt o date he would tell me to leave it and he would phone as being dealers they had direct lines to mobility and BP pulse which would make it easier and speed things up. All round generally nice guy to deal with.

    So 10am Monday I’m officially electric and don’t see me returning to ice as surely in 3 years range will get better and prices lower. Really looking forward to the car as its a big big change tbh.

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    Every ‘New Car Day’ is a day to celebrate!

    I hope you have a great time.

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    Your first EV is all about confidence, so you’ll probably go through a range anxiety stage for a couple of weeks, & next winter your range will drop in the colder weather, all things that are well documented & to be expected.

    As the months progress though, & that smile from ear to ear is still there, you’ll relax & enjoy.

    One thing to watch out for is when you are driving it in a car park, people walk out expecting to have heard a car & often don’t look if they don’t hear a fossil engine & don’t associate the UFO sounds with a car. Please try to avoid squashing them as the paintwork may be a little soft on the car.


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    Looking forward to your review of Kona Ev. Enjoy the pick up day 🎁

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    Just watch your speed lol and enjoy the freedom from the pump, then find something really nice to spend all your extra cash on…..the wife obviously 😉

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    I am sure you will derive both pleasure and financial benefits from the car. Perhaps treat yourself to a slap up meal at a well known chain.  Yellow sign out front between letter L and N. Highly recommend the sweet and sour dip.

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    Slap up meal at a McD’s, fwippers?  My, my…

    Must have changed since I was last in one.

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    How expensive is a McDonald’s these days? I’d have thought the savings would be more Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants territory.

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    Mc Dee’s is rank. That chicken shop with three letters mind, yum. I’m a realist so know that the money I save will just get spent somewhere else tbh and I probably won’t even see the benefit, but will try and put 20 away a week to go towards next ap, if I still have my license.

    gothitjulie I have wondered why they don’t fit a second horn, not one for emergencies, but a softer lower one just to give a wee toot to let folk know your there rather than scaring the life out of them. That noise it makes when you press the button, nah just nah, child might like it mind. Never thought of the paint work, should have just got a red car 😉

    georgie I’m already thinking about that new car smell, it’s great. Oh and three and a half years later I only just found the built in scents in the Peugeot, other half says they smell like cheap perfume, I agree.

    I will give an honest review joss, but I’m easily pleased, so be warned lol

    Have been thinking about speed Stuart, particularly that and the fwd and how it will handle icy mornings. We don’t get that many here but I’m never far away from steep hills so will be interesting to see.

    looks like charger will be installed after the car which shouldn’t be a big problem as there’s decent enough free public charging. Been trying to sort that out today, bit of a mine field tbh but ecarni seem to be the main one but won’t let me register until I know the reg, must phone the dealer to get it. That should do me for most of the Republic of Ireland where I tend to do driving holidays in (still want to drive the coast of Scotland but may settle on the NC500)

    So just looking forward to Monday and not just trying electric, but also the car as it has some nice tech.

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    Nice, congrats get my ZS EV tomorrow. No sign of the charge point though.

    UK Power networks need to upgrade the fuse but say Octopus need to upgrade tails first, Octopus said ukpn need to do it, ukpn say no Octopus do after much arguing Octopus admit they need to do it but can’t book it as no appts available here. So no idea she cables will get changed, no idea when ukpn will be able yo do fuse & then BP will do their bit. Could be months ffs.

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