To Teapea, Bandit and Kev and any other petrol Sharan users.

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    Hi,  I can’t wait for you to start driving your Petrol Sharan and give feedback particularly mpg.

    I will order in the new year.  I like most features of my Diesel Alhambra except the Diesel.  Because of my around town running I am getting 31 mpg. I also keep getting the blocked DPF warning and have to take for a 10 mile run at 2000 revs. to clear.

    Like I say I like the Alhambra/Sharan but have to go back to petrol.

    Good luck with your deliveries.

    Regards, wonky


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    Hi Wonky.. thanks for your well wishes, time for an update!

    I absolutely love the car. Plenty of room for my massive wheelchair and it’s now being hoisted thanks to Autochair’s kit, saving my other half’s back.. and there’s still room for passengers and luggage!

    My partner is the driver and he is delighted with the Sharan, we have the DSG and he says it drives brilliantly and doesn’t feel underpowered at all. He test drove the diesel Sharan and Touran, and has no complaints on the 1.4 TSI Sharan.

    Mpg.. as expected really. 28-35mpg. We do a lot of very short journeys. Any journey that’s 10 minutes or more reaches 32 mpg +. Perhaps not what you were hoping for Wonky, but I hope this helps.. it’s good enough for me as my needs were quite particular and this fits every need for me, my partner, my mobility aids and my comfort.. mpg isn’t great, but no worse than we expected. I will say it happily did 34mpg + on a long motorway filled journey recently. Very happy here 🙂

    Good luck on your journey to find a new car!

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    Forgot to say, Bandit and Kev.. I hope you’re enjoying your new cars too 🙂

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    I picked up the Sharan petrol auto last Thursday giving up my manual diesel Touran which I had on the scheme. Driving wise it’s an a effortless change over and the dsg makes for a good driving experience. There are some differences that I am figuring out and getting to grips with. Mine is a 2020 model but didn’t come with the 8” screen instead it has the basic 6.5” screen which is disappointing but hey ho. There is no big digital speedo showing on the MFD which was there at a glance on the Touran and it is something I miss when driving especially setting the cruise control and being aware when driving in 20/30 mph limit roads. There is a fix for this (see my vag-com/vcds thread) but the cable and software needed to to do this runs into hundreds of pounds. Don’t bother asking a VW dealer as you will find like me and others they are not interested and will tell you it can’t be done. I went on Facebook and there are hundreds of UK car enthusiast and professionals ( ) who have this equipment and for a very small fee (£10/£20) can activate the digital speedo in 5 minutes and doesn’t effect the cars warranty. I have found someone in my area who will activate the big speedo next week. The other difference is getting use to the auto hold on the dsg as I never had to think about it on the Touran manual. I use the hold function in start stop traffic and steep road but when I park forward or reverse I release it and just cover the break letting the car creep in to the space. If you have a heavy foot and keep it on hold trying to delicately park park there is a chance you could press the accelerator to hard and overshoot or maybe that’s just me. Anyway I’m enjoying finding out about my Sharan it adds to it’s charm rather than takes anything away. Good luck in your next choice of car.

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    David 6.5″ screen here too 🙁 definitely the tech is more dated than our previous car but I prefer the solid build of the Sharan and wouldn’t go back.

    My partner turned auto hold off as he didn’t find it very useful either.

    We’ve have the instrument cluster showing MPG at the moment and haven’t looked at the digital speedometer, so that’s really interesting.. thanks for the heads up.

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    One thing I forgot to mention is don’t be afraid to haggle. Dealers will tell you Motabilty doesn’t allow AP to be reduced but there are a few dealers not just VW that give great discounts. See if your local dealer can match others such as  Vertu Volkswagen, Hereford have a deal on  Sharan SE Nav 1.4 TSi Automatic – £600 Advance Payment (Was £1099), JCT600 Hull £500 off VW Sharans

    As T, has said the Sharan is a solidly built car and the seats are comfy with a lot of slack in the seat belt no matter what position you drive in. The sliding doors are great too in fact all doors are chunky and close with a reassuring clunk. The seats in the third row is a bit more of a kerfuffle to lay flat compared to the Touran but the Sharans are full size adult seats and again solidly made. All in all the best uncomplicated 7 seater out there.

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    The “autohold” is the easiest thing once you get used to it, you never have to bother with the parking brake or worry about rolling back/forward, as for manoeuvring it works similar to the start/stop, if braking up to a junction and you don’t want the engine to stop then just as you are coming to a stop slightly release the brake pedal and it won’t cut out and the same goes for the autohold, they both only come on when pressing the brake pedal firmly when very near stationary(sometimes the start/stop still activates even when still moving slowly as it’s rather stupid) but the autohold is a great feature that I will miss if my next car doesn’t have it.

    The traction control on the other hand is the single dumbest thing on the car(sat nav excepted) and it cuts in as soon as you have even the slightest of steering lock on and try and put your foot down, nothing, nothing, nothing,,,, then wheelspin! Idiot system!!!

    The 3rd row of seats aren’t for adults TBH and even Tom Cruise would struggle but occasional use I suppose might suffice, on the other hand it has a large boot that’s great for scooters/powerchairs as it has plenty of height, I bought a rubber boot liner for mine and a bumper protection flap ans it has been brilliant, the boot still looks like new almost 3 years on, I got it here:

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    Hi Teapea and others,

    thanks for feedback.  It’s good to hear the 1.4 petrol engine is powerful enough for such a heavy vehicle. I was hoping the mpg would be mid thirties around town, perhaps this is a bit ambitious.

    Anymore feedback on the subject would be appreciated. I don’t have to choose until the new year but as said before, getting a test drive in a 1.4 petrol Sharan/Alhambra, is impossible.

    Regards,  wonky

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    Inform Motability that this is the car you are wanting to order but will not do so without a test drive in the configuration you’re after and no dealers will supply you with one for a test drive, they should be able to source one for you to have a go in, it might mean a bit of a drive but I did the same and the 70 mile round trip was worth it as I went back to same dealer and ordered from them.

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    Thanks Vinalspin,  to pick up on a point you made on another thread recently.

    You talked about driving a diesel dsg as a manual,  I take from this you mean you can keep the revs up a bit to aid clearing the DPF. If this is the case, in your opinion would going back to a manual be even better? You can obviously keep the revs up and change gear when you want rather than when the dsg thinks you should.

    Any thoughts?

    Regards, wonky

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    I can’t do a manual any more but with the DSG it doesn’t change up in manual mode unless you move the shifter and it auto changes down but usually at lower revs so doing it yourself you can change down early and it blips the throttle to match revs and drop down the box, like a manual only easier and more accurate, I find it great for setting off in slippy conditions as you can virtually pop it into 2nd as soon as you start to move off and it will give you the gear as early as possible without stalling, helps no end with ice and snow etc.

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    Hi Wonky,

    Sorry not reported on the shazza as yet, been a bit meh lately and just not had the focus, so it’s good you’ve prompted me in to action! Thanks.

    2.0 td SE Nav DSG. Like the others, happy enough with the car, in driving terms doesn’t really feel much if any bigger than the Kuga, but oodles of space inside. G’kids love the sliding doors and boot space huge in 5 seat config.

    Centre digital speedo readout (which I prefer to dials now after the Kuga) is annoyingly only in KMH! This, apparently, is because dial Speedo is only in MPH and EU law states both must always be visble.  I soon remembered I had the same bugbear when I had the Golf. Stupid really because it would be so easy for them to make it configurable in the settings if they included an “inner” ring on the dial, like old fashioned actual Speedo! If you get the car reset to RoW you can choose is what I’ve been told.

    Autohold I don’t mind/do mind in different situations. With no left arm to easily flick it on/off I tend to just leave on.

    Lane assist got turned off! I drive rural roads, centre lines are crossed regularly!

    Getting mid 40s mpg locally but avgd almost 50 on a recent longer trip, and that was A40 through Wales, not M’way.

    I do find a lot of instrument reflection in the drivers window and remembered I found the same in the Golf. Can’t say it bothers me, just notice it more sometimes.

    Oh and annoying that while the button’s there, no voice control. Needs a key code putting in at dealer to enable it and I’m not prepared to pay! Tbh, with Google assistant etc you can voice control you’re phone and stuff now anyway,.

    She seems fine though, Germanically solid and dependable. Looking forward to slinging in all the cruise luggage with room to spare next year!

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    Hi Bandit,   Glad you’re enjoying your Sharan.

    I thought you had ordered a petrol model like Teapea.

    However, I am still very interested in your mpg experience, especially around town.
    Regards, wonky

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    This is how it looks.

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    Sorry for crappy pic, taken whilst speeding through traffic hence the 0mph, bloody christmas shopping.

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    Better one.

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