The best Q2 prices / price drops

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    So far I’ve seen the xc40 phevs drop by thousands / the 5008 drop a lot too which is good news

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    A couple of grand off the Mazda CX-5

    Short term £2400/2450 off the old Hyundai Kona Electrics

    £1500 off the Kia Soul first edition

    around £900 off the e-2008’s

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    I think the VW 1.5 TSI DSG Tiguan Elegance dropped £150 to £1799.

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    Speedy James

    The MG ZS EV Exclusive has dropped by £100 to £199. Lots of kit and a cheap way into electric motoring with a decent boot. Not the greatest of ranges but still a compelling package for many people I would think.

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    New Citroen  C4 shine plus auto –  fully loaded spec down £200 to £795 (now it’s top of my list – despite not suv but had a higher ride height than most saloons  – my prevferred vehicle went from £795 to £2545 so out the window)

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    Glos Guy

    BMW X1 down by £100-£200 depending on model

    Ford Kuga down by £250 but may not be all models

    As already mentioned, the Volvo XC40 T5 PHEV is the surprise bargain of the quarter. 2WD only and a 1.5 litre engine when the electric runs out (which seems to be after around 20 miles, according to reviews), but a hell of a lot of car for money.

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    I think that Kona Premium has to be a steal seriously tempted to order that also love the MG ZS EV too at £399 it was great value already but now at £199 it’s a giveaway considering the tech in it.

    If I can scrounge up an extended test drive of the Kona I might go for it. Trouble is all dealers are 30 miles away as such a short test drive I can’t test it on roads I often drive on rural vs urban so hopefully one of the 2 dealers will let me have one for a few hours at least.

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    The soul is a steal at 1999, don’t think you will find a better EV with 300m range for 2k and its a cracking car to drive, agreed the looks are not to everyone’s taste but the quality inside makes up for that in my book.

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    Some very good offers on electrics, the Soul, ID3 and in particular the Kona and actually a good number to choose from.

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