Taxi overcharging the disabled to stop

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    “UK: New rules to stop disabled passengers being overcharged in taxis.”

    Don’t think it would give me any more confidence to travel by taxi.

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    Haven’t read the full link, but surely if a taxi driver spends lots of time securing a wheelchair in safely, using the straps, ramps then again then the reverse to let the person out that driver should be paid extra to a non wheelchair user as it takes more time, skill for that fare

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    maybe the working 16 hours a day taxi driver isn’t affected by lock down, fuel price increase, food bills, increasing energy prices, non delivery of car parts, and ever increasing cost of living…

    Maybe when taking a taxi us disabled (with subsidised regular payments for travel) should be just a little bit thankful for their service provided..

    Just maybe though ..

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    Every other company charges from the moment they arrive on site or at a customers address. So I see no reason for a taxi driver not to charge for any extra time getting them in/out safely.

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    I give up, yes we shouldn’t expect the bone idol British to actually do work for a living should we.

    I really feel, or do I, for the future of people in this country who think the world owes them a living.

    Screw the disabled, they get extra money so yes, let them be taken for a ride.




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    I give up, yes we shouldn’t expect the bone idol British to actually do work for a living should we. I really feel, or do I, for the future of people in this country who think the world owes them a living. Screw the disabled, they get extra money so yes, let them be taken for a ride.

    Ignorantly IU did not read the link before posting. However since reading it fully and from my understanding, it only mentions provididing assistance and no mention of whether it is free or chargeable. In all fairness taxis around here do provide a certain level of assistance to the elderly and disabled., such as carring shopping bags to the front door and helping them in/out of the taxi. However if the driver has to spend significant time past the allocated waiting time (3-5 minutes) hoisting and strapping a wheelchair in I would expect it to be chargeable in one way or the other. Unfortunately we all have to work to earn a living and in the case of a taxi driver, any additional time spent over allocated time is time that could be spent travelling to or on another fare.

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    Yes fair point by the few

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    Maybe unfair to taxi drivers but my headline comment about having “confidence” in taxi’s can be used for all forms of public transport by the disabled.

    I’ve never been effected by these things because I would never use public transport in a million years but I have to ask, why do they need to bring in “new rules” if everything is so rosy.

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    Years ago I did taxi driving(still have an up to date licence if ever needed)..

    Back then it was possible to earn money when needed…

    Yes had to do a disability awareness course too, however this is not how things are in reality tbh…

    guess there’s two sides of the story, and I’m new to my disability, and don’t require taxis or wheelchairs..

    So really it’s no problem at the moment, however it must be for some ..

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    Yes, confidence is an issue. a problem for my wife is getting taxis to turn up at all. Local firms now know our address in their system, so there is never a car available (not that they have big fleets, but still). Also been told before, car is available, mention dog and suddenly not available…or driver is allergic. It’s very frustrating when the taxi is the only way for her to get to hospital for an appointment if I can’t manage it.

    Had drivers in Aberdeen refuse to take her at a taxi rank pretty often- she would report them, but, being blind makes seeing the taxi licence number tad difficult! The refusal led to a 2.5 mile walk on busy streets in the rain – not a good thing when you are blind and don’t live in that area.

    Not a problem in a bigger city like Glasgow, she’s never had an issue, but here its awful.

    We would happily pay a surcharge if it took longer to deliver the service or required specialist equipment – that’s part of what the mobility payment is for, to assist in paying for things that non-disabled people don’t have to. Just because we used it to get a car doesn’t mean it’s not relevant.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Unfortunately there have been instances where disabled people have been over charged for the same journey as a abled body person and is probably more widespread than we would like to think but still a minority of drivers and companies.

    Most taxi cab drivers we have encountered have been great will help load my wifes folding wheel chair etc if required even if the vehicle is not a designated accesable taxi.

    The crux is you cannot by law charge a disabled person more for the same journey as an able bodied person, the equality act of 2010 expects drivers of PHV especially those designated  to carry out reasonable adjustments for disabled users such as opening the door, helping to fold down wheelchairs and storing them, placing the ramps and securing the wheelchair etc etc.

    In reality the extra time it takes to any of these things is marginal and shouldn’t be used to stiff the disabled.

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    Thing is this is a forum for disability, guess if it were a taxi forum, the drivers could tell a few stories too..

    I have a few myself..

    I say if you need and get a good local driver treat him fairly, remember he’s trying to earn a living, whilst treating you well…

    If not and you’re a regular order them never to send the bad driver again, however this can lead to others rejecting the job due to possible complains about them…

    Hhhhmmm yeah see the problem..


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