Taken For Granted By Dealers

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    I’ve bought new cars from dealers and used them for servicing both privately and with Motability.

    I have to say I often feel the customer service as a Motability customer is not always as good. It’s as though they see the sale as a forgone conclusion. As with servicing, I find dealers won’t wash the Motability car when it goes in for a service, I’ve also been asked if  I definitely put petrol in the courtesy car I had for 3 hours.

    Be interested to here others experiences.


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    I’ve found nissan in Southampton fantastic, from actually getting the car, as I was new to motability, really went above and beyond for me, the last two services they valeted the car, collected and dropped off the car for me, they done the same for one of the recalls ,can’t fault them for anything and honestly felt like a VIP , nothing seems to much with them.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I can honestly say that I have had company cars, private cars and motability vehicles and the service received has been comparable. In fact the worst experience I have received was as a company car driver, being part of a large fleet of vehicles, the service was nothing short of shoddy. Perhaps they took the large contract for granted. It is totally luck of the draw and from my experiences nothing to do with being a motability customer. If you are not happy with the service, there are plenty of other dealerships that will go the extra mile to offer super service. In these mid Covid times, if you are able to get a car washed and a pick up and delivery service offered you are among a very small minority.

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    I’ve had a lot of new cars, hire cars, lease & company tbh I found the service varied by marque as much as anything Ford dealers you had to pay for everything whilst waiting. I got a VW Passat & at the VW dealer they sat me down whilst I was waiting the free coke in the fridge, biscuits, tea coffee etc blew me away the difference.

    Had a 99 For Focus & the general manager knew my name, mobile number, address, reg plate etc just from me walking in that was as I was in there every other day as they could never fix the bloomin aircon took 40 attempts in the end, nice people but terrible work. Needed a new engine at 70,000 miles too sheesh

    Anyway my impression so far has been dealers aren’t interested in making any concessions to us motability customers like longer test drives. The local dealer has a set route they “let” you drive. We’re very rural at home & dealer is in the city so a set route means can’t try the car on roads like I have at home.

    After a suggestion here I contacted Lkngs in Lowestoft who have been brilliant compared to the other 2 dealers nearer.

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    Had an xc40 T3 for the day from my local garage, Ray Chapman Volvo, Malton, they are the same with customers whether, private, lease or Motability. Always been offered, pre-COVID, a coffee and biscuit while there, even MD makes sure you’re being attended to, excellent service.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience Jojoe, I have to say though that I think it’s just a bad salesman, and if they think the sale is a foregone conclusion take your business elsewhere.

    I have on the whole over the last 20 years had a good experience, and the odd time where they have not been giving a decent customer experience, I’ve moved on to the next dealer.

    I also think confidence helps and your own attitude, if you go in expecting a bad experience, there is every chance that is what you’ll get.  Not saying this relates to you, but if someone suffers from confidence dealing with salespeople, try and take a friend for support, or even get them to do the talking for you.  But in the end, if you feel like you are being treated like a second class customer, walk away, there are many great dealers out there that REALLY want your business.


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    Michael Turner

    Hi, I have always had top level satisfaction from Corkhills of Wigan, Vw Motability, had a test drive and was told go where you want, sales fellow in back no problem, no time limit set.

    I would never be treated in such a bad manner as you appear to have been, go to the top management and make your presence felt respectfully trust me it works, cheers Mike

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    Had a Ford kuga few years back on motability,it’s first service I brought it back to Ford dealer who supplied it.Dealers 15 miles from my home,soon as I went to reception I was told the courtesy car they said I could have wasn’t available,no apologies.As it was first service and shouldn’t take long I waited.The “waiting room” was a cold damp smelling room I think was once a store room.  No coffee,tea or anything else available,after an hours wait I went outside to see my car still waiting to be taken into workshop,asked foreman how long it would be,he said after lunchtime now.(this was at 11.45),finally got my daughter to come and collect me,it was 3.pm before they finished the service,I liked the Kuga but that Ford customer service put me off them completely.


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    As the original poster, for clarification it’s my wife who gets Motability, she’s had cars from them for 30 years, I’ve been with her for every purchase. (And it is a purchase when you think how much you give them over 3 years). I’ve also had new none Motability cars myself over the years.

    I genuinely see the difference in service level. We once paid £1500 advance payment for a higher spec car which came with mats amongst other things, when we collected, the salesman refused point blank to give us mats, it was only after pointing out the specification, he had a word with “his manager” and agreed to supply them.

    Did your car get washed on the last service (nothing to do with Covid) have a look on the manufacturer’s website and see what’s included in a service, almost all include a wash.

    I can genuinely say, with 30 years experience of my wife’s Motability cars, “Some” dealers take Motability for granted.

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