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    Waste of time, rox.  The faith of evangelists can’t be reasoned with.

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    Phil wrote:
    I’ll be waiting closer to 2030 and seeing just how much has changed until I take the plunge. Everything seems too expensive, and a bit of a faff on atm. I’m in no rush…I’ll probably have another petrol,even after the CLA gets delivered next month (fingers crossed) taking me up to 6 years from now.

    My thoughts exactly Phil. I have a new ICE car on order waiting to be delivered & my next car after that will also be an ICE. Six years from now however, the infrastructure where I live might have improved enough from where it is now to consider an EV.

    Indeed and that is also my view, As right now it will not work for me at all and i guess we will all will have to put up with the looks. oh look there’s gases coming out of that car quick get them, tell them how there killing people and ignorant and have no intelligence.

    If it works for you then do it and do it now.. but do not get onto others for not doing so and having a different view especally on this forum,  As we all have different needs and issues on a day to day basis and they gotta come 1st.

    Same for vegans, become one but then don’t tell or try and force others to become a vegan.. But it’s for the greater good they will say… Is it really or is it so they can virtue signal.. look at me i’m doing my bit look your not.. shame on you.. If they carry on i might never get an ev and i deffo won’t stop eating meat until the day i die. well unless the wef have there way and we all will eat less meat, it will be a special treat. we have once in a while.

Viewing 2 replies - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)
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