Road rage and angry people

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    How do you deal with people showing road rage, do you suffer from it..

    Ever ended up out of the car, or someone at your car ranting🤨..

    Im quite lucky, sort of a calm attitude🤣..

    I tend to leave them go about their bad day, guess we all have a few choice words at other road users though..

    Never come to blows well not in my older years, but have mastered a few Arts of self defence so quite confident anyway, however if it did get a little out of hand out there, there’s always Mrs ajn to deal with 🤣🤣..

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    Menorca Mike

    I used to but now I keep calm have radio on etc when I drive anywhere I think of the beautiful women I’ve been with and know now and I smile

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    I went for a Test Drive last week and it being an unfamiliar vehicle I was being cautious pulling away and whoever was in the car behind me hit the horn within a New York second*.  I had literally only driven it up the road and around the corner – under 200 metres.

    (* The shortest possible measurement of time. Standardised as the time between the lights turning green and the taxi behind you beeping his horn.)

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    Awfully bad manners, Georgie. Find that the best response is to smile beautifully at them, might even wave in friendly fashion. For some reason I don’t understand, this drives them even more bonkers. Did this to a bloke who pulled out from side road in front of me on major road. I had to do emergency stop. Much shaking of fists and shouting by offender. Don’t understand why, I mean I didn’t hit him or shout or anything. Friendly smile and wave so enraged him that he hit his head on window frame. Satisfyingly amusing.

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    Yeah some people, always amazes me that they seem it’s expectable to start
    f🤬😤🤯ing and ranting like a brat..

    when the saliva starts hitting the the side window, guess that’s a real scary one 🤣😂…

    I think it should be remembered and excepted there are others on the planet and roads too, stop trying to be so controlling not good for ones health 👍…

    20 mph speed limits seem to be causing mayhem though

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    Acceptable even

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