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    Very strange question but I always assumed petrol/diesel  was all the same no matter where you buy it from. At the shell garage I read “BUY THE VERY BEST PERFORMANCE V POWER”. Assuming it would make the car perform better LOL! Is vpower just the same as you would buy fuel from Tesco? 😂

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    Tricky question. I remember reading a long time past (either Autocar or What Car) that the premium petrols of 98 or 99 octane could be better for your engine, particularly if it had ideas about being “sporty”. So when I’ve had a petrol car, I’ve always used the premium. Had a quick Google on subject and there doesn’t seem to be any decent science on it. Must say, however, that when I was forced to use standard octane in car (Cooper S) because the (Tesco) premium wasn’t available, I definitely noticed that the engine ran much more smoothly when it went back to premium.

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    It is all the same to a point. What makes the difference is the additives to the fuel.

    Helps to Reduce Engine Friction
    Shell V-Power Unleaded contains a friction reducing ingredient, which is designed to get to work at the heart of your engine to help critical parts move more freely. Go with our best performance fuel.

    Helps to Clean Intake Valves and/or Fuel Injector Nozzle
    When you clean your shower head with a limescale remover, you see a big improvement in your shower spray’s performance. It is similar with Shell V-Power fuels; by helping remove built-up deposits that have already formed on the intake valves and/or fuel injector nozzles, it helps to restore your engine’s performance.

    Helps to Clean Key Fuel System Components
    Shell V-Power fuels act like a soapy sponge. Thanks to boosted cleaning technology, they help to clean and protect, giving you our best cleaning power for your engine.

    Shell V-Power Unleaded Fuel delivers our very best performance with up to 4% more power
    A nutritious diet helps athletes to perform. It is similar with your car’s engine. Shell V-Power fuels with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology are designed to help restore your engine’s performance.

    What fuel does Tesco sell?
    Some supermarkets also offer their own super unleaded — notably Tesco, which offers Tesco Momentum 99 octane. This is usually cheaper than Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate, but opinions vary as to whether it provides the same engine cleaning and mpg improvements as the top two fuels.


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