Orderd Hyundai Kona E ultimate in white

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    And breath. That was a very stressful few days as I had a test drive and wanted to order on Wednesday but it fell through due to ma not having my award letter.

    Booked me in this morning (sat) and said he will do his best. So every morning waiting and hoping that it was not removed was brutal tbh as I had my heart set on it.

    Quick test drive this morning, yip you heard that right if you read my other thread, I drove it around a car park for about 8 mins lol as he said just to get a bit of a feel for it. So can’t really comment on that much except I liked it, so quiet and refined, even when he drove it it felt good.

    Very very happy man this morning and have a busy day so will give more on what I thought later.

    Oh turn around is 2-4 weeks so car will be here before charging point. 2 is possible, 3 likely and 4 definitely, in his words.

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    Ah, relax now, & take some time to learn about the delights of trying to find a charger (it’s not that difficult once you know how).

    Here are your new friends:

    https://www.plugshare.com/                   Best for finding where new chargers are appearing

    https://www.zap-map.com/live/             Best for the current state of a charger


    To be able to activate a charger may use a simple debit or credit card (we like that method), or an App (not great fun when you have no mobile phone connection), or an RFID card (yes, I’ve got around 20 of those in the car). You may be able to use RFID cards that cover more than one brand of charger (e.g. Octopus Electric Juice card, New Motion (Shell) card)). I find my BP Pulse/Polar card gets the most use, but that will vary as to where you live & where you drive to.


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    Well done Des. Great barging on AP.

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    Welcome to the Kona club mare 😉  You’ll love it and charging without a home charging point isn’t too difficult, I clocked up 3000 miles in April without one!

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    Test drive Wednesday ordered in red picked up Friday, love it.  Plenty of free chargers in and around Bradford.

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    Yes folks it is the only car on the scheme that I have wanted, any other time around renewal I had at least 3-4 cars I would have been really happy with. That was one of the reasons I never responded to my other thread, but I did read all the replies and appreciated them. As I say this is the first time that I wanted one car and it would have really annoyed me if it got took off in the few days from the cancelled test drive.

    The car itself was very nice to sit in although the plastics were a bit cheaper looking than my 3008 but it was still a nice place to be and will only be better as the one for test drives was a lower spec model. The drive was fine although a bit strange not hearing any gear changes, but can’t say much on it tbh as I only drove around a car park. I did say to the sales rep when he was driving that it felt just like an ordinary car and he said that is the biggest compliment you can give it. We all know what test drive are like, we are trying to process so much information in a short time that it’s hard. But I liked it and had no hesitance in placing the order.

    I have no problem with changing even without a charger at the moment as there is plenty of rapid chargers near me with things like shopping, playgrounds etc beside them to kill a few hours.

    There is three 50kw chargers about 2 mile away in a shopping complex and on checking just now are all free and free lol

    One of the first things I will do when I get to drive it and I’ve planned this to a tee, is go on a long drive and drive it like I drive my ice car, all settings etc the same on a 200 mile trip with long spells on every type of road and what’s left in the battery will be used up driving around my home town and close to charging points. It’s my car and my driving style so I want to know exactly what the battery will give me. I will repeat the same drive during the colder months so I know what the cold will do to the range. It’s important that I do this as it will give me an idea of what I can expect and not what other people get in their konas with their driving styles.

    An electric car with this kind of range is perfect for me and even better for my family. I do some really long driving holidays were the drive to and from the destination can be up to 500-600 miles away and we don’t stop much bar toilet and snack stops, driving an electric car will force me to stop more and longer so the kids will benefit as they will be spending more time playing in parks, beaches etc and it will only add a few hours time to the trip, but it’s quality time.

    I’ve a trip booked for end of August and I have planned it out as I always do as it will mean being in the most remote parts of the west coast of Ireland and low and behold I had to make very very few changes to the journey, routes more or less the same but I will have to divert to two towns to top up. And this will only benefit us all and instead of leaving at 11am as always we leave at 10am and arrive around 7pm instead of 6pm.

    Range and topping up even in the most rural parts of Ireland is not an issue as I’ve been zap mapping every where. I really love the car as you can tell and well my last £20 got me 80 miles in the 3008 and its went down to 26.8mpg for some reason, so I can’t wait to put the nozzle in the fuel tank for the last time and it will be the last time as in 3 years time the cars should be bigger and travel further.

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