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    Hello all,

    In mid-March I managed to get myself a really good deal on a MINI Countryman All 4 Cooper S Sport with the dealer matching £500 discount on the AP and offering 15% on all optional extras. We’re expecting our first child in early June and I made sure when placing the order that the car would be ready well before baby due date as I can’t see us coping in a 3-door MINI like I have at the moment. The dealer assured me that the car should be here hopefully by the end of April but failing that mid-May at the latest. I called the dealer last week for an update and he told me that the car had been pushed back and was now expected to be delivered mid-June. I reminded him of the need to have a larger car before the baby arrives and he said there was nothing he could do but the car ‘might’ still be delivered on time and if not he ‘might’ be able to have a word with his manager and put me in to one of their cars until mine does arrive.


    I’m wondering what my options are here as if he can’t find a car for us to use I’m going to have a real problem getting the 3 of us around until my car does arrive. I also note that the AP has dropped £400 on the vehicle since the last Motability refresh. Would I be within my rights to ask the dealer to match the new lower AP seeing as he already knocked £500 off? I paid a £1000 deposit when ordering the car which he said was non-refundable but I think Motability would say differently.


    I’d be really interested to hear what others think my options might be?


    Best regards



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    Unfortunately the deposit side is tricky and really between you and the dealer. Motability advised me previously to not place a deposit if I can help it, easier said than done at most dealerships…


    Personally I would expect the dealer to go or the price drop in AP, the change for motability per poses is trivial and a few minutes work for them. In terms of getting the vehicle before the baby arrives, have you asked if they can get a hold of anything within the dealer group? Most dealers have orders for vehicles that are expected within weeks, if not already at a location and not yet purchased or held. Well worth asking about this as an alternative to a lengthy wait, options might be different and colour of course, but the dealer may be more open to a change that way vs cancelling and arguing about your deposit refund.

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    Regarding the deposit, do you have the paperwork/receipt for it as it should state clearly if it was “non-refundable” and if it doesn’t specify then they would have to return your deposit.

    As far as getting the car on time I think as with nearly all manufacturers right now it’s pot luck.

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    Thanks for your replies. I’ve just called the dealer as he was supposed to call me today with an update but hasn’t (surprise, surprise). I spoke to one of his colleagues who checked the system and the car is now looking to be delivered week 25 which is 21st June and is actually later than first thought. The person I spoke to today has also said they thought it would be very unlikely that they would have a demonstrator that they would be able to give me for that length of time. She did say they ‘might’ be able to do something about the difference in the AP though. I’ll call Motability in the morning and see what they advise.

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    In regards to the deposit I didn’t get a receipt but my order clearly shows Customer Deposit and the amount I paid. I can’t see anywhere in the Terms and Conditions of Sale on the back anywhere that says the deposit is non-refundable.

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    Glos Guy

    Not much point asking Motability about the AP drop as they will simply state their policy, which is that you pay the AP that applies at the time of order. It is a matter for your dealer as it is really down to their discretion. Sounds as though they might be willing though, so good luck. The AP on my new car order dropped a few days after I ordered and the dealer proactively cancelled and re-ordered without me asking them to (it was only £100 so I didn’t have the nerve to ask, but they said the £100 was better in my pocket than Motabilitys). The process of cancelling and reordering with Motability took just a few minutes and we did it over the phone. Within minutes I had an email confirming the new order and lower AP, so it’s a very simple thing to do and a good dealer shouldn’t object to it as it costs them nothing other than a few minutes time. The actual car order (with the manufacturer) is unaffected.

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    Unfortunately then getting you a car because of your current car will be inconvenient isnt their problem.

    If you’re trading it against another Motability vehicle you would be lucky to get one.

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    A little update. I spoke to the dealer again today and he is going to change the paperwork to reduce the AP which will save me another £400. He checked the system again and my car is still showing as week 25 (21st June) and he says he’s going to do everything he can to find a larger car for me to use from early June until mine is ready. He has promised to phone me back with an update by the end of the week.

    I also spoke to Motability who said it’s usually down to the dealer to take care of any problems like this and if they want to keep the sale then they should offer a demonstrator or at least offer to contribute to the cost of a hire vehicle. I was told that if I had no luck with the dealer then I should call Motability back and discuss the matter further as there might be more they can do nearer the time.

    Apparently there is a shortage of electrical components for the satnav systems and it’s affecting a lot of orders.

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