No honda hrv sport available

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    Have been to honda dealership today

    Hrv sport no longer available to order

    11 in country

    Due to gov regs in jan you can no longer order no mention on motorbility web site

    Also on kuga hybrid not available to order due to safety recall

    Also no Passat

    Also no focus with 182bhp

    Struggling to suitable car

    6 foot 4 with wheelchair


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    Mike Charles

    I’m struggling to find something suitable also, it looks like only the seat ateca is reasonable AP with decent amount of spec 🤔

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    The fines they could get for not meeting eu co2 targets are probally to blame and i did read. The top management of Honda in Japan has told their European organization that Honda is not going to pay any fines, according to a Honda press representative they spoke to. They will fight it any way possible. Honda is not a large brand in Europe, with less than 1% market share. so that also may mean pulling out of the eu altogether or pulling models that co2 is too high on..

    This pretty much applies to most of the faster cars as well. luckily i got my civic sport in june as it kicks out 180 grams

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    Thanks for the info

    Enjoy your civic

    Hope I can find something suitable

    Mobility are a  vital slow to catch up

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    It’s A tuff one the seat ateca you can still get it in higher bhp version in petrol only, but not in the new tiguan and not in the all new leon either or the golf 8 (as yet) maybe later but who knows.., although i think you can get the 2.ol tsi in the t-roc..

    if you pay a higher ap maybe the bmw x1/x2 with the 192 bhp or 320i Sport even more ap.. or a MINI Countryman Cooper S, Volvo XC40 Inscription Pro B4 (P) FWD Inscription Pro 197hp or last a mondeo pretty steep aps on some though, that i would not personally pay.. I’d probally decide now to get a lower powered cheaper option, as even even civic i got the 182bhp 1.5 sport is off the list, no civics are right now not even the 1.ol..

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    Thanks for all the info

    Been to seat to see atteca and underwhelming  interia

    T roc 2.0tsi r line is a nice looking car but the interia looks like it’s out of a 90,s Peugeot

    I have a 2018 tiguan r line at the moment and this makes the t roc interior look very cheap and full of scratchy plastics and 10 yes out of date

    Finally been to volvo and may go for xc40

    Not cheap but looks good and has comfortable seats and nice interior


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