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    Mark Strugnell

    Picked up our Rifter yesterday.

    Diesel 100 manual 7 seat in sunset Copper.

    399AP we included a wireless phone charger 100 and £9 for a wheelchair transfer plate.

    Couldn’t afford the AP on an auto but test drove one and it’s a better option than the manual if you can afford it.

    Just driving it home seems plenty powerful with the 100 engine manual box is ok for the job.smooth ride with high driving position.

    Love the small steering wheel and auto wipers and lights.

    Massive amounts of room in the back with 3 full size seats and 2 extra seats in the rear.its van size with all the seats folded/removed.

    First impressions it’s a lot of practical car for the money for wheelchair users.

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    I have been trying to get a test drive in one of these for months, hopefully I will finally get to drive one on monday, the model I’m after is the 130bhp 1.5hdi EAT8(auto) GT-Line long version in Sunset Copper with the Visio pack + £200 option for blind spot etc which makes it expensive with the £2,400 AP

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    Mark Strugnell

    That would have been our ideal version but the AP was way too much.

    We got ours in 12 weeks but the dealer said delivery times are longer now.

    We got the sunset copper and like it but make sure you see one as it’s more brown than copper .

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    Yeah I’ve seen a few on the road, I like brown though so any sunlit bronze effect will just be a bonus.

    The waiting times make a mockery of the 12 week order limit, motability is always at least a year behind the times when it comes to keeping up with trends in the car industry.

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    Vinalspin, make sure you check out the Citroen and Vauxhall versions as well (unless you specifically want a Pug). Granted the Combo might not be quite as good a looker but when I was looking was significantly cheaper and let’s be honest, these vehicles are about the function, not the form!

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    Done and done, the berlingo doesn’t have the same spec, you have to add XTR pack and it’s still lacking a few things that will make it more expensive to bring inline with the Peugeot, the Vauxhall is a complete non starter, you can’t have it with the 130bhp Diesel and auto gearbox in the long length, very limited options on the configuration tool and motability website, the XL is only available with the 100bhp diesel/108bhp petrol and only with a manual gearbox.

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    Well I finally managed a test drive of a Peugeot Rifter today, it was the SWB Allure 1.5 hdi 130bhp version but it was colse enough to get a very good idea of what I would be getting and I have to say it was the most comfortable drive I’ve ever had, the ride is sublime and the new 8 speed auto box is silky smooth and faultless, super comfy seats, lots of tech and a nice finish for a van type vehicle(I know it’s based on the same platform as the 3008 etc so drives like a car).

    They had a LWB GT-Line 1.5 hdi 130bhp there as well but it was the manual version so whilst I didn’t bother to drive it I did have a thorough look round it and had a sit and poke about inside, very nice indeed and whilst not everybody’s cup of tea(some people prefer to have a status symbol parked outside and make do with less practicality etc) I have never bothered with polishing turds so it would be ideal for me.

    I will go for the Sunset Copper 1.5 blue hdi 130 EAT8 GT-Line with Visio Pack + the £200 Drive Assist Pack: Safety Plus Pack ZV80 which gives you :-   Traffic sign recognition, Driver attention monitoring system, Low / High beam function, Adaptive cruise control with stop function.

    I have to give a big thanks to Nick Fitzgerald at Robins & Day Peugeot Sheffield, he was very helpful and kept me informed all through, even an out of office notice with a contact number if I had any problems over the weekend, very professional and polite, a real pleasure to deal with. I will be travelling back there in October to place my order with him as it’s more than worth the 40 minute drive to be able to deal with a good dealership.

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    Vinalspin I’m interested in what you hope to gain/lose over the Alhambra? I’m loving mine with the comfort and high spec and still average just over 45 mpg after 3000 miles.

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    These van derivatives have come on a long way over the last 10 years.

    I like the rafter interior as it’s like the 3008 and 5 but not as Buck Rogers.

    I also like it as they have improved it but kept the basic shape.

    So many facelifts have sloping roof lines so loose practicality.


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    What ihope to gain/lose?

    Even though it’s a foot shorter there is actually more space inside as the dash is about 16 inches further forward in the car than the Alhambra so you gain more 2nd row legroom and a longer/wider/much higher boot.

    Not that I will use them but the 2 3rd row seats have ample legroom/headroom unlike the Alhambra & can be removed completely in a couple of seconds & because they don’t fold into the floor you get a much lower load lip height.

    I have had previous versions of this engine & they returned an average 60+ mpg unlike the Alhambra which has managed 31mpg over 37,000 miles.

    The ride is on another level, not a single crash or bang driving the same roads I had driven in mine and felt every one through my spine(what’s left of it)

    Having a sat nav with actual directions on the screen will be nice and switches I only have to press once plus all the other technical issues my car has and that’s not including the problem with the heating that they have had 6 attempts to fix and failed.

    I could go on but I’m sure you’re all asleep now ?

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    Thanks Vinalspin, I hope that you are every bit as happy with the car as you expect to be.

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    At the end of the day if it gives good mpg, drives as nice as the one I test drove and all the tech works as good as my last Peugeot then I should be happy as I will now be able to take both my scooter and powerchair + luggage etc and still have 5 seats when I go away anywhere. It’s just a car but for people like us it’s a kind of lifeline, freedom to go where you want, when you want, shouldn’t be too much to ask in this day and age.

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    Hi guys new to the forum ??

    We took delivery of a Peugeot Rifter WAV 6 weeks ago but the conversion dealer had had it longer than us with poor fitment of tailgate  mechanism . Base vehicle is a cracking car with a now proper automatic gearbox and touch screen display , not played about with it much yet as we’ve only had it back a week .

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    Hi Unclebob, welcome to the forum.

    I hope you have a trouble free few years motoring with your new Rifter, can’t believe it took so long for the conversion.

    Never mind though I’m sure it’ll seem like a blip in no time.

    Enjoy as I know you should, they drive really well, especially with the autp box.

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    Martin Evans

    Hi all,

    Can I ask you how long it took to get your Rifters? I ordered the 5 seat auto with standard upgrades (Visio etc) back in March and a few weeks later was given an approximate delivery date of December 2019. Subsequent enquiries have now pushed that date back to January/February 2020!

    I have spoken to both my dealer and Motobility about this but the responses left me in no better a position, all Motobility did in fact was ask basic questions (not as probing as mine) and repeated the conversation back to me verbatim!

    I have a strong feeling when January/March arrives I’ll still be waiting!



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    Hi Martin, We ordered our Rifter on the 3rd April and was delivered on 24th June so around 14 weeks .

    I was told by the salesman we had one of the last few Autos they had in stock and Peugeot would not be able to supply anymore until Jan 2020 ☹️

    Ours in a wheelchair accessible version and was in stock with Allied Motability at the time as they buy jobs lots of the vehicles.

    On a side note….G M Coachworks have just started to produce the Citroen version of the Rifter the Berlingo Blaze but it’s no looker ?

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    That doesn’t bode well for me continuing with the scheme then, I can’t be waiting 9-12 months for a car build, that’s beyond ridiculous!

    Better start looking to buy then I guess.

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    Bristol street versa are also just starting to sell the Citroen berlingo ??

    If they have bought them  in bulk from Citroen could be in stock so no factory waiting time just conversion Time if you want a WAV .

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    Martin Evans

    Cheers for the info uncle Bob, that kind of falls in line with what info I have so I guess I’m looking at the spring in 2020, only good things is I get it at the original up front payment, which is just about as much as I would pay up front for a mobility vehicle on a 3 year contract!???

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    I am due to order next month and if it is early 2020 then I can wait, if it’s a year then I guess I leave the scheme, still unable to get a timescale from any of the dealers I’ve spoken to.

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    Cheers for the info uncle Bob, that kind of falls in line with what info I have so I guess I’m looking at the spring in 2020, only good things is I get it at the original up front payment, which is just about as much as I would pay up front for a mobility vehicle on a 3 year contract!

    You’ll be just in time for a “70” registration

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    If it’s a WAV your after it may be worth asking your local dealer if they have any Nearly New WAV’s as Motability allow the dealers to buy back any WAV under 35 months old and put it back on the scheme,it’s a strange system but  your local dealer can look on their back office system and see what WAV’s are currently for sale from Motability, the dealership can buy these and Motability pay them a set amount to reinstate them onto Motability for lease, it’s a great way to get a car without a long wait,

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    Maybe some might need a WAV but the majority just want a car and it seems impossible to do.

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