My New VW ID4 is ready to be shipped Yippee!!

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    I had some great news today after chasing up my order yesterday with my dealer which was placed last Sept for a new ID4 52kw pure in Kings Red. I had been told a while back it was to be a build week 50 and delivery Feb/Mar.

    However we all know deliveries have been sparse and being put back due to parts shortages etc so was  half expecting not to see it any time soon. However my dealer came back to me today and said:

    “Good Morning Keith


    Your car has got a Chassis number so is complete, and showing status 38, so is at the German port waiting to be collected and bought over, all the customs paperwork is complete so just needs a boat. I guess we’ll see it within a week or so.

    Ill keep an eye on the status’, but really not too far away now.

    Speak to you soon, Many Thanks Simon.”


    So really chuffed that it’s almost here which is a relief as our current 4 year old Tiguan has been having an issue with the amber emissions light on the dash for the last couple of weeks. They had it in for three days and replaced a part only to find when I drove it off their forecourt the light came on again. This was after a bill for over £300 to fix.

    It’s gone back in again today and they are keeping it for 2-3 days to track down the issue and properly fix it I hope.

    We have a courtesy car while it’s in, an MGHS auto petrol and after driving it for 30 mins I shall be glad to see the back of it. It nowhere near compares to the Tiguan but at least we have a car to get us around so we are grateful for that.

    I must say I have loved the Tiggy it’s been a lovely car to drive and fault free for almost 4 years, this being the first problem we have had. I am very much looking forward to the new ID4 though which compares well to the Tiggy size wise but a much nicer driving experience being electric.




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    Congratulations 👏

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    Was speaking to somebody yesterday that has one and she said that she’s over the moon with it. She also said that in the real world that she’s getting a range of around 260 – 280 miles on a full charge.

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    Thank you guys, I have been waiting patiently and now I know it’s coming I am getting really excited. It would be great if we can get 200+ miles on a charge as it’s a 52kw model and the best should be around 215. If the person you spoke with also has a 52kw model they must be running down hill all the time if they are getting 260+😁

    I am a year extra into my current Tiguan that should have been replaced this time last year and had ordered another one last April but due to a balls up by the dealer I cancelled it and did not get to order the replacement car till 1st Sept and by then the ID4 was on the scheme so decided to go electric in the end.

    So been waiting 7 months for the car to come but was not really expecting it this quick due to all the aggro with Covid and the semi conductor shortage and now this war by that bastard Putin on the poor Ukranian’s the world has so much to contend with at the moment.


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    Very jealous here! 4 1/2 months in and not a peep from VW

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    Coral Winship

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>well I got email from vw to say my car id3 tour has a now build date week 15 next year I ordered this dam car August 2021 hoping something comes up on the scheme in April I can’t wait 2 years for a car it’s ridiculous </p>

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    Sorry to hear that Dik, I am very fortunate to have my car waiting at the port for shipment as in the last few days there is talk that VW factory is shut down as waiting parts from Ukraine so goodness knows what that is going to be doing to future deliveries.

    I guess they will be trying to source parts from other places as I can’t see the Ukraine situation improving any time soon.

    I hope yours gets on track soon and you can get a delivery date in the next few weeks🤞






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    WoW!!! Coral that is ridiculous are you sure it’s not week 15 2022 not 2023.

    You can’t be expected to wait 2yrs from order trouble is what alternatives do you have right now. Mind you there may be some other EV’s that come onto the scheme later this year (new models) that you could get quicker than 2023.

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    Coral Winship

    Yep 2023 am so fed up

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    This is a copy of text from a letter sending out to customers in March 2022 regarding orders of their VW dealers, not very hopeful if you have one on order I am afraid.


    “Potential production delays on your Volkswagen order

    Dear customer,
    We are delighted you have chosen a Volkswagen and together with your Volkswagen Retailer, we aim to
    inspire you with an outstanding product.
    Unfortunately we will have to ask for your patience for the delivery of your new Volkswagen. In all
    likelihood, we will not be able to meet our usual delivery times for orders that we provide to your
    Volkswagen Retailer.

    Supply bottlenecks slow production

    This delay is primarily due to bottlenecks in supply. The effects of the global Covid 19 pandemic have led
    to a significant impact on the production and supply chains for electronic components such as
    semiconductors across all models. This is affecting the global automotive industry, and Volkswagen is
    also suffering from these component supply restraints at present.
    The crisis in Ukraine is also disrupting supply of certain components. While our primary concern is for the
    humanitarian crisis in the area, the situation may lead to further delays. We hope you will appreciate we
    are working hard to mitigate the impacts.
    Your Volkswagen Retailer will keep you up to date
    Our current view with regard to semiconductors is that the situation should improve through the second
    half of 2022. It is harder to predict the impact of the Ukraine crisis. Please be assured that Volkswagen
    is doing everything it can to keep delays as short as possible.
    Unfortunately, it is likely to be some time before your Volkswagen Retailer is able to confirm the final
    production and delivery date to you. We are providing frequent updates to your Volkswagen Retailer
    about the situation.
    We understand that the situation is unsatisfactory and disappointing for you but kindly ask for your patience in these unprecedented times.

    Your sincerely,
    Rod McLeod
    Director of Volkswagen UK”

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